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Eaman, Joan: Joan Ehemann Stone Memorabilia, 1943-1992

Material relating to the life and career of ballet dancer Joan Eaman (later known as Joan Ehemann Stone) which includes a youthful diary, photographs, clippings and other memorabilia. All items, with the exception of three photographs, are photocopies.

Easterly, Thomas M. (Thomas Martin), 1809-1882: Thomas Martin Easterly Daguerreotypes, approximately 1845-1849

Fifteen daguerreotypes depicting images of Sauk, Fox, and Iowa Native Americans, as well as two non-native men.

Eastland Disaster Historical Society.: Eastland Disaster Historical Society Records, 1915

Historical records and data pertaining to the Eastland Disaster (1915), assembled by the Eastland Disaster Historical Society (EDHS), which was founded in 1997 by granddaughters of an Eastland survivor. Records include documents from the Western Electric Company, American Red Cross, and the Cook County Coroner. Also includes numerous photographs and postcards donated by to the EDHS from collectors and descendants of survivors and others affected by the disaster.

Eden-Martin family: Eden-Martin Family Papers, approximately 1827-1961

Papers pertaining to the family of Illinois U.S. Representative John R. Eden (1826-1909). The majority of the material primarily concerns John R. Edenís daughter Rose, her husband Ivory J. Martin, and their children. The papers also contain correspondence and material relating to the Taylor and Pifer families, who were the in-laws of Rose and Ivoryís son, Robert W. Martin. (Robert Martin married Ruth Pifer, daughter of Hattie Taylor and Finley Pifer).

Eden-Martin family: Eden-Martin Family Papers - Additions, 1905-1941

Letters of Ivory J. Martin of Sullivan, Illinois, to his daughter Olive Eden Martin, while she was a student at the University of Illinois, and later when she lived and taught in LaSalle, Illinois. Also includes a few letters to Olive from her mother, Rose Eden Martin, siblings, and friends. The letters are published in R. Eden Martinís 2017 book, As Ever: The Letters of I. J. Martin to His Daughters: Olive Eden Martin and Mabel Martin George.

Edgerton, John, 1829-1912: John Edgerton Papers, 1867-1912

Collection of small diaries kept between 1867 and 1912 by Michigan and New York State farmer and real estate speculator John Edgerton. Includes letters, bank transactions, receipts and other material relating to Edgertonís investments in buying and selling stocks, buildings and land primarily dealing with Walter C. Newberry in Chicago, Illinois. Also a small group of mostly unidentified images and a girlís autograph book.

Edith Rockefeller McCormick Trust.: Edith Rockefeller McCormick Trust Records, 1923-1932

Meeting minutes of the Edith Rockefeller McCormick Trust, 1923-1926 and 1929-1932, accompanied by Trust-related documents. Trustees were Edith Rockefeller McCormick, Edwin D. Krenn, and Edward A. Dato.

Edward E. Ayer Manuscript Collection (Newberry Library).: Indian land deeds, 1639-1787

Deeds and indentures, 1639-1787, transferring or leasing Indian lands to white inhabitants of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.,Properties are located in Norwalk, Norwich, Ridgefield, and Wethersfield, Conn.; Boston, Charlestown, Rochester, Satucket, Scituate, and Plymouth Colony, Mass.; and Long Island, and Orange, Ulster and Schenectady counties, N.Y. Two deeds (Dec. 23, 1685 and Mar. 5, 1787) are on vellum. There are seals on eleven deeds: New York - Dec. 23, 1685, Mar. 5, 1787; Connecticut - June 5, 1702, Dec. 3, 1708, July 4, 1727, Mar. 7, 1729, Dec. 19, 1739; and Massachusetts - Feb. 18, 1689, Nov. 7, 1691, Feb. 27, 1692, July 11, 1732. Also most documents are signed with the marks of the Indian parties involved.

Edwards family: Edwards Family Papers, 1800-1982

Letters, documents, photographs, and printed ephemera centering on John C. Edwards and Lydia Martin Edwards, and their immediate families, both of whom settled near Chicago in the 1840s.

Edwards, Ninian, 1775-1833: Ninian Edwards letters, 1813-1814

Six letters, Mar. 7, 1813 - Apr. 4, 1814, from Ninian Edwards to Kentucky governor and soldier Isaac Shelby, regarding War of 1812-related Indian attacks in the Illinois Territory and the state of defenses there.,1813 letters discuss mounted volunteer companies raised by Edwards, British intentions regarding the upper Mississippi, Indian attacks on settlers in the U.S. Saline and elsewhere, etc. Warning of an impending Indian-British offensive on Illinois Territory, Edwards' 1814 letters list the numbers of warriors in each tribe available for such a campaign, protest the untimely withdrawl of regular troops from the region, and request the military assistance of Kentuckians.

Ehrhardt, Edward, 1887-1956: Ehrhardt Family Papers, 1890-1998

Collection of children's schoolwork, composition books, drawings, correspondence and church bulletins of German-American family, the Ehrhardts, from Chicago, Illinois.

Ehrmann, Michael: Michael Ehrmann Postcard Collection, 2000-2021

Postcards from different geographical areas collected over time.

Eichheim, Henry, 1870-1942: Henry Eichheim Papers, 1920-1931

Primarily programs, dated 1920-1931 or undated, for concerts at which violinist and composer Henry Eichheim performed or for which he composed or conducted the music. Eichheim was a violinist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra for 22 years, after which he traveled extensively in Asia. His compositions are heavily influenced by Asian music and daily life, and he was a pioneer in the use of Asian instruments in Western music.

Einhorn, Arthur: Arthur Einhorn Mohawk Research Collection, 1974-1980

Consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence and newsletters of various organizations pertaining to the occupation of the Moss Lake territory in Northern New York State by the Mohawk Nation beginning in 1974. Also clippings and correspondence regarding a related political controversy, and correspondence and field notes by anthropologist and Native American expert Arthur Einhorn.

Eisendrath, William N.: Eisendrath Family Papers, 1885-1950

Items concerning the family of William N. Eisendrath, a native of Chicago and pioneer in the Leather business. Materials include a company account book, 1885-1898; child's drawings ca. 1890 by Carl Eisendrath, the son of William; and William N. Eisendrath, Jr.'s book of Leather finishing formulas, 1948-1950.

Elder, Robert K.: Robert K. Elder papers, 1992-2020

Articles by Robert K. Elder, a Chicago-area film and culture critic. The collection spans his entire career, with the bulk of material from his time at the Chicago Tribune (2000-2016).

Ellis, Richard D.: Robert D. Ellis Papers, 1947-2004

Correspondence, business records, photograph lists, sales figures, expense accounts, and personal journals kept by Robert D. Ellis, who was a travelling photographer for Curt Teich & Co. from September 1956 through the early 1970s. His company was called Ellis-Sawyer (partner was Dick Sawyer) and they took many photographs of the American West for the company.

Encore Theatre (Chicago, Ill.).: Encore Theatre Posters, approximately 1960-1970

Posters from Encore Theatre, an Old Town non-professional theater that produced musical theater productions year-round during the 1960s while training aspiring actors, crew members, and directors.

Endicott, Louis E., 1869-1939: Endicott Family Papers, 1868-1986

Correspondence, photographs, and other miscellaneous material pertaining to the Endicott family and relatives of the Redden, Castle, and Smith families. These families lived primarily in the towns of Greenville, Stubblefield, and Villa Ridge, Pulaski County, Illinois. Topics discussed in the correspondence include marriage, domestic life, illness, and religion. Miscellaneous items include an account book, a paper written about dairy farming, and calling and greeting cards.

Enos Brown & Co.: Enos Brown & Co. Records, 1867-1894

Collection formerly called Bowen Bros. Records, consists mainly of letters, orders and receipts generated by Enos Brown & Co., a Chicago firm selling machinery parts, warps, dyes and other manufacturing supplies to woolen mills in Utah in the 1870s. Bowen Bros., a dry goods firm associated with Enos Brown & Co., is briefly represented in the collection, and there is one letter to George S. Bowen, mayor of Elgin, Illinois and organizer of the Chicago & Pacific Railroad, demanding payment of an old debt.

Enquirer Printing Co.: Enquirer Printing Co. Records, 1922-1979

Chiefly correspondence between the Enquirer Printing Co. and the circuses for which it printed between 1948 and 1978. There are also photocopies of some ledger sheets from the 1920s concerning shipments to theater companies.

Epstein, Dena J., 1916-2013: Dena Epstein Root & Cady Research Papers, 1843-1987

Research notes and other materials concerning the firm of Root & Cady, a Chicago based music publishing firm that operated from 1858-1871, collected by Dena Epstein. Also includes information on other 19th century music publishers and composers.

Ervin, Mike: Mike Ervin Papers, 1970-2009

Papers of and materials collected by Mike Ervin, a Chicago playwright, writer on topics relating to the physically disabled, occasional poet, and activist on disability issues. The collection includes many clippings and articles by Ervin, and some articles about him, his plays and short stories, plus some poems and photographs, publicity materials for his plays, and correspondence. The collection also includes theater materials such as play scripts, programs, and reviews.

Escoto, Salvador P., Dr.: Salvador P. Escoto Papers, approximately 1960-2007

Salvador P. Escoto was a historian and specialist on late 18th century Philippines history, and former editorial associate in the Philippine Studies Program at the University of Chicago. Escoto also taught at St. Francis College and is now retired. Collection includes research materials, microfilm, photocopies of primary sources, notes, and Escoto's published and unpublished works. Most materials pertain to The Life and Times of Simon de Anda, a book that has not yet been published.

Estevez, George: George Estevez Papers, 1968-1998

Clippings, correspondence, flyers, photographs, and programs of George Estevez, founder and director of the Choral Ensemble of Chicago. Originally called the Chicago Chamber Choir and founded at the Jane Addams Hull House Center, the choir later moved to St. Paul's United Church of Christ and remains a volunteer organization using professional musicians as needed. Material on Ruth Page, Mary Gehr, Rudolph Ganz, Claudia Cassidy, Richard Christiansen, and many others is present.

Etherington, G. (George), 1722 or 1723-1802: G. Etherington letters, 1763

Seven letters, in French, June 10-July 14, 1763, written by Capt. George Etherington during the period of his captivity at L'Arbre Croche to Charles Langlade at Fort Michilimackinac.,Correspondence concerns the assignment of command of the fort to Langlade and instructions for its operation, the ransom of captive British soldiers, English traders held at the fort, wampum for the Ojibwa, and the assistance of the Ottawa chief, La Fourche.

Eulenberg, Edward, 1907-1988: Edward Eulenberg Papers, 1930-1985

Articles, columns, and clippings of Edward Eulenberg, reporter and editor for the City News Bureau, and reporter and feature writer for the Chicago Daily News.

Everett family: Everett Family Papers, 1794-1949

Primarily correspondence of the Everett family, concerning family news and health issues, and also covering abolition, temperance, women's rights, rights of African-Americans, and moral reform. Printing, education, pioneer life, and religion are all discussed within the papers. Papers include materials of Robert Everett, the pastor of Welsh Congregationalist churches in Oneida County, NY, and publisher of Y Cenhadwr Americanaidd (The American Missionary), a Welsh religious reform magazine that was pro-abolition. Also included are letters and materials of Mary Everett, a graduate of New York Medical College and Hospital for Women, who was also involved in the suffrage movement, John Roberts and Sarah Colgrove Everett, pioneers who moved to Kansas Territory in 1854 and were active in abolitionist activities, and Cynthia Everett, a member of the American Missionary Association who taught freedmen in Norfolk, VA and Charleston, SC following the Civil War.

Ewing, Eve L.: Eve L. Ewing Papers, 2000s-2010s

Correspondence, works, publicity, biographical material, ephemera, family papers, and photographs of author, poet, and academic Eve L. Ewing.