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Adler, Dankmar, 1844-1900 : Dankmar Adler Papers, 1857-1984

Correspondence, autobiography, writings, articles, genealogy, books, clippings, photographs, and pictures relating to Dankmar Adler, Chicago architect, acoustician, and partner of Louis Sullivan in the Adler and Sullivan architectural firm. Also other family and research materials accumulated by Joan W. Saltzstein, Adler's granddaughter, for her study of Adler and his numerous architectural projects, including the Auditorium Theater, Stock Exchange Building, Garrick Theater Building, and the acoustics of Carnegie Hall.
Extent: 6 linear feet - (11 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Family Papers

Alexander, Irene : Irene Alexander papers, 1960-1980

Clippings, correspondence, and other miscellaneous materials related to Irene Alexander.
Extent: 1.3 linear feet - (1 record carton)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Women

Anderson, Donald M. : Donald M. Anderson Papers, 1834-1995

Correspondence, materials relating to publications, graphic art work, calligraphic broadsides and booklets, teaching materials, and subject files of Madison, Wisconsin calligrapher and design educator Donald Myers Anderson
Extent: 35.5 linear ft. - (41 boxes, 11 oversize boxes, 1 flat folder)
Subjects: Arts, Ephemera, Printing History and Book Arts

Artists Book Works. : Artists Book Works Records, ca. 1982-1994

Records, including information about students and instructors, financial records, exhibits, and examples of work, from its inception in 1982 through 1994 when it merged with Columbia College.
Extent: 24 linear feet - (27 boxes, 7 record cartons, 2 oversize boxes, 1 shelf loose items)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Printing History and Book Arts

Arts Club of Chicago : Arts Club Records, 1892-2004

Corporate records of the Arts Club of Chicago, an institution incorporated in 1916 and devoted to exhibiting and showcasing innovative artists and performers. Records include extensive exhibition files, files on the Club's music, lecture, film, and drama series, and administrative and financial files.
Extent: 112.2 linear feet - (200 boxes, 16 oversize boxes, and 51 volumes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance, Literature, Music

Bannon, Laura : Laura Bannon Collection of Illustrations, 1939-1958

Original artwork for eight children’s books by Chicago illustrator and author Laura Bannon.
Extent: 0.5 linear feet - (1 box and 1 oversize envelope)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Printing History and Book Arts, Women

Brickman, Morrie, 1917-1994 : Morrie Brickman cartoons, 1966-1985

Newspaper cartoons of Chicagoan Morrie Brickman
Extent: 2.1 linear feet - (3 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Journalism

Burbank, E. A. (Elbridge Ayer), 1858-1949 : E. A. Burbank Indian Portraits, Drawings, ca. 1897-1914

Collection of over 1200 red and brown conté crayon on paper portraits of assorted American Indian subjects drawn during E. A. Burbank’s extensive travel to American Indian communities throughout the American Southwest, West, and Northwest. Commissioned to paint a portrait of Chief Geronimo by his maternal uncle, Edward E. Ayer, the Newberry benefactor and president of the Field Columbian Museum, Burbank embarked in 1897 on what would turn out to be a decades-long, quixotic quest to “paint every single Indian tribe in America.” Though ultimately unsuccessful, Burbank was able to paint and draw individuals from more than 125 tribes, documenting and providing lasting insight into the culture and history of fast-disappearing indigenous populations.
Extent: 124.3 linear feet - (71 custom boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Indians and the West

Burbank, E. A. (Elbridge Ayer), 1858-1949 : E. A. Burbank Indian Portraits, Paintings, 1897-1908

Collection of twenty-five oil paintings on canvas and panel executed by E. A. Burbank during the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. Predominately composed of intimately-scaled portraits of American Indian men and women, this collection offers invaluable insight into the pictorial depiction of the American Indian during the turn of the twentieth century as well as the cultural cache attached to the depiction of native subjects.
Extent: 24 linear feet - (25 custom boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Indians and the West

Burbank, E. A. (Elbridge Ayer), 1858-1949 : E. A. Burbank Indian Portraits, Prints, ca. 1897-1937

Collection of photogravures, colortype lithographs, and other offset color prints of drawings and oil paintings by E. A. Burbank. Consisting primarily of prints of oil paintings included in Burbank’s extensive series of American Indian portraits, this collection of mass-produced, predominately twentieth century prints offers insight into cultural appeal of the American Indian and the wide dissemination of the work of E. A. Burbank during the last century.
Extent: 1.3 linear feet - (1 custom box)
Subjects: Arts, Indians and the West

Burbank, E. A., (Elbridge Ayer), 1858-1949 : E. A. Burbank Papers, 1897-1949

About 350 letters written mainly from the Oklahoma Territory, the Southwest, and the Dakotas by Elbridge Ayer Burbank to his uncle Edward E. Ayer, together with two scrapbooks containing incoming correspondence and miscellaneous clippings. Burbank, a painter and illustrator who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, was commissioned by Edward E. Ayer in 1897 to produce a series of portraits of prominent Indian Chiefs.
Extent: 1.5 linear feet - (4 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Indians and the West

Chicago Dance and Music Alliance (CDAMA). : Chicago Dance and Music Alliance (CDAMA) Records, ca. 1981-2007

Administrative records, publicity material, photographs, and audiovisual materials relating to the arts advocacy groups The Chicago Dance Coalition (1981-2001) and The Chicago Music Alliance (1984-2001), and their merged entity The Chicago Dance and Music Alliance (2001-). Includes planning files, reports, member information, photographs, sound recordings, and videorecordings of members’ performances, and publications of the organizations (newsletters, program guides, directories, etc.)
Extent: 78 linear feet - (70 record cartons and 9 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance, Music

Chicago Reader. : Chicago Reader Artwork Collection, 1973-2005

Original works by various artists commissoned for the Chicago Reader alternative weekly newspaper.
Extent: 14.3 linear feet - (10 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Business, Chicago, Journalism

Chicago Reader. : Chicago Reader Photographs: Performance Collection, ca. 1960s-2006

Publicity and live photographs of Midwest area dance, drama, comedy, and music performers and performances from the files of the Chicago Reader weekly newspaper.
Extent: 61 linear feet - (147 boxes, 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Business, Chicago, Journalism, Photographs

Drury, John, 1898- : John Drury-Marion Neville Papers, 1860-1970

Correspondence, clippings, manuscripts, artwork, personal materials, and photographs of author and journalist John Drury, and his wife, journalist and painter Marion Neville.
Extent: 22 linear feet - (50 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Journalism, Women

Farnsworth, Edith : Edith Farnsworth Papers, 1900-1977

Correspondence, memoirs, photographs, and Italian poetry translations of Edith Farnsworth, a Chicago physician and owner of a Plano, Illinois, home designed by Mies van der Rohe. Farnsworth retired to Italy in the late 1960's.
Extent: 2.6 linear feet - (3 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Women

Fischetti, John R. : John Fischetti Papers, 1942-1995

Political cartoons and assorted miscellaneous items (clippings, photographs, correspondence, etc.) of Pulitzer Prize-winning artist John Fischetti. Fischetti worked for several newspapers and magazines during his long career, including Coronet, Esquire, the Chicago Sun, the New York Herald Tribune, the Chicago Daily News, and the Chicago Sun-Times.
Extent: 15 linear feet - (1 box and 28 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Journalism

Gehr, Mary : Mary Gehr Papers, 1828-1997

Original work, reproductions of work, correspondence and subject files of Chicago artist Mary Gehr.
Extent: 12.5 linear feet - (27 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance, Printing History and Book Arts, Women

Gerard, Paula, 1907-1991 : Paula Gerard Renison Dance Sketches, 1938-1939

Six pencil sketches of Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo dancers drawn by artist Paula Gerard Renison during rehearsals and performances at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, 1938-1939.
Extent: 0.9 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance, Women

Gnitzinger, Grace, 1916-2003 : Grace Gnitzinger Scrabooks, 1890s-1980s, ca. 1890-1984

Three scrapbooks created by Grace Gnitzinger, a native of Chicago who later relocated to Galveston, Texas. These include two albums of post-cards (ca. 1890s-1980s) pertaining to Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. The third scrapbook contains pictures pertaining to WLS-AM, a Chicago radio station that featured artists such as Patsy Montana and Gene Autry. The collection also includes two folders of miscellaneous photographs and emphemera.
Extent: 0.8 linear feet - (2 binders, 1 oversize box, and 2 folders)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Family Papers

Goetz, John B., 1920-2006 : John B. Goetz Papers, 1961-1992

Correspondence and job files of Chicago book and magazine designer John B. Goetz. The largest part of the collection concerns his work on the award-winning translation of the Iliad by Richard Lattimore, illustrated by Leonard Baskin. There are also files on some of his freelance design projects.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Printing History and Book Arts

Gookin, Frederick William : Gookin Family Papers, 1861-1922

Family correspondence, including letters from Chicago banker, artist, calligrapher, and designer Frederick Gookin to his wife, Marie S. Gookin, 1897-1922, documenting Chicago friends, city life, and sports when Marie Gookin was away, as well as Frederick Gookin's activities while on business trips to New York. Also other family letters, diaries of Mary H. Gookin and her mother Elizabeth A. Gookin, 1864-1896, including one regarding daily attendance at the World's Columbian Exposition, and drawings, sketches and finished art work created by Frederick Gookin.
Extent: 4.6 linear feet - (7 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Family Papers, Printing History and Book Arts, Women

Holme, John Francis, 1868-1904 : John Francis Holme Drawings, 1901-1902

Fifteen pen-and-ink drawings by illustrator and printer Frank Holme and a printed list of the officers and stockholders of the Bandar Log Press, established by Holme.
Extent: 0.2 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Printing History and Book Arts

Jacobsen, Jacque B., 1907-1967 : Jacque B. Jacobsen Papers, ca. 1900s-1980s

Photographs, slides, correspondence, family papers, and printed ephemera from Jacque B. Jacobsen, his wife Ann Dresmal, and other family members. Jacobsen was a Chicago painter and photographer active from the late 1930s to the early 1950s.
Extent: 2.8 linear feet - (4 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Family Papers

Kern, Richard H., 1821-1853 : The Far West : Explorations of the Country from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean by Gunnison, Fremont, and Beckwith (1853-1854), 1853-1856

Album of mounted and unsigned manuscript sketches, views and panoramas of the American West. They are mostly attributed to Richard H. Kern but also to F. W. Egloffstein and possibly to S.N. Carvalho. These artists were members of expeditions of 1853 and 1854 which were assembled to explore, survey and map the 38th and 39th parallels in order to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Arts, Indians and the West

Langley, Roy, 1909-1983 : Roy Langley Papers, 1909-1981

Calligrapher and artist who studied at the School of the Art Institute, and who worked an art instructor in Iowa before becoming Director of the Sioux City Art Museum. Collection includes notes, course papers, photos, correspondence, and examples of Langley's work, including book jackets, menus, brochures, and certificates.
Extent: 2.5 linear feet - (2 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Printing History and Book Arts

Little Room (Chicago, Ill.). : Little Room Records, 1898-1931

Business records of the Little Room, an early twentieth century Chicago social club composed of artists, writers, musicians, etc., including correspondence, memorabilia and membership material.
Extent: 1.3 linear feet - (2 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Clubs and Organizations

Luick, Lars : Lars Luick Papers, 1972-2008

Luick, a Chicago photographer, has been published in Ballet News and Dance Magazine. This collection of his work includes photographs of Balanchine's funeral, the Boitsov Classical Ballet Company, and the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Also includes framed and loose photographs and works of art and collages, cassettes, and slides.
Extent: 32.8 linear feet - (8 record cartons, 2 oversize boxes, framed items)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance, Photographs

May, Donald Richard, 1911-1993 : Don May Papers, 1927-2009

Commercial design work and professional papers of May, a designer and art director for several Chicago-based publications. May later moved his practice to California where he became a regional painter as well as a designer.
Extent: 31 linear feet - (34 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Printing History and Book Arts

McCormick, Chauncey, 1884-1954 : Chauncey McCormick Papers, 1887-1955

Letters, clippings, photographs, and mementos of Chicago businessman and philanthropist Chauncey McCormick. He was the nephew of Cyrus McCormick, founder of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company which became part of International Harvester Company, and was president of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1944-1954. Correspondence concerns business, civic, philanthropic, religious, and political activities. Also contains speeches and writings, including those for the Art Institute, child welfare groups, and the Republican Party. Includes extensive material relating to McCormick's World War I service in the American Expeditionary Force in France and his direction of Polish food relief under Herbert Hoover.
Extent: 6 linear feet - (9 boxes, 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Politics, Social Action

McCutcheon, John T. (John Tinney), 1870-1949 : John T. McCutcheon Papers, 1834-1996

Collection of correspondence, works, drafts of works, subject files, and personal information by and about John T. McCutcheon, editorial cartoonist and newspaper correspondent for the Chicago Record and the Chicago Tribune.
Extent: 95 linear feet - (115 boxes, 1 oversize folder, and 47 volumes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Journalism

Middleton, R. Hunter, (Robert Hunter), 1898-1985 : Robert Hunter Middleton Papers, 1921-1985

Diaries, notes, original manuscripts of writings, design art, correspondence, financial records, printed ephemera, and type specimens from the collection of Robert Hunter Middleton, type designer and fine printer.
Extent: 39 linear feet - (48 boxes, 14 record cartons, 3 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Printing History and Book Arts

Mihopoulos, Effie : Effie Mihopoulos Papers, ca. 1975-Ongoing

Chicago-based poet, critic, and cultural commentator. Along with publishing her own literary journal, Salome, Mihopoulos has conducted oral histories with prominent dancers and performers. Her papers consist of her own writings in addition to musical, theatrical, and dance programs, publicity, and photographs. Includes two early photos of Effie Mihopoulos' family, including one of her and her mother, taken approximately in the late 1950s. Also included is a press packet containing her poetry, and a photo scrapbook from the mid-late 1980s, of vacation snapshots in Florida and Mexico.
Extent: 20.5 linear feet - (16 record cartons, 1 box, 1 photo scrapbook, 2 shelves loose material)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance, Literature, Music, Theater, Women

Orr, 1890- : Carey Orr cartoons, 1915-1937

Sixteen political cartoons by Pulitzer Prize winning-artist Carey Orr.
Extent: 1 linear feet - (16 items in 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Journalism

Palette and Chisel Club. : Palette and Chisel Club Records, 1895-1976

Club founded in Chicago in 1895 with the objectives of fostering growth in the visual arts, providing space for artists to work, and enriching the community through programs of art education. Founding member, Charles J. Mulligan, was an assistant to Chicago sculptor Lorado Taft who rented part of his studio to the fledgling organization. Records include exhibit registers and scrapbooks containing photographs and clippings of the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts. NOTE: Letter of permission required from the director of the Palette and Chisel Club before viewing this collection.
Extent: 3 linear feet - (9 volumes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Clubs and Organizations

Pasztory, Esther : Esther Pasztory Papers, 1965-2013

Papers of Columbia University professor of Pre-Columbian art history Esther Pasztory, mostly related to her research and academic career which focused on Teotihuacan, and Aztec and Mayan art . Includes her unpublished manuscripts, lecture transcripts and audio and video tapes, seminar syllabi and notes, correspondence, remembrances of Professors Paul Wingert, Douglas Fraser, and Gordon Ekholm, reviews of her books, lecture transcripts and audio and videotapes. Pasztory came to the United States in 1956, and there are also letters from Hungary and a memoir. Also includes transciptions from 1987 lectures concerning Meso-American architecture; two video cassette tapes, one labeled "West by Nonwest #5" and the other "Worldwise - Guest: Esther Pasztory"; two notebooks from 1979 containing notes regarding regions in Mexico; programs for the May 17, 2013 symposium held in honor of Professor Pasztory; and various folders containing notes pertaining to topics such as Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs, Chichen, Xochicalco, Oaxaca, the Mayans, and Palenque. Also included in the collection are three boxes of Professor Pasztory's professional correspondence dated 1967 – 1985, her personal diary, 1974-2011, and other personal correspondence and school papers.
Extent: 16.5 linear feet - (23 boxes and 5 record cartons)
Subjects: Arts, Indians and the West

Rubovits, Norma : Norma Rubovits Papers, 1966-1998

Chicago paper marblerer who first began marbling in the mid-1960s while studying bookbinding with Chicago binder Elizabeth Kner. Rubovits was interested primarily in marbling as an art form, showcased her work in numerous exhibits. The papers consist of announcement, press releases, clippings, prospectuses, and articles relating to exhibits of her work; correspondence; materials of the history and techniques of marbling. There are also 1,600 specimen sheets of marbled paper made by Rubovits or other artists.
Extent: 6.7 linear feet - (12 boxes and 3 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Ephemera, Printing History and Book Arts, Women

Salter, George, 1897-1967 : George Salter papers, 1919-1967

Prominent German-American calligrapher and one of the most admired designers of book jackets in the U.S. Papers consist chiefly of art work, correspondence, contracts, and printed materials relating to design projects executed in New York. There are also: a small file of correspondence with American and German colleagues (some in German), most notably Walter Brudi, Kurt Schauer, E.F.H Schneidler, and Jeanyee Wong; drafts of articles by Salter; papers relating to curriculum at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art; files of the Book Jacket Designers Guild which Salter founded; 184 German book jackets designed by Salter; files of articles about Salter; and letters of condolence to his widow, Agnes Salter.
Extent: 68 linear feet - 39 boxes and 18 oversize boxes
Subjects: Arts, Printing History and Book Arts

Simpson, George B., fl. 1867-1887 : George B. Simpson Papers, 1867-1887

Twenty letters, five clippings and one small etching retained by George B. Simpson, of Dundee, Scotland, apparently regarding art exhibitions, sales of pictures, and a stained glass restoration project.
Extent: 0.1 linear feet - (1 folder)
Subjects: Arts

Stobie, Charles Stewart, 1845-1931 : Charles S. Stobie papers, 1866-1902

Artist's journal, sketches and notes, essay, photograph, and letter of Charles S. Stobie, 1866?-1902, Western artist and Indian scout. Journal kept at the Ignacio Ute Agency during Oct., 1900, and May-Aug., 1902, contains sketches of Ute and Navajo Indians and their dwellings, weapons, saddles, pottery, and clothes; sketches of scenery with notes on color and lighting; glossaries of Ute and Spanish words; a list of agency employees; and store accounts. There are also several single drawings (1899), a ms. essay regarding the Ute scalp parade witnessed in the summer of 1866, a photographic portrait of Stobie with biographical notes on the verso, and an 1890 letter from Captain Philip Reade of the 3rd Infantry regarding Stobie's descriptions of his Ute Indian paintings.
Extent: 0.3 linear feet - 1 box
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Indians and the West

Storrs, Marguerite Deville Chabrol : Storrs & Deville Chabrol Family Papers, 1850-2002

Letters, World War II-era memorabilia, journals, clippings, manuscripts and photographs pertaining to Marguerite Deville Chabrol Storrs (1881-1959), a successful fiction and non-fiction writer who used the pseudonym "Marc Debrol." Also included are letters and materials related to the Deville Chabrol family, including correspondence between family members present during the the Franco-Prussian War and the colonization of Algeria. Additionally, collection includes genealogical information about the Storrs-Chabrol family and real estate and legal records of D.W. Storrs. Marguerite Deville Chabrol Storrs was married to John Henry Bradley Storrs (1885-1956), a Chicago-based Cubist painter and sculptor, and the collection also includes letters, documents, and photographs related to the Storrs family, as well as John and Marguerite Storrs' daughter Monique Storrs Booz, who worked as an interpreter and translator for the U. S. Army during World War II.
Extent: 8.6 linear feet - (14 boxes and 3 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Family Papers, Literature, Women

Tallmadge, Abby Louise : Abby Louise Tallmadge Papers, ca. 1860-1952

Correspondence to Abby L. Tallmadge from fellow scholars regarding her work on Jane Austen, a few manuscript copies of her scholarly work, a family scrapbook and printed material relating to the architectural work of her brother, Thomas Eddy Tallmadge.
Extent: 0.6 linear feet - (2 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Literature, Women

Torn, Jerry : Jerry Torn Dance Sketches and Memorabilia, 1981-1984

Artist Jerry Torn graduated from the University of Iowa and taught at Loyola University. His collection includes graphite drawings, photographs, and audiocassette interviews with dancers Greg Begley, Randy Duncan, and Rory Foster.
Extent: 2 linear feet -
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance

Town and Country Arts Club. : Town and Country Arts Club Records, 1944-2007

Records of the Town and Country Arts Club of Chicago, previously known as the Art Study Class and the North Shore Arts Club. Conceived in 1932 and continuing to the present, the group meets “to study the great world arts that have gone before, to assist in their preservation for future generations, and to encourage the arts of the present day.” Records include president’s books, minutes, reports, membership rosters and attendance records, directories, presentations, photographs, histories, and other material.
Extent: 1.7 linear feet - (4 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Clubs and Organizations

Unknown : Notes and diagrams regarding crystal formation, n.d.

A notebook containing notes and diagrams regarding crystal formation. The date and author are unknown.
Extent: 0.1 linear feet - (One notebook)
Subjects: Arts

Williams, Gaar, 1880-1935 : Gaar Williams cartoon, "A Strain on the Family Tree", May 1927

Gaar Williams cartoon, "A Strain on the Family Tree," from the Chicago Tribune on May 3, 1927.
Extent: 1 item -
Subjects: Arts, Journalism

Winterbotham family : Winterbotham-Shaw Family Papers, 1909-1991

Correspondence, documents and miscellaneous items relating to the families of Rue Winterbotham Shaw and Alfred Phillips Shaw. Includes letters of Rue W. Shaw and Alfred P. Shaw to their son Joseph W. Shaw, correspondence to and from Theodora Winterbotham Brown and letters of other Winterbotham family members. Also, three large folder-notebooks of miscellaneous genealogical material amassed by Theodora Winterbotham Brown regarding the history of the Winterbotham, Baldwin and Rosencrans families. Also, clippings, documents, memorabilia and a few photographs.
Extent: 0.8 linear feet - (2 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Family Papers, Women

Woods, Frank H. (Frank Henry), 1905-1980 : Frank H. Woods, Jr. Papers, 1890-2000

Material relating to the life and career of businessman and philanthropist Frank H. Woods, Jr. of Chicago, including family, business, personal and philanthropic-related correspondence and general files, clippings, memorabilia and photographs.
Extent: 7.7 linear feet - (19 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Business, Chicago, Family Papers