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Alexson, Fred : Fred Alexson Papers, 1960-1980

Material related to Fred Alexson, a dancer with the Boston Ballet and several other production companies, and a founding member of the Association of Performing Arts. Collection. Includes photographs of Alexson and other dancers, dance posters (including some autographed), a dance class diary, career scrapbooks, and a watercolor sketchpad of dance action studies.
Extent: 7 linear feet - (4 record cartons, oversize items)
Subjects: Dance

Allard, Edith, 1927-2012 : Edith Allard Papers, 1955-1991

Letters, postcards, telegrams, contracts and schedules, clippings, photographs and programs of dance performances in Israel and Sweden, two art prints and a small collection of medals.
Extent: 2.1 linear feet - (1 box and 1 oversize folder)
Subjects: Dance, Women

Allied Arts Corp. (Chicago, Ill.). : Allied Arts Corp. (Chicago, Ill.). Records, 1930-1970

Clippings, artist correspondence, box office records, concert programs, and photographs of the Allied Arts Corporation. Known as Zelzer Management until 1948, Allied Arts Corporation was run by Harry and Sarah Zelzer and was responsible for bringing many important musicians, dancers and other performing artists to Chicago.
Extent: 25 linear feet - (8 record cartons, 2 boxes, 7 shelves of oversize and other miscellaneous items)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Music, Theater

Allison, Keith, (dance teacher) : Keith Allison Studio Records, 1916-1968

Material related to the McRae-Allison studio, including dance notations of McRae's choreography and music reel-to-reel tapes, as well as souvenir programs, sheet music, books, and periodicals.
Extent: 10 linear feet - (8 record cartons)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Alter, Evelyn : Carey Rose Winski Memorial Foundation Dance Scholarship Competition Papers, 1981-2002

Completed applications for the Carey Rose Winski Memorial Foundation Dance Scholarship Competitions, 1981-2001; also newspaper articles, correspondence, photographs, an audiotape, and some videotapes.
Extent: 2 linear feet - (5 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Arts Club of Chicago : Arts Club Records, 1892-2004

Corporate records of the Arts Club of Chicago, an institution incorporated in 1916 and devoted to exhibiting and showcasing innovative artists and performers. Records include extensive exhibition files, files on the Club's music, lecture, film, and drama series, and administrative and financial files.
Extent: 112.2 linear feet - (200 boxes, 16 oversize boxes, and 51 volumes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance, Literature, Music

Badolato, Dean : Dean Badolato Papers, 1965-1999

Material related to the career of Dean Badolato, Chicago-born and trained dancer, choreographer, and director. Includes clippings, letters, photographs, programs, videotapes, reviews, and various memorabilia.
Extent: 0.8 linear feet -
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Barnes, Bessie : Bessie Barnes Papers, 1896-1992

Photographs, newspaper reviews and miscellaneous personal items relating to Bessie Barnes, producer of nightclub theatrical reviews in Chicago and Milwaukee in the 1920’s and 1930’s
Extent: 2.8 linear feet - (7 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Theater, Women

Barzel, Ann : Ann Barzel Papers, 1912-2005

Correspondence, works, photographs, and personal and biographical material by Chicago dance critic and historian Ann Barzel.
Extent: 33.4 linear feet - (69 boxes and 3 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Journalism, Women

Barzel, Ann : Ann Barzel Dance Research Collection, ca. 1830-2010

Materials collected by dance critic Ann Barzel, documenting the history of dance in Chicago and worldwide. Research collection includes brochures and other publicity, newsclippings, programs, souvenir books, audiovisual material, posters and prints, photographs, scrapbooks, and artifacts.
Extent: 340 linear feet -
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Photographs, Women

Baum, Edna Lucile : Edna Lucile Baum Papers, 1890-1981

Material relating to Chicago dance teacher and author Edna Lucile Baum, which includes incoming correspondence, writings, photographs, programs, dance notations and other miscellaneous printed items, scrapbooks and notebooks.
Extent: 6.3 linear feet - (3 boxes and 2 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Bennett, Alexander, 1929-2003 : Alexander Bennett Papers, 1953-1990

Bennett was a dancer with the Royal Ballet and Ballet Rambert, and former director of the Twin Cities Ballet in Illinois as well as other regional ballet companies. His collection includes many audio and videocassettes, a scrapbook of his dancing career, and some memorabilia.
Extent: 5.3 linear feet - (4 cartons and 1 scrapbook)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Cassidy, Claudia : Claudia Cassidy Papers, 1880s-1996

Articles and reviews, correspondence, broadcast scripts, photographs, and clippings of the Chicago Tribune performing arts critic from 1942 to 1965. Cassidy wrote her influential "On the Aisle" column for the Tribune, then wrote freelance criticism and hosted a weekly program of arts criticism for WFMT, helping to shape the course of music, theater, and dance in Chicago.
Extent: 16 linear feet - (42 boxes, 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Journalism, Music, Theater, Women

Chicago City Ballet. : Chicago City Ballet Records, 1980-1988

Records include administrative and publicity files for the short-lived company founded by Prima ballerina Maria Tallchief in 1979.
Extent: 10 linear feet - (14 boxes and flat posters)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance

Chicago City Ballet. : Chicago City Ballet School Records, 1985-1992

The School of Chicago Ballet was founded in 1981 and affiliated with the Chicago City Ballet, outlasting the Ballet Company seven more years until its closing in 1994. Includes publicity material and photographs.
Extent: 0.8 linear feet - (2 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance

Chicago Community Trust. : Chicago Community Trust Excellence in Dance Initiative Records, 1999-2007

Administrative files, consultant files and a collection of background information and publications relating to the field of dance and specifically to the activities of a short-term initiative developed by the Chicago Community Trust which had the aim of strengthening the field of dance in Chicago.
Extent: 1.2 linear feet - (3 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance

Chicago Dance and Music Alliance (CDAMA). : Chicago Dance and Music Alliance (CDAMA) Records, ca. 1981-2007

Administrative records, publicity material, photographs, and audiovisual materials relating to the arts advocacy groups The Chicago Dance Coalition (1981-2001) and The Chicago Music Alliance (1984-2001), and their merged entity The Chicago Dance and Music Alliance (2001-). Includes planning files, reports, member information, photographs, sound recordings, and videorecordings of members’ performances, and publications of the organizations (newsletters, program guides, directories, etc.)
Extent: 78 linear feet - (70 record cartons and 9 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance, Music

Chicago National Association of Dance Masters (CNADM). : Chicago National Association of Dance Masters Records, 1952-Ongoing

The Chicago National Association of Dance Masters (CNADM) was founded in 1912 and serves as a resource of continuing education for dance teachers and their students. Records include workshop reports, dance notes, and audiovisual recordings of CNADM workshops.
Extent: 9 linear feet - (5 shelves of books, folders, programs, VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance

Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble. : Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble Records, 1981-1992

A troupe that showcased the works of Chicago choreographers, the Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble was founded in 1981 and headquartered at the Ruth Page Foundation building until its dissolution in 1992. Records include administrative and performance files, and audiovisual materials.
Extent: 13 linear feet - (9 boxes, 21 VHS tapes)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance

Dance Horizons. : Dance Horizons records, 1958-1977

Films, photographs, programs, and newspaper clippings documenting the activities of a Highland Park modern dance venue consisting of three separate, but interrelated groups (The Trio, Dance Horizons, North Shore Dance Workshop) operated by Martha Koplin, Suzanne Ettlinger, and Dorothy Mozen, and active from 1958-1977. The three offered classes for children and adults, and held and filmed workshops with visiting artists including Merce Cunningham, Daniel Nagrin, Katherine Litz, Alwin Nikolais, Murray Lewis, Don Redlich, and Charles Weidman.
Extent: 1.3 linear feet - (1 box and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Deerfield, Eddie : Eddie Deerfield scrapbooks, 1945-1947

Newspaper clipping scrapbooks of Chicago Times entertainment reporter Eddie Deerfield, containing copies of his bylined column "Night Life Notebook" from April 28, 1946 to August 3, 1947. Also several 1945 and 1946 articles by Deerfield and night club advertisements quoting his reviews.
Extent: 0.9 linear feet - (1 oversize box - 4 volumes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Journalism, Music, Theater

Diggins, Dean : Dean Diggins Papers, 1956-1995, 1956-1995

Material regarding Diggins’s career as a tap dancer and teacher, including class notes while studying with Paul Draper, plus clippings, photographs, programs, publicity items and scrapbooks relating to his ten years as a part of the Mattison Trio. Also, his choreographic notes for tap routines composed for classical music and audio and video tapes of some of those dances.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Djalaal : Djalaal Papers, 1974-2000

Chicago performer and instructor in dance and exercise. Djalaal has studied Middle Eastern, Indian, North African, modern, flamenco and other exotic dance forms, and for thirty years has been teaching belly dancing at area colleges and cultural organizations. Small collection consists of advertising and publicity items, clippings, photographs, programs, and a few of her writings.
Extent: 0.8 linear feet - (2 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Donaldson, Virginia : Virginia Donaldson Papers, ca. 1930-1996

Virginia Donaldson was the press agent for the New York City Ballet from 1966 to 1982 and also worked in publicity for Chicago area arts organizations. Her papers include programs, souvenir books, publicity, and working files of various dance companies and festivals all over the United States.
Extent: 35 linear feet - (28 record cartons, 2 shelves of loose items)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Dybas, James : James Dybas Papers, 1949-2010

Photographs and newspaper reviews of Bob Simpson's musical comedy revues at Fazio's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Del Prado Hotel in Chicago, 1960-1962, including James Dybas, a dancer in the company. Also current photographic portraits of Dybas. Also programs, reviews, notices, and photographs of theater performances, 1988-2001, mainly in Southern California, but also in Vienna, Austria and San Jose, California. Collection also has newspaper clippings and reviews, contracts, programs, advertisements, photographs, scrapbooks, and memorabilia documenting Dybas' fifty-year career as a dancer and actor in Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, and California. Also letters from Edna Mc Rae, 1959-1961.
Extent: 3.2 linear feet - (5 boxes, 2 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Eaman, Joan : Joan Ehemann Stone Memorabilia, 1943-1992

Material relating to the life and career of ballet dancer Joan Eaman (later known as Joan Ehemann Stone) which includes a youthful diary, photographs, clippings and other memorabilia. All items, with the exception of three photographs, are photocopies.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Etienne, 1933-1991 : Etienne, Dom Orejudos papers, 1962-1991

Domingo Orejudos (professional name: Etienne), was a dancer and erotic artist born in Chicago who danced with the Illinois Ballet, later becoming resident choreographer, principal dancer, and associate director of the company. Papers include correspondence, clippings, photographs, programs, sketches, and audiovisual material relating to Orejudos' dance career and to the Illinois Ballet.
Extent: 4 linear feet - (4 cartons)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Fleming, Libby Komaiko : Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater Collection,, 1974-2003

Material collected by Libby Komaiko, founder of the Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater, relating to her and the dance company. Consists mostly of photographs of Komaiko and other dancers, plus a few clippings, flyers, posters, programs, and miscellaneous pieces. Also, two copies of a videotape entitled “The First 20 Years, 1976-1996.”
Extent: 1.7 linear feet - (1 box and 1 oversize folder)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Foster, Clyde : Clyde Foster "Dance Chicago" videotapes and programs, 1994-2007

38 Hi-8 tapes and 53 digital tapes of "Dance Chicago" performances, 1996-2000, taken by Clyde Foster at the Athenaeum Theatre, together with programs for 1995-2000, and 2007. Also 3 VHS tapes and 1 U-Matic tape containing excerpts and highlights, 1 VHS tape of the Ballet Theatre of Chicago's Giselle shot by Wayne Kupferer, and two company programs 1994 and ca. 1999.
Extent: 2 linear feet - (2 record cartons)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Gehr, Mary : Mary Gehr Papers, 1828-1997

Original work, reproductions of work, correspondence and subject files of Chicago artist Mary Gehr.
Extent: 12.5 linear feet - (27 boxes)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance, Printing History and Book Arts, Women

Gerard, Paula, 1907-1991 : Paula Gerard Renison Dance Sketches, 1938-1939

Six pencil sketches of Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo dancers drawn by artist Paula Gerard Renison during rehearsals and performances at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, 1938-1939.
Extent: 0.9 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance, Women

Giordano, Gus : Gus Giordano Papers, 1966-1996

Jazz dancer, choreographer, teacher, and founder of Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago (est. 1962). Materials include some memorabilia and video footage of Giordano and his Jazz Dance ensemble.
Extent: 2 linear feet - (1 box, 6 VHS tapes, 3 Lps.)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Goldsmith, Ellen, 1926-2007 : Ellen Goldsmith Papers, 1933-2007

Large collection of photographs relating to the ballet, opera and cinema, dating from the 1940s through the early 1970s, amassed by Ellen (Teddy) Goldsmith, backstage worker at the Civic Opera House, home of the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Many of the photographs are professional portraits of opera stars and ballet dancers – many autographed – and hundreds of personal and backstage snapshots. Also, a group of photos of movie stills, popular celebrities and performers, plus a small amount of correspondence, memorabilia and signed theatrical programs, some Goldsmith drawings and writing, two scarves and a pair of ballet slippers.
Extent: 3 linear feet - (7 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Music, Theater

Grimmer, Margot : Margot Grimmer Papers, 1956-1984

Material relating to the career of Chicago dancer Margot Grimmer, including clippings, advertising items, programs, a few miscellaneous incoming letters, and numerous photographs.
Extent: 0.5 linear feet - (1 box and 1 oversize folder)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Hild, Dorothy : Dorothy Hild Papers, 1907-1983

Former choreographer and director of entertainment at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. Papers include sheet music for dance numbers, correspondence, photographs, clippings, works, and administrative files from her teaching at the Central YMCA College in downtown Chicago.
Extent: 35 linear feet - (17 boxes, 23 record cartons, 1 oversize box, 3 shelves loose items)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

HMS Media, Inc.. : HMS Media, Inc. Records, 2005

4 DVDs of the 13-episode television program called The Chicago Dance Project, showcasing the work of 28 local dance companies and 4 local choreographers. Collections also includes a few newsletters from HMS Media company.
Extent: 0.5 linear feet - (4 DVDs, 3 videotapes (3/4 inch, U-Matic))
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Horn, Rudy, b. 1909 : Rudy Horn Papers, 1920-1995

Correspondence, clippings, photographs and memorabilia of Chicago entertainer known as the "Comedy King of Vaudeville." His father was Henry Horn, who operated and booked nightclubs in the early 1900s and was the onetime owner of Chicago's Green Mill Tavern. Born in 1909, Horn performed as a dancer, comedian, and emcee throughout the US and Europe.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Howard, Alan, 1930- : Alan Howard Papers, 1924-2002

Clippings, photographs, programs, assorted miscellaneous printed material and memorabilia relating to ballet dancers and dance companies.
Extent: 1.2 linear feet - (3 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Hubbard Street Dance Company. : Hubbard Street Dance Company Records, 1970-2013

Hubbard Street Dance Company (renamed Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in 1993) was founded by dancer and choreographer Lou Conte in 1977 and has become one of the most successful and most internationally known dance companies to hail from Chicago. Records include administrative files, publicity materials, and audiovisual records of performances of the company.
Extent: 190 linear feet - (131 record cartons, 18 boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 6 shelves loose items, posters, banners, and artwork)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance

Huebert, Diana, 1899-1983 : Diana Huebert Papers, 1916-1983

Material collected by dancer Diana Huebert (Mrs. Abel Faidy), the bulk consisting of programs and photographs of herself and other dancers. Also, some articles she wrote or saved, including an autobiographical sketch, choreographic notes, and miscellaneous material relating to her husband, architect and designer Abel Faidy.
Extent: 1.7 linear feet - (1 box and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Huebner, Jospeh : Joseph Huebner Dance Photographs, ca. 1970-ca. 2005

Joseph Huebner was the University of Notre Dame Library's Fine Arts Bibiliographer for 30 years, retiring in 1998. He donated souvenir books, programs, and dance ephemera which were interfiled into the Barzel Dance Research collection, and also donated framed dance photographs showing many ballet stars, including George Ballanchine, Suzanne Farrell, Peter Martins, Natalia Makarova, and Ivan Nagy. Also includes a framed photograph of Joffrey dancers Trinity Hamilton and Sam Franke performing "Light Rain" by photographer Herb Migdoll.
Extent: 4.1 linear feet - (5 shelves framed photographs)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Photographs

Illinois Ballet. : Illinois Ballet Records, 1959-1972

The Illinois Ballet was founded in 1959 by two former Sadler's Wells ballet dancers, Richard Ellis and Christine Du Boulay. The company presented several seasons of performances per year until its demise in 1972. The company remained constant with four soloists and ten corps members, and included two dancer/choreographers, Hy Somers and Dom Orejudos (aka Etienne). Collection consists of numerous performance photographs, programs and publicity material, a few pieces of correspondence and office records, 78 rpm recordings, sheet music and posters.
Extent: 3.3 linear feet - (3 boxes and 3 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance

Jan Erkert and Dancers. : Jan Erkert and Dancers records, 1976-2000

Jan Erkert founded "Jansdances" in 1979 as a vehicle for her own works. The company evolved to Jan Erkert & Dancers and explored collaboration with other types of artists and dance presentations. Records are mostly audiovisual (video) but also includes awards, clippings, newsletters, and photographs.
Extent: 4 linear feet - (4 cartons)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Kehl School of Dance. : Kehl School of Dance records, 1940-2011

This Madison, Wisconsin dance school was founded by dancer Frederick W. Kehl in 1880. Kehl's Dancing Academy introduced thousands to the art of dance throughout Wisconsin, and the school is currently in its 4th generation of dancers and dance teachers from the Kehl family. Records include costume looseleaf notebooks, dance routines, music and programs, photographs, and audio material.
Extent: 64.1 linear feet - (61 cartons and loose materials)
Subjects: Business, Dance, Women

Kelly, James, 1962- : James Kelly Choreography Project Memorabilia, 1993-1997

Native San Diegan dancer James Kelly worked in Chicago from 1990 to 1997 as founder and artistic director of the James Kelly Choreography Project, establishing a company whose style was a blend of jazz, ballet and contemporary dance. Small collection of printed memorabilia includes newsletters, posters, programs, and a press kit. Also, four videocassettes of local performances.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Kilbourn, Ruth : Ruth Kilbourn Papers, ca. 1947-1949

Small collection of memorabilia, photographs and performance programs and announcements of Ruth Kilbourn, who ran a dance studio in Chicago, Illinois, in the 1940s. Includes a pair of toe shoes
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Kitchell, Iva, 1908-1983 : Iva Kitchell Papers, 1926-1984

Six scrapbooks and large folder of loose material relating to the dance and performance career of Iva Kitchell. Scrapbooks contain articles, clippings, programs, reviews, advertising material, memorabilia and other miscellaneous items that cover Kitchell’s life, from her affiliation with the Chicago Civic Opera Ballet in 1926 to her retirement from an international stage career as a satiric dance mime in 1961. Also, a 1984 catalog of an exhibition of the paintings by her husband Stokely Webster, which contains a number of portraits of Kitchell.
Extent: 2 linear feet - (3 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Koesun, Ruth Ann : Ruth Ann Koesun papers, 1934-1977

Ruth Ann Koesun was born in Chicago and studied dance with Chicago teachers Edna Lucile Baum and Bentley Stone and Walter Camryn. She joined American Ballet Theatre in 1946, and retired from ABT as principal dancer in 1969. Papers include programs, publicity, and films highlighting Koesun's dance career.
Extent: 4 linear feet - (4 cartons)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Krassner School of Theatre Arts. : Krassner School of Theatre Arts Records, 1906-1997

Documents, photographs and artifacts reflecting the history of the dance and theater schools founded and run by the Chicago Krassner sisters, both in Illinois and California, from 1924 to 1978. Includes letters, announcements, clippings, cue cards, instruction sheets and scripts, programs, miscellaneous memorabilia and a large collection of photographs. Also, a history of the Krassner schools by the son of Blossom Krassner, Paul J. Hartman, and artifacts consisting of a videocassette, two maracas and a tambourine.
Extent: 2.1 linear feet - (5 boxes and 1 oversize folder)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Labhan, Marvin F. : Marvin F. Labahn papers, 1949-2004

Dance periodicals, recordings, convention programs, books, and ephemera relating to square dance collected by square dance caller Marvin Labahn.
Extent: 12 linear feet - (12 cartons)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Lang, Joyce : Joyce Lang papers, 1940-2008

Joyce Petrik Lang, Chicago dancer and daughter of a dancer, studied under many famous Chicago dance teachers and was on the faculty of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, serving as regional director. She opened her first studio in 1956, teaching in Naperville for 22 years and in Brookfield for 17 years. Her collection includes clippings, information about Chicago-area dance companies, correspondence, photographs, and programs.
Extent: 0.8 linear feet - (2 boxes and 5 workbooks)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

LaRayne School of Dancing (Chicago, Ill.). : LaRayne School of Dancing Memorabilia, 1930-1947

Published and mimeographed ballet, tap and novelty dance routines, probably belonging to the LaRayne School of Dancing and/or choreographers and teachers Marion Freeman, Jack Manning and the Del-Wrights. Includes catalogs for the yearly conventions of the Chicago Association of Dancing Masters, 1930-1936, and for summer sessions at the Chicago Teachers College, 1939-1947. Also, the script for a children’s musical play.
Extent: 0.8 linear feet - (2 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Levy, Ruth : Ruth Levy Dance photographs, 1970-1974

Levy, who performed as a dancer with the Pavley/Oukrainsky Ballet Company, received a masters degree in photography at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1972. This collection includes her negatives, proof sheets, and glossy prints of dancers in several companies, including the Alvin Ailey City Center Dance Theater, the American Ballet Theatre, the Dance Theatre of Harlem, the Joffrey Ballet, the New York City Ballet, and the Ruth Page Chicago Ballet among others. Some of these photographs were exhibited at the Chicago Public Library in 1974.
Extent: 6 linear feet - (8 boxes and 3 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Photographs, Women

Lewandowski, Diane : Lewandowski Dance School Records, 1940-1990

Archives of the family dance studio, found by Evelyn Zwiefka and carried on by her niece, Diane Lewandowski, along with memorabilia concerning dance activities in Chicago, including programs within the Chicago Park District, and dance activities at several Chicago public high schools. A feature of the collection is its emphasis on ethnic, particularly Polish, music and dance.
Extent: 13 linear feet -
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Long, Larry, 1937-2010 : Ruth Page Nutcracker Papers, 1965-1997

Files and photographs relating to the Nutcracker ballet, choreographed by Ruth Page, in Chicago from 1965 to 1997.
Extent: 2.5 linear feet - (6 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance, Women

Luick, Lars : Lars Luick Papers, 1972-2008

Luick, a Chicago photographer, has been published in Ballet News and Dance Magazine. This collection of his work includes photographs of Balanchine's funeral, the Boitsov Classical Ballet Company, and the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Also includes framed and loose photographs and works of art and collages, cassettes, and slides.
Extent: 32.8 linear feet - (8 record cartons, 2 oversize boxes, framed items)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance, Photographs

Lundgren, Harriet, 1907-1996 : Harriet Lundgren Papers, 1917-1991

Material relating to the career of Chicago ballet dancer Harriet Lundgren. Includes three scrapbooks of clippings, articles, pictures and reviews regarding Lundgren, other dancers, and opera singers of the 1920s and 1930s. Also, a few articles and magazine excerpts on the ballet, several programs, and a collection of miscellaneous photographs of performers and celebrities.
Extent: 0.8 linear feet - (2 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Photographs, Women

Malkind, Sheila : Sheila Malkind Photographs, 1982-2001

Malkind, a Chicago photojournalist, was the director of the Ruth Page Foundation from 1981 to 1992. In this capacity, she came to know many members of the Chicago dance community, including individuals such as Ann Barzel, Katherine Dunham, Larry Long, and Maria Tallchief. Her photographs are primarily candid shots of dancers and dance companies in Chicago: notable subjects include the individuals mentioned above, as well as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Dame Margot Fonteyn, and Rudolph Nureyev. Additional photographs document Ruth Page Foundation activities and a variety of formal, informal, and street gatherings, as well as photographs of Lincoln Park in every season. The collection also includes published feature articles that Malkind wrote for the Lerner newspapers, the Chicago Reader, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chicago Tribune.
Extent: 4.5 linear feet - (4 record cartons, 1 box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Photographs, Women

Mattei, Nancy : Nancy Mattei Papers, 1976-2001

Brochures, clippings, and reviews covering Mattei's career as a dancer at MoMing Dance and Arts Center in Chicago. Also includes some clippings about Mattei's sometime dance partner Charlie Vernon; about dancer-choreographer Jan Bartoszek; and about Chicago performance space Links Hall.
Extent: 2 linear feet - (1 box and 1 oversize folder)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

McRae, Edna L. : Edna L. McRae Papers, 1910-1990

Dancer, choreographer, and teacher Edna McRae started dancing in Chicago Public Schools and studied with Andreas Pavley, Serge Oukrainsky, and Adoph Bolm, among others. She operated a ballet school in Chicago from 1925 to 1964, becoming known as the grande dame of the Chicago Ballet community. Papers include correspondence, biographical information, brochures, clippings, programs, numerous photographs, personal and dance notation notebooks, card files, address books, and eight albums relating to education, travel and personal life kept by Edna and her sister Elma Marie.
Extent: 14 linear feet - (27 boxes, 1 oversize box, and 2 metal card files)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Mershon, Katharane Edson : Katharane Edson Mershon Papers, 1895-1986

Small collection consisting of one letter to California dancer and dance ethnographer Katharane Edson Mershon, a few writings on Eastern philosophy and “I Ching”, and photographs, both of Mershon and of miscellaneous, mostly unidentified people.
Extent: 0.2 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Dance, Women

Mihopoulos, Effie : Effie Mihopoulos Papers, ca. 1975-Ongoing

Chicago-based poet, critic, and cultural commentator. Along with publishing her own literary journal, Salome, Mihopoulos has conducted oral histories with prominent dancers and performers. Her papers consist of her own writings in addition to musical, theatrical, and dance programs, publicity, and photographs. Includes two early photos of Effie Mihopoulos' family, including one of her and her mother, taken approximately in the late 1950s. Also included is a press packet containing her poetry, and a photo scrapbook from the mid-late 1980s, of vacation snapshots in Florida and Mexico.
Extent: 20.5 linear feet - (16 record cartons, 1 box, 1 photo scrapbook, 2 shelves loose material)
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance, Literature, Music, Theater, Women

MoMing Dance and Arts Center (Chicago). : MoMing Dance and Arts Center Records, 1970-1991

MoMing, a neighborhood center for dance training and avant-garde performance, was formed in 1974 by Jackie Radis, Jim Self, Susan Kimmelman, Eric Trules, Kasia Mintch, Tem Horowitz, and Sally Banes. It officially dissolved in 1991, and all of the company's records were donated to the Newberry Library at that time.
Extent: 90 linear feet - (84 record cartons, 3 shelves loose items)
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance

Nicholson, Juanita : Juanita Nicholson Papers, 1952-1983

Juanita Nicholson is a dance teacher and former volunteer at the Newberry in Chicago. Papers, which are mainly concerned with the Cecchetti Council of America and the Cecchetti method of teaching ballet, include instruction booklets, syllabi for dance classes and teacher examinations, some miscellaneous class notes, two volumes of piano music, a cassette tape and a 78 rpm record.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box, 1 sound recording)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

O'Donnell, May, 1906-2004 : May O'Donnell Papers, 1934-1996

Material relating to the career of modern dancer May O’Donnell, consisting of advertising and announcements, articles, reviews, programs and photographs. Also a few miscellaneous items, some of which relate to O’Donnell’s husband, musician Ray Green.
Extent: 0.2 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Dance, Women

Olshansky, Eugene : Eugene Olshansky Photographs, 1935-1986

Photographs of productions staged by the Original Ballets Russes (aka the Ballet Russes du Col. W. de Basil) and the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo between 1935 and 1941, taken by Chicago businessman and balletomane Eugene Olshansky. Also, two operatic portraits, a few personal photographs, and several pieces of ephemera.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Photographs

Olson, Christina, b. 1881 : Christina Olson Papers, 1891-1918

Material relating to Chicago dancer Christina Olson, who at the age of twelve performed as a Turkish dancer in the Turkish Theater at the World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893. Includes music school diploma, hand-written documents concerning her employment and performances, her marriage certificate and a two photographs. Also, three items relating to the Exposition – a general ticket of admission, her passbook and a program for the Turkish Theater.
Extent: 1 linear feet - (1 oversize box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Osgood, Amy : Amy Osgood Papers, 1980-1991, 1980-1991

Fifteen videotapes (3/4 inch, U-Matic) of performances and rehearsals by choreographer Amy Osgood and her dance company, Osgood Dances, which was active in Chicago from 1977 through 1987.
Extent: 1 linear feet - (1 record carton)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Page, Ruth, 1899-1991 : Ruth Page Works and Memorabilia, 1923-1983

Miscellaneous material relating to dancer and choreographer Ruth Page. Consists of numerous published and unpublished short articles and essays written by Page, many of which appeared in her book Page by Page. Some of the items are duplicates of the originals held by the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, New York Public Library. Miscellany includes clippings, correspondence, two photocopies of film scripts, photographs, programs, publicity material and notes and stage directions relating to ballets.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (2 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Page, Ruth, 1899-1991 : Ruth Page Papers, ca. 1900-1991

Personal papers of dancer and choreographer Ruth Page. Materials include address books, programs, souvenir books, correspondence, press releases, journals, photographs, cassette tapes, business records, and musical scores. Featured works include The Bells, Carmen, Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, Frankie and Johnny, and Billy Sunday.
Extent: 118.4 linear feet - (54 record cartons, 84 boxes, 36 oversize boxes, and posters)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Theater, Women

Page, Ruth, 1899-1991 : Ruth Page Video Archives, 1922-1987

Includes VHS videocassette copies, made between 1985 and 1989, of original films of dancer and choreographer Ruth Page, from originals held at the Ruth Page Foundation. Also includes many interviews of dancers who knew and worked with Page, including Frederic Franklin, Dolores Lipinski, Maria and Marjorie Tallchief, and Patricia McBride.
Extent: 6 linear feet - (129 VHS tapes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Performing Arts Chicago. : Performing Arts Chicago Records, 1960-2000

First known (in 1959) as the Fine Arts Music Foundation, and later as Chamber Music Chicago, the group changed its name to Performing Arts Chicago to reflect a diversification of programming. Programming, performance, and financial files of the organization.
Extent: 110 linear feet -
Subjects: Chicago, Clubs and Organizations, Dance, Music

Portman, Diane Marsh : Diane Marsh Portman Papers, 1946-2009

Choreographic notes and notebooks, scripts, dance teaching materials, and some photographs of dancer/choreographer/actor/teacher Diane Portman, who also went by Diana Marsh, Diane Marsh, or Diane Meroff. Portman was an entertainer and dance teacher. Also includes professional headshots of Portman and her husband, Seymour Portman; framed photograph of the Portman home in Highland Park taken by daughter Chandra Portman; Inventory of recordings (tapes/records) by genre; an oversized publicity banner for Diane Portman Productions; a framed poster for Mary Poppins/The Spirit of Independance production, signed by the cast; and a framed collage of a Ruth Page Nutcracker production featuring Portman's students Margie Niederman and either Laura Mandel or Donna Parisi (according to Chandra Portman and Allison Clark).
Extent: 7 linear feet - (5 boxes and 5 oversize posters)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Pryor, Ruth, 1906-2001 : Ruth Pryor Memorabilia, 1923-1964

Scrapbook of Ballet dancer Ruth Pryor, born in Chicago in 1906, who began her career in vaudeville as half of the team of “Gardel and Pryor”. By 1929 she had become the premier danseuse of the Chicago Civic Opera, and appeared as the first American ballerina to be the Swan Queen in a special production of Swan Lake. The scrapbook includes many newspaper clippings, and a few articles and programs.
Extent: 0.4 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Renslow, Chuck : Chuck Renslow dance photographs, ca. 1960-ca. 1980

Photographic prints and electronic files (CD and DVD) of the Illinois Ballet Company and dancer/artist Dom Orejudos by professional photographer Chuck Renslow.
Extent: 2.5 linear feet - (2 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Photographs

Rodgers, Donna : Rodgers square dance research collection, ca. 1943-1993

Square dance historian and collector Donna Rodgers is the daughter and the wife of professional square dance callers, and a lifelong enthusiast. Formerly a part of the Crossing Trails Square Dance Heritage Society, an organization created by Donna and Duane Rodgers, the collection includes correspondence, organizational documents, books, magazines, photographs, recordings, videotapes, art work, and artifacts.
Extent: 76.8 linear feet - (71 cartons, 6 boxes and 2 oversize boxes)
Subjects: Dance, Women

Ruth Page Foundation. : Ruth Page Foundation Records, ca. 1980-2012

Records of the Ruth Page Foundation, including financial records, marketing, and other administrative records.
Extent: 25 linear feet - (ca. 25 record cartons)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Sagan, Judith : Judith and Bruce Sagan Papers, 1965-1986

Material relating to the business career of Judith Sagan who founded the Harper Theater Dance Festival with her husband Bruce Sagan in 1965. This organization became the Harper Dance Foundation in 1970. A large portion of the collection concerns the Illinois Arts Council which supported the Sagans’ festival activities and on whose board both later served. Includes articles, clippings, correspondence, contracts, grant applications, programs, notes and other miscellaneous items concerning both the Harper Festivals and its participants, and the Illinois Arts Council.
Extent: 3 linear feet - (2 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Stigler, Elisa : Elisa Stigler Papers, 1930-1983

Materials relating to the career of Chicago dance teacher Elisa Stigler, primarily a performer and instructor in the techniques of Spanish dancing, but also a teacher of the dances of other cultures and of ballet. Includes copious handwritten notations and mimeographed instruction for teaching a wide range of dances, both American and foreign, a few articles and letters, catalogs, programs and some miscellaneous memorabilia.
Extent: 0.5 linear feet - (2 boxes)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Women

Stodelle, Ernestine : Ernestine Stodelle Papers, 1925-2006

Collection of files kept by Ernestine Stodelle regarding her professional life as dancer, teacher, author and dance critic. Material relates to Stodelle’s own career and her association with dance figures Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, Jose Limon and Louis Horst. Consists of correspondence, articles, clippings, lectures, programs, reviews, tributes, photographs, dance descriptions and reconstructions.
Extent: 2.5 linear feet - (6 boxes)
Subjects: Dance, Women

Stone-Camryn Studio. : Stone-Camryn Studio Records, 1922-1984

Chicago's Stone-Camryn School of Ballet was founded in 1941 by established dancers Walter Camryn and Bentley Stone and became one of the most successful American schools in placing its graduates in professional companies, and in creating new generations of dance teachers. Archives include personal and biographical material from Stone and Camryn, school records, scrapbooks, diaries, photographs, programs, clippings, and choreographic notes.
Extent: 35 linear feet - (43 boxes and 5 shelves loose items)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance

Torn, Jerry : Jerry Torn Dance Sketches and Memorabilia, 1981-1984

Artist Jerry Torn graduated from the University of Iowa and taught at Loyola University. His collection includes graphite drawings, photographs, and audiocassette interviews with dancers Greg Begley, Randy Duncan, and Rory Foster.
Extent: 2 linear feet -
Subjects: Arts, Chicago, Dance

Turbyfill, Mark, 1896-1990 : Mark Turbyfill Papers, 1911-1985

Material relating to the life and career of dancer, poet and painter Mark Turbyfill, including three copies of his unpublished autobiography and many copies of published and unpublished poems. Also, articles and reviews by and about Turbyfill, a few pieces of correspondence, clippings, dance programs, photographs, a cassette tape of him reading, and a published genealogy of the Turbyfill family.
Extent: 2.6 linear feet - (3 boxes and 1 oversize box)
Subjects: Chicago, Dance, Literature

Weil, F. Peter, 1913-1997 : F. Peter Weil Collection of Photographs of the Tosia Mundstock Dance Group, ca.1946-1950

85 photographs of an amateur Detroit modern dance group led by a German dancer named Tosia Mundstock.
Extent: 0.2 linear feet - (1 box)
Subjects: Dance, Photographs