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Series 1: Early American Imprints, ca. 1770-1835

Series 2: American Imprints, ca. 1820-1959

Subseries 1: Songs, 1821-1860

Subseries 2: Songs, 1861-1890

Subseries 3: Songs, 1891-1900

Subseries 4: Songs, 1901-ca. 1959

Subseries 5: Miscellaneous 20th Century songs, ca. 1901-1959

Subseries 6: Miscellaneous unsorted imprints, ca. 1800s

Series 3: The “Type” Collection, n.d.

Series 4: Publishers’ Imprints, n.d.

Subseries 1: Publishers' Imprints, n.d.

Subseries 2: Sellers' stamps, n.d.

Subseries 3: Songsters, n.d.

Series 5: Illustrated Imprints, n.d.

Subseries 1: Firms, n.d.

Subseries 2: Miscellaneous, n.d.

Subseries 3: Portraits, n.d.

Series 6: History and Politics, n.d.

Series 7: United States - Local n.d.

Series 8: Nature and Calendar, n.d.

Series 9: Communication and Transportation, n.d.

Series 10: Composers and Lyricists, n.d.

Subseries 1: Composers, n.d.

Subseries 2: Lyricists, n.d.

Subseries 3: Autographed Sheet Music, n.d.

Series 11: Dancing and Ballet, n.d.

Series 12: Ethnic and Religious, n.d.

Subseries 1: Ethnic, n.d.

Subseries 2: Religious, n.d.

Series 13: Minstrels and Blackface, n.d.

Subseries 1: Minstrel Songs, n.d.

Subseries 2: Minstrels, n.d.

Subseries 3: Minstrel Rarities, n.d.

Series 14: Rarities, n.d.

Series 15: Sports and Athletics, n.d.

Series 16: Theatrical, n.d.

Series 17: Miscellaneous, n.d.

Subseries 1: Arrangements, n.d.

Subseries 2: Other, n.d.

Series 18: Foreign Imprints, n.d.

Subseries 1: British Imprints, n.d.

Subseries 2: Composers, n.d.

Subseries 3: European Imprints, n.d.

Series 19: [Books]

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Inventory of the James Francis Driscoll Collection of American Sheet Music, ca. 1770s-1959

The Newberry Library
Roger and Julie Baskes Department of Special Collections
60 West Walton Street
Chicago, Illinois 60610-7324
Phone: 312-255-3506
Fax: 312-255-3646

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Descriptive Summary of the Collection

Creator Driscoll, J. Francis (James Francis), 1875-1959
Title James Francis Driscoll Collection of American Sheet Music
Dates ca. 1770s-1959
Extent ca. 84,000 pieces (426 boxes)
Abstract The Driscoll Collection of American Sheet Music, amassed by engineer and organist J. Francis Driscoll (1875-1959), is one of the largest and most representative collections of its kind. The approximated 80,000 pieces of sheet music and related material were arranged into sections by Driscoll himself, and reflect his collecting interests and preferences. Some of the music is arranged according to imprint information (i.e. American imprints, publishers’ imprints, illustrated imprints, etc.); other sections in the collection are arranged by subjects, such as History and Politics, United States regions and states, Ethnic and Religious, Dance Styles, etc.
Language Materials are primarily in English.
Repository Newberry Library, Roger and Julie Baskes Department of Special Collections
Collection Call Number Driscoll
Collection Stack Location 2 54-55

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James Francis Driscoll Collection of American Sheet Music, The Newberry Library, Chicago.


Acquired: 1968.

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Bernard E. Wilson, after 1968.


The James Francis Driscoll Collection of American Sheet Music is open for research in the Special Collections Reading Room; 1 box at a time (Priority III).

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The James Francis Driscoll Collection of American Sheet Music is the physical property of the Newberry Library. Copyright may belong to the authors or their legal heirs or assigns. For permission to publish or reproduce any materials from this collection, contact the Roger and Julie Baskes Department of Special Collections.

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Biography of J. Francis Driscoll

James Francis Driscoll (1875-1959) was born into a prominent family in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was by profession a civil engineer, but music was always his passion. He was for many years the organist at Boston’s Sacred Heart Cathedral and also its choral director. Having a great interest in history, he lectured before the Brookline Historical Society and the Bostonian Society. As early as the 1890s, however, Driscoll was well on his way to amassing one of the largest collections of American sheet music extant.

Interested in history, fascinated by the graphic arts, and devoted to music, his interest never flagged. His children related anecdotes of the times when as youngsters, they spent many Saturdays trailing after their father as he made the rounds of book dealers, pawn shops, junk yards and auction houses. Driscoll made it his policy to swap less perfect pieces and duplicates in favor of as perfect specimens as could be found. He was famous (or infamous, depending on one’s point of view) among others of the music-collecting fraternity for his sharp bargaining, and his reluctance to part with any of his “highspots”.

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Scope and Content of the Collection

The Driscoll Sheet Music collection consists of well over 80,000 pieces of sheet music, divided into twenty sections by the collector, with many further subdivisions under each main section. There is considerable overlap between the Sections: one may find the same piece of sheet music in Illustrated Imprints as in History and Politics, and also in “Type” collection, for example. Some sections or parts of sections have been removed from the original groupings and cataloged separately in the Newberry's Online Catalog; they can be searched by author, title, or subject, but not by original grouping. The sections where music has been removed and cataloged separately are: Section 1: Early American Imprints; Section 4: Publishers' Imprints; Section 5: Illustrated Imprints; Section 12: Ethnic and Religious; Section 18: Foreign Imprints; and Section 19: Books. See series descriptions for more specific information.

An additional section in the original acquisition entitled "Duplicates" is not included in this inventory.

Narrative descriptions of the subject matter, types of material, and arrangement of each series are available through the Organization section of the finding aid.

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Papers are organized in the following sections:

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  • African Americans -- Songs and music.
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  • Music -- United States.
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Container List

Series 1: Early American Imprints, ca. 1770-1835

ca. 2,500 pieces
Approximately 220 pieces issued before 1801, and about 1,450 imprints for the period 1801-1820. Other categories in this section include early engraved music having title page vignettes and early copyrights (1816-1835).
In addition to the sheet music, this section originally included a number of early American secular imprints of collections, anthologies, periodicals and the like, in addition to a number of 18th century imprints bound up into volumes. Examples included Buckingham’s Boston Musical Miscellany, Wright’s Columbian Magazine for August 1789, the Universal Asylum for March 1790, the Boston Magazine for January 1784, the Pennsylvania Magazine for March 1775, and others, all having either music or something of musical interest in them.
For the Early American Imprints, ca. 1770-1820 section, individual pieces have been cataloged separately and are accessible through the Newberry Online Catalog. They were originally in Driscoll Boxes 1-12. The remaining subsections, Vignettes and Copyrights, are in Driscoll Box 13. Driscoll Box 14 (Miscellaneous imprints) is missing.
Remainder of section arranged into two topics: Vignettes and Copyright Examples.

Box Contents
13 Vignettes, n.d.
13 Copyright examples, 1816-1835

Series 2: American Imprints, ca. 1820-1959

This, the largest single component of the Driscoll Sheet Music Collection, has been broken down into chronological sub-sections, alphabetized by title. After these main subsections are filed miscellaneous 20th century songs, and miscellaneous unsorted imprints, mostly mid 1800s. Taken together, the first four sections give an unparalleled chronological sweep across the whole vista of American musical history.
Organized in the following subseries: 1. Songs, 1821-1860; 2. Songs, 1861-1890; 3. Songs, 1891-1900; 4. Songs, 1901-ca. 1959; 5. Miscellaneous 20th Century songs; and 6. Miscellaneous unsorted imprints, ca. 1800s.

Sub-Series 1: Songs, 1821-1860

ca. 3,100 pieces

Box Contents
15 A, ca. 1821-1860
[16] B (not found), ca. 1821-1860
17 C, ca. 1821-1860
18 D, E, ca. 1821-1860
19 F, ca. 1821-1860
20 G, ca. 1821-1860
21 H, ca. 1821-1860
22 I, ca. 1821-1860
23 Id - Iv, ca. 1821-1860
24 J, K, ca. 1821-1860
25 L, ca. 1821-1860
26 Ma - Mi, ca. 1821-1860
27 Mo - My, ca. 1821-1860
28 N, ca. 1821-1860
29 O, Oh, ca. 1821-1860
30 O, ca. 1821-1860
31 P, ca. 1821-1860
32 Q, R, ca. 1821-1860
33 Sa - Sm, ca. 1821-1860
34 So - Sy, ca. 1821-1860
35 T, ca. 1821-1860
36 U, V, ca. 1821-1860
37 Wa - We, ca. 1821-1860
38 Wh, ca. 1821-1860
39 Wi - Wr, ca. 1821-1860
40 Y, Z, ca. 1821-1860

Sub-Series 2: Songs, 1861-1890

ca 3,000 pieces

Box Contents
41 A, ca. 1861-1890
42 B, ca. 1861-1890
43 C, ca. 1861-1890
44 D, ca. 1861-1890
45 E, F, ca. 1861-1890
46 G, H, ca. 1861-1890
47 I, ca. 1861-1890
48 J, K, La - Le, ca. 1861-1890
49 Li - Lu, ca. 1861-1890
50 M, ca. 1861-1890
51 My, N, ca. 1861-1890
52 O, ca. 1861-1890
53 O, Oh, ca. 1861-1890
54 P, ca. 1861-1890
55 Q, R, ca. 1861-1890
56 Sa - Sn, ca. 1861-1890
57 So - Sw, ca. 1861-1890
58 T, ca. 1861-1890
59 U, V, Wa - Wh, ca. 1861-1890
60 When - Ws, Y, Z, ca. 1861-1890

Sub-Series 3: Songs, 1891-1900

ca. 1,200 pieces

Box Contents
61 A - C, ca. 1891-1900
62 D - H, ca. 1891-1900
63 I, ca. 1891-1900
64 J - L, ca. 1891-1900
65 M, ca. 1891-1900
66 N - R, ca. 1891-1900
67 S - Z, ca. 1891-1900

Sub-Series 4: Songs, 1901-ca. 1959

ca. 4,250 pieces

Box Contents
68 A, ca. 1901-1959
69 B, ca. 1901-1959
70 C, ca. 1901-1959
71 D, E, ca. 1901-1959
72 F, G, ca. 1901-1959
73 H, ca. 1901-1959
74 I (a-m), ca. 1901-1959
75 I (n-z), I'm, ca. 1901-1959
76 If - It, ca. 1901-1959
77 J, K, ca. 1901-1959
78 L, ca. 1901-1959
79 Ma - Me, ca. 1901-1959
80 Mi - My, ca. 1901-1959
81 N, O, ca. 1901-1959
82 P, R, ca. 1901-1959
83 Sa - Sm, ca. 1901-1959
84 Sn - Sy, ca. 1901-1959
85 Ta - Tha, ca. 1901-1959
86 The - Tw, ca. 1901-1959
87 U, V, Wa - Wr, ca. 1901-1959
88 Wh, ca. 1901-1959
89 When, ca. 1901-1959
90 Y, Z, ca. 1901-1959

Sub-Series 5: Miscellaneous 20th Century songs, ca. 1901-1959

ca. 650 pieces

Box Contents
91 Miscellaneous, 1901-1959

Sub-Series 6: Miscellaneous unsorted imprints, ca. 1800s

ca. 800 pieces

Box Contents
92 Miscellaneous, ca. 1800s

Series 3: The “Type” Collection, n.d.

ca. 11,000 pieces
While some of the other sections represent attempts to fill out a series on some particular topic, this is a special grouping designed to show the evolution and development of American music as a whole and so it contains early pieces and late, instrumental music and vocal, rarities and commonalities, engraved, stereotyped, lithographed, colored, black and white and non-illustrated covers, minstrel and theatrical pieces, music from the presses of many different publishers from the pens of many different composers and poets; in short, a representative sampling from virtually all the other sections and categories of the collection. Thus, it is a collection within the Collection, consisting of music chosen by Driscoll. After the main sequence, there are two boxes of variant versions of popular titles, such as "Home Sweet Home" and "Woodman Spare That Tree."
Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box Contents
367 A
368-370 B
371 Ca - Cl
372 E
373-374 F
375-376 G
377-379 H
380-384 I
385 J
386 K
387-391 L
392-398 M
399 N
400-403 O
404-405 P
406 Q, R
407 R
408-413 S
414-418 T
419 U - V
420-425 W
426 Y
[427] Individual Titles: Aladdin
[427] Individual Titles: Annie Rooney
[427] Individual Titles: Calisthenic Rondos
[427] Individual Titles: Jockey Hat and Feather
[427] Individual Titles: The Misntrels Returned from the War
[427] Individual Titles: Monastery Bells
[427] Individual Titles: Nellie Gray
[427] Individual Titles: Pestal, or "Prison Waltz"
[427] Individual Titles: Wait for the Wagon
[427] Individual Titles: When I saw Sweet Nelly Home
[427] Individual Titles: Woodman Spare That Tree
[428] Individual Titles: Home, Sweet Home

Series 4: Publishers’ Imprints, n.d.

ca. 3,400 pieces
Some outstanding categories in this section include the Boston publisher Bradlee (over 600 pieces); Graupner of Boston; the Hewitts (175); Isaiah Thomas (150); and Mesier (300). The Graupner imprints, now cataloged individually, are of singular interest. Gottlieb Graupner, both as musician and publisher, was very active in late 18th and early 19th century Boston, and for that reason, Mr. Driscoll was particularly interested in him. The Graupner category consists of about 450 alphabetized imprints, a couple dozen bound volumes, and a fair amount of associated materials, including matted portraits, Graupner autographs, newspapers in which Graupner advertised or was mentioned, etc. In addition, there are eight Graupner and Mallett imprints and more than a dozen Graupner and Norman imprints. Counting supplementary pieces, duplicates etc., the Graupner category totals about 825 items, undoubtedly one of the best such collections in the world.
Also included in this section are categories on sellers’ stamps (nearly 100 music dealers’ embossed imprints); and songster publishers Dewitt and Hitchcock.
Some pieces by specific publishers have been cataloged separately and are accessible through the Newberry Online Catalog. Those publishers are Bradlee, Graupner, (selection of) Hewitt, Mesier, and Von Hagen.
Organized in the following subseries: 1. Publishers' Imprints; 2. Sellers' stamps; and 3. Songsters.

Sub-Series 1: Publishers' Imprints, n.d.

Box Contents
93 Ackerman; Aitken; Andre & Co.; Ashton; Atwill; Bacon; Bagioli; Bailey, White & Co.; Bassford & Brower; Bates & Bendix; Birch; Blair & Lydon; Blake; Blume; Bourne; Bradlee; Brown; Brown & Perkins; Browne; Browne & Buckwell; Christman; Clifton; Cooper; Couenhouen; Couenhouen & Duffy; Coulson; the Misses Cowan; Currier & Co.; Cutter; Delano; Derwort; DeWitt; Dickson; and Ditson
[94-95] [Bradlee: See Online Catalog]
96 Dubois; Dubois & Bacon; Dubois & Stodart; Dudley; Edgar; Embree; Fairchild & Dwyer; Fiot; Fiot, Meignen & Co.; Firth & Hall; Firth, Pond & Co.; Ford & Crockett; Geib & Co.; Geib & Walker; Geslain; Gilbert; Gilfert; Godone; Gould; Hall & Son; Hance; Hayden; Hews; Himan; Homans & Ellis; Hopkins; and Howe
97 Ferrett
[98-99] [Graupner: See Online Catalog]
100 [Graupner: Contents except for papers of Graupner and Driscoll's notes recataloged: See Online Catalog]
101 Hewitt: Some recataloged. See Online Catalog
102 Hunnewell & Co.; Hupfeld & Son; Hyde Park Co.; Isenbeck; E.W. Jackson; G.K. Jackson; Jollie & Millet; Jordens & Martens; Keith; Kindell; Klemm; Klemm & Bros.; Kotzscmar; Kretschmar & Nunns; Krey; Lawton; Lee & Walker; Lincoln & Thompson; Longley; Lowe; Massachusett Music Co.; McClennen; McGrath; McLellan; Miller; Miller & Hyatt; Millet; Moran; Oakes; Paff; Parker & Ditson; Pearson; Pelletier; Peters; Pond & Co.; Prentiss; Prentiss & Clark; Prüfer; and Reed
[103] [Mesier: See Online Catalog]
104 Riley; Root & Cady; Ross & Co.; Russell; Russell & Fuller; Russell & Richardson; Russell & Tolman; Samuels; Saxton & Peirce; Siegling; Slinglandt; Spear; Stevens; Stockwell; Stone; Swisher; Swords; Thibault; Thompson; Thurston; Tolman & Co.; Torp; Tremaine; Trumpler; Vanderbeek; Van Gelder; J. & D. Walker; and Waters
105 [Von Hagen: notes and miscellaneous materials only. Individual pieces of sheet music cataloged separately: See Online Catalog.]
106 Wa-Wan Press; Weatherbee; Weizel; Wellman; Weston; White & Potter; White, Smith & Co.; Willig; Winne; Winner; Wittig; Wood; and Worley

Sub-Series 2: Sellers' stamps, n.d.

ca. 100 pieces

Box Contents
107 Sellers' stamps

Sub-Series 3: Songsters, n.d.

Box Contents
107 DeWitt; Hitchcock

Series 5: Illustrated Imprints, n.d.

ca. 5,100 pieces
There are three categories in this section: Firms, Miscellaneous, and Portraits. The largest grouping of illustrated imprints is from the firms Bufford (250), Endicott (150), Pendleton (104), and Thayer (115). Miscellaneous includes engraved title pages (150, some of which were removed to be cataloged separately), 19th century black and white lithographed covers (400), 19th century colored covers (85), mixed illustrated covers (100), and music covers that have been matted (100, on miscellaneous subjects; oversized and housed at the end of the entire Driscoll collection). Portraits include not only those of composers and poets, but also many famous historical figures, theatrical people, military men and other luminaries. Included among them are nearly fifty of the rare “paste-ons”, covers having early photographs glued onto the title page. There are approximately 3,250 pieces in this category, arranged alphabetically by the person pictured.
Organized in the following subseries: 1. Firms; 2. Miscellaneous; and 3. Portraits.

Sub-Series 1: Firms, n.d.

Box Contents
108 S. Ackerman, NYC; American Photo-Lithograph Co., NYC; Anonymous, NYC; Beacon Lithograph Co., Boston; Bising & Gerlach, Cincinnati; Bouvé, Boston; Bouvé & Sharpe, Boston; E. Brown, Jr., NYC; Bufford, NYC & Boston; Canova & Tanby, NYC; Chandler, Boston; C.O. Clayton, NYC; Crosby, Boston; Nathaniel Currier, NYC; Ehrgott & Forbringer, Cincinnati; Ehrgott & Krebs, Cincinnati; H.C. Eno, NYC; C.B. Folton, NYC; Fleetwood, NYC; Forbes, Boston; Gregson, Donaldson & Elmes, Cincinnati; and Haskell, Boston
109 Endicott, NYC; Endicott & Swett, NYC
110 Imbert, NYC; D.C. Johnston; Lewis & Brown, NYC; Macbrair & Sons, Cincinnati; Major & Knapp, NYC; Mayer, Merkel & Ottmann, NYC; Michelin & Leefe, NYC; Moore, Boston; Nagel, NYC; New England Litho., Boston; Newsom, Philadelphia; Oakley, Boston; Thos. Russell, NYC; Sarony & Co., NYC; Sarony & Major, NYC; J.W.A. Scott, Boston; Senefelder, Boston; and Serrell & Perkins, NYC
111 Pendleton
112 Sarony & Major & Knapp, NYC
113 J.C.S., W.C.S., & W.S. Sharp, Boston; Sharp & Michelin, Boston; Snyder & Black, NYC; Snyder, Black & Sturn, NYC; Tappan & Bradford, Boston; R. Teller, NYC; Thayer, Boston; H.A. Thomas, NYC; Tomas & Eno, NYC; Tompson & Ramsay, Boston; G.H. Walker, Boston; R.A. Welcke, NYC; and White, Piplar & Co., Boston

Sub-Series 2: Miscellaneous, n.d.

ca. 835 pieces

Box Contents
114 Misc. Early Engravings (some removed)
115 Black and white lithograph covers; Miscellaneous 19th-century color covers; and Mixed illustrations
OS 116-118 Music covers, mounted on cream colored mats, oversized.

Sub-Series 3: Portraits, n.d.

ca. 3,250 pieces

Box Contents
119 A, Ba-Be
120 Bel-Bz
121 C
122 D, E
123 F, G
124 H
125 I - K
126 L
127-128 M
129 N, O
130 P, Q
131 R
132-133 S
134 T
135 U, V, Y, Z
136 W
137 Paste-on portraits
138 Unknown, Unsorted, Miscellaneous

Series 6: History and Politics, n.d.

ca. 6,500 pieces
Among the many categories in this section are American flags (90), Labor and Trades, Lafayette (30), Lincoln (120), Washington (133), the Mexican War (75), and the Military in general, including many lithographs of officers and men in uniform, views of parade grounds, drill scenes, and the like (550). It also includes the Spanish-American War (100), the “Suffragette” Movement, Daniel Webster (50), Whigs (100), World War I (ca. 1,600 songs) and the Presidential Series of some 425 pieces, including a representative selection of songs about every president, with the sole exception of Harry Truman. To these has been added a folder of related items, containing 50 songs of different campaigns, unsuccessful candidates, and vice-presidents. Fairs such as the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition of 1876, Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, and the Boston Peace Jubilees of 1869 and 1872 are all represented.
One of the most important categories is that devoted to the Civil War, which consists of 1,250 pieces. Included among these are 150 pieces of Confederate music: the song “Dixie” is represented by nearly 50 different printings.
Boxes 147, 149, 155, and 159 are missing.
Topics originally in this section entitled, "Adams and Liberty, songs", "Battles," and "Civil War, general," were individually cataloged: see the Newberry Online Catalog.
Arranged by topic and alphabetically by title therein, except for the "Presidents" topic, which is arranged by order of U.S. Presidents.

Box Contents
139 Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876 [For World's Columbian Exposition, see Series 7, United States - Local - Illinois - Chicago]
140-144 Civil War - North
145 Civl War - Miscellaneous
146 Civl War - Confederate
146 Civl War - Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee
146 Civl War - Dixie
[147] [box missing]
148 Flags
148 "Hail Columbia," song. (23 instrumental arrangements, 25 vocal, 4 misc.)
[149] [box missing]
150 Labor and trades
150 Lafayette
150 Lincoln (see also Presidents topic in this section)
150 Mexican War
151-152 Military (See also United States Local, Massachusetts: Military and United States Local, New York: Military).
153-154 Patriotic songs, alphabetical A-N, including "La Marseillaise," "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean," "America," etc.
[155] [Patriotic Songs, O-Z; box missing]
156 Patriotic songs, misc.
156 Peace Jubilee, Boston, 1869 & 1872
157 Presidents: 1. George Washington; 2. John Adams; 3. Thomas Jefferson; 4. James Madison; 5. James Monroe; 6. John Quincy Adams; 7. Andrew Jackson; 8. Martin Van Buren; 9. William Henry Harrison; 10. John Tyler; 11. James K. Polk; 12. Zachary Taylor; 13. Millard Fillmore; 14. Franklin Pierce; 15. James Buchanan; 16. Abraham Lincoln; 17. Andrew Johnson; 18. Ulysses S. Grant; and 19. Rutherford B. Hayes.
158 Presidents: 20. James A. Garfield; 21. Chester A. Arthur; 22. Grover Cleveland; 23. Benjamin Harrison; 24. William McKinley; 25. Theodore Roosevelt; 26. William H. Taft; 27. Woodrow Wilson; 28. Warren G. Harding; 29. Calvin Coolidge; 30. Herbert Hoover; 31. Franklin D. Roosevelt; and 32. Dwight D. Eisenhower.
[159] [box missing]
160 Presidents, related: includes campaign songs, unsuccessful candidates, vice presidents, etc.
160 Spanish-AmericanWar
161 Star-Spangled Banner
161 Suffragette (Suffragist) movement
161 Washington
162 Webster, Daniel
162 The West and the Whig Party -- includes 10 "early Western imprints."
163-170 World War I (originally titled, "European War).
171 World War II
171 Yankee Doodle: includes 59 instrumental, 14 vocal

Series 7: United States - Local n.d.

ca. 5,900 pieces
This section comprises music about and imprints from the various regions of the United States. There is a folder for each of the fifty states, and for Bermuda, New England (as a region), the Panama Canal Zone, Washington D.C., and a miscellaneous folder. The only states not represented by at least one song are the two Dakotas. The largest collections are for Massachusetts (2,100) and New York (1,550). Other well-represented states are California (100), Connecticut (100), Maine (150) Pennsylvania (350) and Rhode Island (200). These larger categories are in turn broken down by community. Within these communities, the larger cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Boston are further broken down on a topical basis, For instance, Boston is divided into Boston Common, Bunker Hill, Charlestown, churches, Faneuil Hall, Boston Harbor, hotels, Jamaica Pond, mayors, military, miscellaneous, music houses and dealers, etc., making a total of 1,150 for Boston alone. In addition, Massachusetts is rounded out by 275 Military pieces, and 100 miscellaneous pieces, including 35 governors; New York, by 150 military and 100 miscellaneous, with 17 governors. Some pieces from this section were removed and cataloged individually: see the Newberry's Online Catalog.
Arranged roughly alphabetically by state, except for Massachusetts and New York, which are before all other states.

Box Contents
171a Massachusetts: Acushnet; Agawam; Amesbury; Amherst College; Andover; Arlington; Auburndale; Ayer; Barnstable; (Camp) Becket; Bernardston; Beverly; Bradford; Bridgewater; and Boston - Boston Common, Boston Museum, Boston Music Hall, Boston Theatre, Bunker Hill, Charlestown
172 Massachusetts: Boston - Churches; Faneuil Hall; Harbor; Hotels; Jamaica Pond; Mayors (includes Brimmer, Curley, Fitzgerald, Otis); and Military
173 Massachusetts: Boston - Miscellaneous; Music houses (alphabetically by firm); and Musical organizations, in general (alphabetically by firm)
174 Massachusetts: Boston - Musical organizations (Germania Musical Society, Handel & Haydn Society); Newspapers (Boston American, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Pearl & Literary Gazette, Boston Post, Boston Press Club, and Boston Traveler); Organizations (includes: Ancient Order of Hibernians, Bay State Commandery, Boston & Roxbury Whig Association, Boston Assemblies, Boston Athletic Club, Boston Benedict Club, Boston Burns Club, Boston Charitable Irish Society, Boston Clay Club, Colony Club, Gaudeamus Society, Lowell Baseball Club of Boston, Malibran Society, Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association, Massachusetts Female Emancipation Society, Musical Frog Club, St. Botolph Club, Union Boat Club, and Washington Inebriates Reform Association; Portraits (includes Phillips Brooks, Mayors Curley and Fitzgerald, Cardinal O'Connell); Schools and colleges; and South Boston
175 Massachusetts: Boston - Special occasions and events; State House; Streets; Theatres (includes: Castle Square, Columbia Music Hall, Cook's Royal Amphitheatre, Federal Street Theatre, Harrington Museum, Howard Athenaeum, Keith's Theatre, National Theatre, and Tremont Theatre); and Transportation
176 Massachusetts: Brockton; Brookline; Cambridge (includes Harvard and M.I.T.); Cape Cod; Chelsea; Cochituate Lake; Deerfield; East Boston; Everett; and Fall River
177 Massachusetts: Fitchburg; Framingham; Gardiner; Gloucester; Goshen; Halifax; Harvard (town of); Haverhill; Holliston; Holyoke; Hudson; Hull; Hyannis; Hyde Park; Ipswich; Lawrence; Lexington; Lowell; Lynn; Malden; Marblehead; Marlboro; Martha's Vineyard; Medford (includes Tufts University); Melrose; Millis; Nahant; Nantasket Beach; Nantucket; Natick; Needham; New Bedford; Newbury and Newburyport; Newton; North Adams; and North Eastham
178 Massachusetts: Northampton (includes Smith College); Norton; Norwood; Peabody; Pemberton; Pittsfield; Point Shirley; Plymouth; Provincetown; Quincy; Reading; Revere and Revere Beach; Rockland; Rockport; Roxbury; Salem; South Hadley (includes Mount Holyoke College); Springfield; Stoughton; Swampscott; Taunton; Wakefield; Waltham; Watertown; Waverly; Wellesley (includes Wellesley College); West Tisbury; Westborough; Westfield; Westport Harbor; Weymouth; Whitman; Wilbraham; Williamstown (includes Williams College); Winthrop; Woburn; Woods Hole; Worcester; Wrentham; and Yarmouth
179 Massachusetts: Military
180 Massachusetts: Miscellaneous, including governors
181 New York: Albany; Ameniaville; Auburn; Batavia; Buffalo; Catskill; Cherry Valley; Clinton; College Point; Cooperstown; Dansville; Elizabethtown; Elmhurst; Fort Washington; Fort Wood; Geneva; Ithaca (includes Cornell University); Liberty; Little Falls; Manlius; Mohawk; and Mohawk Valley
182 New York: New York City - Athletics; Beaches; Brooklyn; Castle Garden; Churches; and Circus
183 New York: New York City - Halls; Hotels; and Miscellaneous
184 New York: New York City - Music houses; Newspapers; Organizations; Parades; Parks; Portraits (see also Illustrated Imprints Series); Schools & colleges; and Special occasions
185 New York: New York City - Squares; Streets (includes Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and Misc.); Theatres; Transportation; and World's Fair, 1851
186 New York: Newburg; Niagara Falls; North Granville; Norwich; Nyack-on-Hudson; Oakwood; Olean; Owego; Oyster Bay; Pelham; Plattsburgh; Poughkeepsie (includes Vassar College); Rhineland; Richfield Springs; Rochester; Saratoga; Skaneateles; Springfield; and Syracuse
187 New York: Troy; Tuxedo; Utica; Valatie; Watertown; Westchester; West Point (includes U.S. Military Academy); Windsor; Whitestown; and Yonkers
188 New York: Military
189 New York: Miscellaneous (includes canals, governors)
190 Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; Arkansas; Bermuda; Colorado; Delaware; and Florida
191 California
192 Connecticut (includes Yale University); Georgia; Hawaii; and Idaho
193 Illinois (including Chicago imprints, pre-1870, Columbian Exposition, Views, University of Chicago); Indiana; Iowa; Kansas (includes imprints and wax impression of the Kansas Territorial Seal); and Kentucky
194 Louisiana (Includes New Orleans); and Maine
195 Maryland (includes Baltimore imprints)
196 Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; Missouri; Montana; Nebraska; Nevada; and New England (as a region)
197 New Hampshire (includes imprints, Baker family, Dartmouth College); New Jersey (includes Rutgers University, Princeton University); New Mexico; Ohio; Oklahoma; Oregon; and Panama Canal Zone
198 Pennsylvania: Colleges: (includes Pennsylvania College, Pennsylvania Military Academy, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania); Governors; Johnstown Flood; In general; Philadelphia - Centennial Exhibition, Churches, Germantown, Hotels, Independence Hall and Liberty Bell, E. Ives, Jr. (Philadelphia Musical Seminary), Military, Miscellaneous, Music houses, Organizations, Special occasions, Theatres (includes Arch Street Theatre, Chestnut Street Opera House, Chestnut Street Theatre, Keith's Theatre, Philadelphia Theatre, and Stanley Theatre); and Pittsburgh
199 Rhode Island (includes Bristol, Brown University, Governors, Military, Newport, Providence, Miscellaneous); and States in general
200 Tennessee; Texas; Utah; Vermont; Virginia; West Virginia; Washington state; Washington, D.C.; Wisconsin; and Wyoming

Series 8: Nature and Calendar, n.d.

ca. 600 pieces
The largest categories in this Section are: Christmas (150), flowers, fruit and vegetables (100), Memorial(Decoration) Day, the moon (50), and water (100, including ice, snow, skating, sleighing, and snow sports). These are supplemented by folders on autumn, clouds, Easter, eclipses, the world as a globe, hurricanes, lightning, May Day, New Year’s, rain and rainbows, seasons and months (in general) spring, stars, summer, Thanksgiving, trees, and Valentine’s Day.
Organized in two sections: Calendar, and Nature, and arranged alphabetically by topic therein.

Box Contents
201 Calendar: Christmas
202 Calendar: Easter; May Day; Memorial Day; Months; New Year's; Thanksgiving; Valentine's Day; and Miscellaneous (includes clouds, eclipses, globes, hurricanes, stars, trees, and twilight)
203 Nature: Flowers; Fruits and vegetables; Miscellaneous; and Moon
204 Nature: Rain and rainbows; Rivers; Seasons in general; and Winter (includes ice, snow, skating, sleighing, snow sports)

Series 9: Communication and Transportation, n.d.

ca. 650 pieces
Outstanding among the categories in this Section is the one dealing with automobiles (130 pieces). These were exhibited at the Smithsonian Institutions, as described in the Washington Daily News for Oct. 23, 1939, page 14. (See also Hobbies Magazine, December 1939). In addition, there are 100 aeronautical pieces including several on balloons, over a hundred pieces on letters, postcards, stamps, the telegraph and telegrams, 150 railroad pieces, many with rare lithographs of early engines and trains upon the covers, 125 telephone pieces, and other music dealing with trolley cars, rolling chairs, the Atlantic Cable (see miscellaneous), oil, ships and the sea (see miscellaneous), radio, horse-drawn vehicles, etc.
Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Box Contents
205 Airplanes; Automobiles; and Balloons
206 Bicycles; Horse-drawn vehicles; Letters; and Miscellaneous
207 Oil; Radio; and Telephone
208 Railroads; Telegrams; Transportation, in general; and Trolley cars

Series 10: Composers and Lyricists, n.d.

ca. 9,700 pieces
The Composers category (ca. 6,800 pieces) includes pieces of native-born composers and American imprints of foreign composers. In the folder on Irving Berlin, containing about 600 pieces, there are 150 songs from Berlin’s various Music Box Reviews. There are over 200 pieces in the George M. Cohan folder, including most of his show tunes. The Stephen Foster category contains over 700 pieces, comprising some 90 different titles, including 62 first editions, over 150 various printings, three score instrumental arrangements, and the like. Jerome Kern is represented by over 350 pieces; Sousa by 150 pieces (including about 70 marches). The folder on Ethelbert Nevin (87 pieces) is indicative of Mr. Driscoll’s thoroughness; as an organist, he was interested in Nevin’s The Rosary, and managed to collect some 30 different printings of it, including the first and its variations.
The Lyricists category (ca. 2,900 pieces) includes texts by native-born poets wherever published, and American imprints of foreign poetry.
At the end of this section are two boxes of autographed sheet music. This comprises nearly 300 pieces of music each autographed, usually by the composer, and occasionally by the author or dedicatee.
Organized in the following subseries: Composers; Lyricists; and Autographed Sheet Music.

Sub-Series 1: Composers, n.d.

ca. 6,800 pieces

Box Contents
209 Abt; Alberti; Ascher; Audran; Bailey; Ball; Barker; Barnett; Homer & J.C. Bartlett; and Baumbach
210 Mrs. H.H.A (Amy) Beach; and Beethoven
211 Bellak; Berg; Beyer; H.R. Bishop; T.B. Bishop; Bissell; Bizet; and Blake
212 Blumenthal; Bohm; Bond; Bricker; Buck; Bullard; Burgmuller; Cadman; Callcott; Chadwick; Clark; Clayton; Clementi; Clifton; and Cobb & Edwards
[213] [Carr: removed and cataloged separately. See Newberry Library Online Catalog]
214 Cole and Johnson; Connolly; Converse; Corbin; Corticelli; Cramer; and Croisez
215 Czerny; Daniels; and DeKoven
216 Delibes; Dempster; Dorn; Dresser; Dressler; Dreyschock; Driscoll; Duval; Eaton; Edwards; Elliott; Engelbrecht; Faust; Fields; and Fischer
217 Foote; Fox; and Fry
218-220 Foster, Stephen
221 Gershwin; Getze; Ghys; (For Gilbert & Sullivan, see Theatrical series); Gillet; Gilmore; Glover; and Gooch
222 Gottschalk
223 Greene; Grobe; Gumbert; and Gung'l
224 Handy; Harris; Heller; and Henselt
225 Herbert; and Herz
226 G. Hewitt; H. Hewitt; J. Hewitt; Hews; Hill; Hodges; Hoffman; Holst; Hopkinson; Hosmer; Howe; Hummel; and Hunten
227 Isaacs; Jacobs-Bond; and Jungmann
228 Kehr; Knight; Kolling; Krug; Kuhe; Lamothe; Lang; Lange; Lardner; and Lassen
229 Latour; Lee; Lehar; Leslie; Leybach; Lichner; Lindsay; Linley; Locke; Lover; Luders; and Lumbye
230 MacDowell; and McNaughton
231 Marshall; Mascagni; Mason; Merkel; Metcalf; Millard; Mills; Morse; Moelling; Morrison; Mozart; and Muller
232 Nelson; Newcomb; O'Connor; Oesten; Pacher; Pape; Parker; and Perabo
233 Nevin
234 Perring; Plaidy; Porter; Rachmaninoff; Raff; Richards; Root
235 Rogers Bros.; Römberg; Rotoli; Rubinstein; and Russell
236 Ryder; Scharwenka; Schubert; Schulhoff; Seitz; Shaw; and Smith
237 Sousa
238 Spindler; Strack; (For Sullivan, see Theatrical Series); Thalberg; Thomas; Thompson; Tosti; Tucker; Turner; and Unger
239 von Suppe; Harry and Albert von Tilzer; von Weber; and Voss
240 Waldteufel; and Wallace
241 Weaver; (For Weber & Fields, see Theatrical Series); Webster; Wels; Werline; Whiting; Whittemore; Wilson; and Winner
242 Wollenhaupt; Woodbury; Work; Wyman
243 Miscellaneous minor composers

Sub-Series 2: Lyricists, n.d.

ca. 2,900 pieces

Box Contents
244 Aldrich; Allen; Bangs; Bayly; Blake; Bolton; Browning; Bryant; Bulwer-Lytton; Bunyan; Burns; Byron; and Coleridge
245-246 Cooper
247 Dickens
248 Dickinson; D'Israeli; Dobson; Dole; Drake; Drummond; Mary Baker Eddy; Emerson; Field; Fitzgerald; Gilder; Goethe; Goldsmith; Gould; Guiney; Harte; Hay; Hearn; Bishop Heber; and Heine
249 Mrs. Hemans; Herrick; Hogg; Hood; Hope; Hovey; Ben Jonson; Keats; Kemble; and Kilmer
250 Holmes
251 Kipling
252 Lanier; LeGallienne; Linley; Locke; Amy Lowell; James Russell Lowell; Markham; Masefield; George Meredith; Owen Meredith; Miller; Milton; Montgomery; and Morris
253 Longfellow
254 Moore
255 Cardinal Newman; Mrs. Norton; Noyes; O'Reilly; Otis; Poe; Pope; Proctor; Read; Riley; Rossetti; Mrs. Rowson; Father Ryan
256 Schiller; Scott; Shakespeare; and Shelley
257 W. Dexter Smith (Sr. and Jr.); Stevenson; Stodard; Stowe; Swinburne; and Taylor
258 Tennyson
259 Whitman
260 Whittier
261 Teschmacher; Thackeray; Thoreau; Wallace; Ward; Wiggin; Wilcox; Wilde; Woodworth; Wordsworth; and Yeats

Sub-Series 3: Autographed Sheet Music, n.d.

ca. 300 pieces

Box Contents
262 A - H
263 I - Z and unsorted

Series 11: Dancing and Ballet, n.d.

ca. 3,200 pieces
This Section has two main categories, the first consisting of types of dances: cakewalks, foxtrots, gallops, marches, mazurkas, minuets, one-steps, polkas, quicksteps, rag time, redowas, schottisches, tangos, tarantellas, two-steps, and waltzes. The largest categories are the waltzes (about 1,000 pieces), marches (250), polkas (over 400), and nearly 350 ragtime tunes.
The second category is devoted to dancers and dance groups, virtually all of which are represented by lithographed portrait title pages. There are about 400 items, showing famous dancers, ensembles, stage scenes and spectacles, and the like.
First category arranged alphabetically by dance style; second category arranged by dancer or group, with major dancers Taglioni & Ellsler at the end.

Box Contents
264 Cakewalk, foxtrot, gallop, habanera
265 March, mazurka
266 March, two-step
267 One-step, polka-redova, schottische, tango, tarantella
268-270 Polka
271-272 Quickstep
273 Ragtime
274-279 Waltz
280 Varsouvienne, Misc., and foreign dance music
281-282 Dancers
283 Taglioni & Ellsler

Series 12: Ethnic and Religious, n.d.

ca. 3,000 pieces
Groups worth noting include the Catholic category (by far the largest, boxes 289-290); American Indian category (nearly 150 pieces); and the Irish category (over 300). The “Negro” category contains spirituals and other non-minstrel songs. This section used to include a group of about 100 early American psalm books, hymnals, religious tracts and songsters; these have been cataloged separately.
Organized in the following subseries: Ethnic and Religious.

Sub-Series 1: Ethnic, n.d.

Box Contents
284 Armenian; Canadian; Cuban; English; French; German; Gypsy; and Greek
285 Irish
286 Irish, Italian, and Jewish
287 American Indian
288 National songs; Negro; Polish; Portuguese; Scandinavian; Scottish; Spanish; and Latin American

Sub-Series 2: Religious, n.d.

Box Contents
289 Catholic: Ave Maria; Regina Coeli; Ave Regina; Alma Redemptoris; and Salve Regina
290 Catholic: Ave Verum; Holy Week; O Salutaris; Tantum Ergo; and Vespers
291 Miscellaneous Religious

Series 13: Minstrels and Blackface, n.d.

ca. 3,400 pieces
The Section has been divided into three parts: an alphabetized selection of minstrel songs, an alphabetical series arranged by particular group or team of minstrels, and a portfolio of rare items. Among the rarities is the very early Massa Georgee Washington and General LaFayette [as sung in character by Mr. Roberts…words and music by Micah Hawkins. NYC: E. Riley, 1824].
There is also an index to composers, available in the Library.
Organized in the following subseries: Minstrel Songs; Minstrels; and Minstrel Rarities.

Sub-Series 1: Minstrel Songs, n.d.

Box Contents
292 A, B, C
293 D, E, F
294 G, H, I
295 J, K, L, Ma
296 M, N, "O," "Oh," O
297 P, R, S
298 T, U, V, W, Y, Z

Sub-Series 2: Minstrels, n.d.

Box Contents
299 A, B, Banjo, Bland, Buckley's Serenaders
300 C, Campbell's Congo Melodists
301 Christy, D
302 Delahanty & Hedges, Doc Stader, E. Emerson, Emmet, Ethiopian Serenaders
303 F, G, H, Harmoneons
304 J, Jolson, K, L, Lewis, Lucas, Lions, M
305 N, New Orleans Serenaders, O, Ordway, P
306 Q, R, S, T, Virginia Minstrels, Virginia Serenaders
307 W, Williams & Walker

Sub-Series 3: Minstrel Rarities, n.d.

Box Contents
307a Minstrel Rarities

Series 14: Rarities, n.d.

ca. 450 pieces
In this section there are subsections devoted to a variety of categories: national patriotic and military songs, first editions, comic songs, history and politics (including various battles, the West, Indians, etc.), communication and transportation (including railroads, horse cars, oil, the telephone, etc.), and famous people like Jenny Lind and Mark Twain. Nearly fifty items portray the façade of the publishing house or music shop that published or distributed the sheet music.
Arranged in portfolios by topic.

Box Folder Contents
308-309 Rarities

Series 15: Sports and Athletics, n.d.

ca. 300 pieces
This section is alphabetized by sport topic: categories include archery, baseball, bicycling, billiards, boating, boxing, cricket and croquet, fishing, football, golf, roller skating, rowing, running, swings and hammocks, and tennis. Baseball and football are the largest categories, having more than sixty items each. The tremendous popularity of bicycling during the last quarter of the 19th century is well reflected in more than fifty pieces.
There is a list of all sheet music available in the "Baseball" folder. See printout in the Library.
Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Box Folder Contents
310 Archery; Athletics in general; Baseball; Bicycles and Velocipedes; Billiards; (bullfighting: see Miscellaneous Series); Boating; Boxing and Wrestling; Cricket; and Croquet
311 Fishing; Football; Golf ; (ice skating: see Nature and Calendar Series - Winter); Roller skating; Rowing; (sleighing and snow sports: see Nature and Calendar Series - Winter); Swinging (includes hammocks); and Tennis

Series 16: Theatrical, n.d.

ca. 3,100 pieces
The famous names of the American stage are represented here; examples include Eddie Cantor, Gilbert and Sullivan, Harrigan and Hart, Al Jolson, Jenny Lind, Rogers and Hart, Rogers and Hammerstein, Lillian Russell, and many more. Driscoll was particularly proud of his collection of Harrigan and Hart songs, which contains more than 200 out of the 230 or so songs that they created. .
Other categories include comic songs, female impersonators, musical comedies, musical families, the opera, 19th century singers, covers showing stage scenes, show tunes, playbills, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and the Ziegfeld Follies.
Arranged alphabetically by name or topic..

Box Folder Contents
312 Baker Family, Eddie Cantor, First American opera, Female Impersonators
313-314 Irving Berlin, general
315 Irving Berlin: Musicals, "Music Box Review", and Ziegfeld Follies
316 George M. Cohan
317 Gilbert & Sullivan, Arthur Sullivan
318-319 Harrigan & Hart
320 Will Hays
321-322 Hutchinson Family (including Songsheets and The Grave of Bonaparte)
323 Jenny Lind
324-326 Musical families
327 Early Singers (a – z), Musical comedy numbers
328 Miscellany, Adelina and Carlotta Patti
329 Mr. & Mrs. Howard Paul
330-331 Theatre in general (including F. Boott; Harry Lauder; James Madison; Kerry Mills; Rodgers & Hart/Hammerstein; Lillian Russell; Ted Snyder; "Uncle Tom's Cabin"; Weber & Fields; Gus Williams; and "Ziegfeld Follies" (see also Irving Berlin)
332 Show Tunes
333 Comic Songs

Series 17: Miscellaneous, n.d.

ca. 6,000 pieces
Those folders and categories not readily admitted into the other Sections have been alphabetized and grouped here for convenience. There are two subsections: Arrangements (about 800 pieces), and other, arranged alphabetically by topic. Arrangements are pieces for banjo, flute, guitar, mandolin, full orchestra, organ, piano, violin, violin and piano, and vocal. Other song topics include: advertising (130), anacreontic (drinking) songs (120), animals and birds (265), anthologies, auctions, bells, blind people, china and glassware, circus, clocks, cowboy and hillbilly songs, death and burial, fans, fairies and witches, fashions (about 100, including bloomers, bathing costumes, hair, Dolly Varden, the Grecian Bend, etc.),fires (including plates of fire engines, famous Boston, New York, and Philadelphia blazes), games and gambling, juvenile (200) kissing, lighting, and illumination, liquor, musical instruments and musicians (140 depicted), parodies, photographs, photography, proverbs (motto songs), rivers, sea songs (350; including aids to navigation, the Atlantic Cable, naval vessels, pirates, portraits, ships, steamers, wrecks and yachts), secret and fraternal societies (150), silhouettes, spinning and sewing, street scenes and sellers’ cries, students and college songs, tobacco, temperance, and even whistling and yodeling songs.
Organized in the following subseries: Arrangements, and Other.

Sub-Series 1: Arrangements, n.d.

ca. 800 pieces

Box Contents
334 Banjo, Mandolin
335 Guitar
336 Piano, four hands
337 Piano, four hands; Violin
338 Violin & piano, Vocal parts

Sub-Series 2: Other, n.d.

ca. 5,200 pieces

Box Contents
339 Anacreontic songs (drinking songs)
340 Animals
341-342 Anthologies
343 Advertising; Auctions; Bathing; Bells; Broadside slips
344 Birds
345 Blind (composers, performers, people, institutions for the, and Blind Tom); Circus (including Aerial, P.T. Barnum, Circus in general, Clowns, Dwarfs, Merle Evans, and Magicians)
346 Cartoonists; Clocks; Cowboys
347 Companion pieces,
348 Death and burial; Driscoll (as a proper name); Early Western imprints; Embossed title pages; Fans; Fairies and witches; and Fashion (Hair, Dolly Varden)
349 Fashion (in general); Fires; Games (including Cards, Dominoes, and Gambling) and Grotesques, typological
350 Juvenile (including "Mary Had a Little Lamb", Nursery rhymes, and pieces of interest to children); Kissing; Lighting and illumination (including Candles, Thomas Edison, Electricity, Radiation, and Street lamps); Liquor; and Money
351 Musical instruments; Parodies; Phonographs and records; Photography; Proverbs, in song; Rivers; and Student songs and songsters
352 Oversize (uncut) music
353-354 Sea Songs
355 Secret and fraternal societies
356 Silhouettes; Spinning and sewing; Street scenes and peddlers' cries; Swinging; Temperance songs; Tobacco; Topical songs; Whistling; and Yodeling

Series 18: Foreign Imprints, n.d.

ca. 1,700 pieces
This section has three subdivisions: British imprints (early London imprints only), Composers (about 500 pieces by European classical composers), and European imprints, which are divided into French music with lithographed title pages, miscellaneous foreign imprints (800), and miscellaneous foreign views (some on music covers, some not). Almost all of the London imprints have been removed and cataloged separately; see Library Online Catalog.
Organized in the following subseries: British Imprints; Composers; and European Imprints.

Sub-Series 1: British Imprints, n.d.

Box Contents
[357-358] [Early London Imprints - removed and cataloged separately]
359 Early London Imprints

Sub-Series 2: Composers, n.d.

ca. 500 pieces

Box Contents
360 Beethoven; Brahms; Chabrier; Chaminade; Chopin; Debussy; del Riego; Dreyschock; Dvorák; Elgar; and Godard
361 Gounod; Grieg; Haydn; Handel; Jadassohn; Jaell; Jensen; and Lee
362 Liszt; Mendelssohn; Meyer-Helmund; Moszowski; Mozart; Nicode; Paderewski
363 Saint-Saëns; Schubert; Schumann; Schütt; Sinding; Staub; Strauss (Johann, Josef, Henry, and Richard); Tchaikowsky; Wieniawski; and Zeller
364 Miscellaneous minor foreign composers

Sub-Series 3: European Imprints, n.d.

ca. 800 pieces

Box Contents
365 Early European imprints; French music with lithographed title pages
366 Misc. foreign imprints, misc. foreign views

Series 19: [Books]

[ca. 200 books]
Some books originally in this section contained music, but most were reference and historical treatises about music. All books have been cataloged separately and are accessible through the Newberry Online Catalog