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Fairbank, Alfred J.: Alfred J. Fairbank letters, 1937-1977

Letters written by Fairbank, an English calligrapher and founding member of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators, to Kathleen King, later Kathleen King Whyte. The letters are written in a calligraphic hand.

Fairbank, Janet Ayer, 1878-1951: Janet Ayer Fairbank scrapbooks, 1913-1935

Six scrapbooks of Chicago novelist, suffragette, and socialite Janet Ayer Fairbank, containing mainly newspaper clippings regarding three charity balls, 1913-1915, for the Chicago Lying-In Hospital, and reviews, publicity notices, and book jackets for Fairbanks' novels, 1922-1935. Also a few letters, photographs, and programs.

Fairbank, Nathaniel Kellogg, 1829-1903: Fairbank-Graham Family Papers, 1775-1980

Correspondence, personal and business materials, documents, diaries, writings, photographs, and maps of the Fairbank and Graham families. These families were connected by the marriage of Nathaniel Kellogg Fairbank, a prominent Chicago businessman, and Helen Beeckman Graham, daughter of East Coast industrialist John Andrew Graham. Collection also includes materials of the Carpenter family, through the marriage of Helen Fairbank and Benjamin Carpenter, and three generations of the Nathan S. Davis family, joined to the Fairbanks and Grahams by the marriage of Cordelia Carpenter to Nathan S. Davis, III.

Farnsworth, Edith: Edith Farnsworth Papers, 1900-1977

Correspondence, memoirs, photographs, and Italian poetry translations of Edith Farnsworth, a Chicago physician and owner of a Plano, Illinois, home designed by Mies van der Rohe. Farnsworth retired to Italy in the late 1960s.

Farrar, Geraldine, 1882-1967: Geraldine Farrar Memorabilia, 1902-1963

Seven letters from Geraldine Farrar to Pauline Moritz of Evanston, Illinois, and one to Moritz’s daughter, 1916-1958. Also, memorabilia related to Farrar: two postcard photographs, two Christmas cards, and two clippings.

Farrell, James T. (James Thomas), 1904-1979: James T. Farrell Papers, 1949-1967

Seven manuscript items written by author James T. Farrell. Includes two letters to Robert Hardy Andrews, editor of a Chicago literary magazine Midweek; one letter to “Louis”; and four one-page pieces of commentary on his short stories. Also, a large signed photograph of Farrell speaking at the “Mobilization of the International Peace and Freedom Day” in Paris, 1949.

Farrell, James T. (James Thomas), 1904-1979: James T. Farrell-Cleo Paturis Papers, 1909-2006

Stories, articles, manuscript and photocopy drafts and notes by Farrell; a small collection of Farrell correspondence; miscellaneous material including reviews and appreciations of Farrell’s work; photographs of Farrell, Paturis, friends and occasions; and many audiocassettes of Farrell lectures, speeches and interviews. Paturis material includes several drafts of her unpublished memoir of her life with Farrell, a synopsis of his work, correspondence dating mainly after Farrell’s death in 1979, and a miscellany concerning conferences on Farrell’s career and posthumous publications of Studs Lonigan.

Faulk, Andrew Jackson, 1814-1898: Andrew Jackson Faulk Letters and Speeches, 1862-1870

Incoming and outgoing correspondence, 1862-1870, of A.J. Faulk, written chiefly during his 1867-1869 governorship of the Dakota Territory concerning U.S. government's intention to stop a proposed expedition to explore and settle unceded Black Hills Indian lands, the Indian Peace Commission, the mustering of volunteer cavalry, appropriations for the relief of destitute upper Missouri tribes, etc. Also, Dec. 1867 annual address to the territorial legislature discussing, among many issues, the Black Hills, the Indian Peace Commission, and the future of the Indian.

Faulk, Andrew Jackson, 1814-1898: Andrew Jackson Faulk Collection of Photographs of the Dakota Territory and Yankton, Santee, and Teton Sioux, approximately 1855-1909

A collection of 56 photographs acquired by Faulk, mostly consisting of large-format albumen prints, but also a few stereographs and carte de visites. Dakota Territory scenes include views of Yankton, its buildings, and its citizens; photographs of Fort Dakota and Fort Randall by B. H. Gurnsey; the Congregational Church and parsonage at Faulkton; the Big Sioux River and Sioux Falls; and Indian camps. The collection also includes 32 oval portraits of Yankton, Brule, Two Kettle, and Santee Sioux chiefs, interpreters, and others, taken during treaty negotiations at the Addis Gallery in Washington, D.C. These photographs are part of the Edward E. Ayer Photograph Collection.

Fay, W. D.: W. D. Fay Photographs, 1871

Five small unmounted albumen prints taken in the aftermath of the Chicago Fire of 1871 by W.D. Fay of Joliet. Depicted are the First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Wabash and Congress, Trinity Church near Wabash, the Church of the Holy Name, Mr. McCagg's greenhouse, and the courthouse. At least the first two images were marketed by Fay as part of a stereograph set showing the devastation in Chicago.

Feenan, Martin J.: Martin J. Feenan papers, 1864-1920

Includes ms. account of the Sully campaign against the Indians of the West, 1863-1865 (59 leaves.), written in 1920 from memoranda, notes and correspondence; ms. account of the Feenan genealogy (12 leaves), photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, documents, etc.

Ffrench family: Charles Ffrench Family Papers, 1887-1963

Papers concerning the family of Charles Ffrench (1861-1916), a prominent Chicago publisher and member of the Board of Education, who founded the periodical The Musical Leader with his wife, Florence, in 1900. Many of the items pertain to Charles, Florence, and their daughter Evelyn. Included in the collection are photographs; miscellaneous tickets; marriage announcements; an inheritance tax notice; deeds; receipts; programs and menus; correspondence, many of which are addressed to Mrs. Ffrench during her time as editor of the Musical Leader; newspaper clippings concerning Charles Ffrench and the injuries suffered from a 1916 automobile accident, which proved fatal; and Evelyn French Smith's scrapbook recording her family's European travels (1911-1912).

Ficke, Arthur Davison, 1883-1945: Arthur Davison Ficke Papers, 1904-1945

Mostly correspondence to poet Arthur D. Ficke from Newberry Library trustee and lifelong friend Chalkley J. Hambleton, plus several letters written by Hambleton. Also, a few works of Ficke's and pieces of memorabilia, an obituary clipping, a photograph of Ficke and photos of two portraits of Ficke by Bror J.O. Nordfeldt.

Field Enterprises.: Field Enterprises Records, 1858-2007

Administrative, promotional, and legal materials, correspondence, photographs, and artifacts of Field Enterprises, the umbrella conglomerate under which the Chicago Daily News, the Chicago Sun and Times company, the Chicago Sun-Times, and Field Communications Corporation eventually fell.

Field, William O.: William O. Field Postcard Collection, approximately 1895-1950s

A personal collection of Dr. William O. Field and his father, it consists of approximately 7,000 postcards documenting Europe and America from around 1895 to the 1950s. Strengths include steamships, railroads, travel related images, pre-World War I European politics, and views of European cities in the early twentieth century. One of the five original postcard albums in the collection was copied and the copies were made into a volume; it documents the European "Grand Tour" of Dr. Field's parents between 1899 and 1902.

Finden, Edward Francis, 1791-1857: [Arctic Life Portfolio], approximately 1821-1828

Forty-five India proof prints created from sketches and drawings made by members of expeditions lead by Sir William Edward Parry and Sir John Ross to explore the Arctic and to discover a Northwest passage on His Majesty's Ships Helca, Griper, and Fury. Prints are unsigned. Original drawings attributed to Capt. Lyon, Capt. Hoppner, Lt. Beechey, Lt. H. N. Head, and Lt. Back. Engravings and illustrations created by Edward Francis Finden and William Westall. Prints published in London by John Murray from ca. 1821-1828. Prints depict scenes from the expedition as well as the domestic life and customs of the Arctic's indigenous peoples.

Finnerty, James W.: Malone-Finnerty Family Papers, 1862-1941

Malone and Finnerty family correspondence and documents pertaining to deaths from 1862 to 1941. Early correspondence from the Civil War is from James W. Finnerty, a soldier, to his mother and sister. The Civil War letters describe Finnerty's experience traveling with troops through St. Louis, where rebels captured two steamboats in Duck River Bend. Also includes funerals directors’ invoices and correspondence about headstones.

First Presbyterian Church (Chicago, Ill.).: First Presbyterian Church records, 1833-1999

Parish records, church bulletins and programs, business records, artifacts (including missionary artifacts), etc., of this church founded at Fort Dearborn in 1833 and now in Woodlawn. The congregation has included many prominent Chicago families such as the Shedds, Buckinghams, and Fields, and became one of the first racially integrated congregations in Chicago, in 1953. Also includes information on the Blackstone Rangers, who used to meet in the church in the late 1960s.

Fischer, Irwin, 1903-1977: Irwin Fischer Papers, 1903-1992

Irwin Fischer (1903-1977), composer, professor, conductor, and musician. Enjoyed a long career teaching at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, Illinois. Also worked as an organist for the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra and various churches, a conductor for the National Youth Symphony, South Side Symphony, and West Suburban Symphony. Known primarily for scores such as the Hungarian Set (Pearly Bouquet) and Symphony I.

Fischetti, John R.: John Fischetti Papers, 1942-1995

Political cartoons and assorted miscellaneous items (clippings, photographs, correspondence, etc.) of Pulitzer Prize-winning artist John Fischetti. Fischetti worked for several newspapers and magazines during his long career, including Coronet, Esquire, the Chicago Sun, the New York Herald Tribune, the Chicago Daily News, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Fisher, Vardis, 1895-1968: Vardis Fisher papers, 1955-1969

Letters articles and memorabilia of Idaho writer Vardis Fisher, best known as the author of Children of God.

Fitch, Edward: Edward Fitch papers, 1852-1856

Correspondence between a young man seeking his way in the world and his aging father. Many of the father's letters refer to specific letters of the son. They tell about other children, including Luther Jr. (in California all during the period); son Andrew, apparently a physician in New York City (on Madison), Edwards marriage to Helen (of Chicago), their son Luther, etc. The son rarely fails to ask for clothing or money ($1000 to buy into a partnership. Abraham Lincoln sublet his house for a year for $90, when he went to Congress). The father tells his son that the son is extravagant, that he cannot send more money, etc. Yet he does send the money.

Fitchburg Railroad.: Railroad Ephemera Collection, approximately 1825-1845

A collection of railroad ephemera that includes script, stock, and loan certificates, the Act of Incorporation for the Fitchburg Railroad Company, bonds from the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, and early railroad currency.

Fithian, John B. : John B. Fithian Papers, 1863-1932

Papers relating to John B. Fithian, a Civil War veteran and judge in the Probate Court of Will County. The materials consist of papers pertaining to Fithian's service during the Civil War, including a hand-written note authorizing a pass for John Fithian and one pony from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee and a handwritten note, dated October 24, 1865, ordering John Fithian to report for duty.

Fitzgerald, Gerald F. (Gerald Francis), 1925-2010: Gerald F. Fitzgerald Suburban Bancorp Records, 1926-1995

Annual reports, histories, prospectuses, annual meeting notifications and other materials produced by the Chicago region’s Suburban Bancorp (1982-1994) and its predecessor Suburban Banking Group (1971-1982), launched by Gerald F. Fitzgerald in 1961. Also materials related to subsidiary Chicago suburban banks that were acquired by Suburban Bancorp, documents relating to the banks during the Depression and World War II period, and materials relating to Suburban Bancorp’s merger with Harris Bankmont, Inc., in 1994.

FitzGerald, Jeffrey: Contract Buyers' League Interview and Meeting Tapes, 1969-1971

39 reel-to-reel tapes (plus digitized (MP3) copies), containing interviews conducted by Jeffrey Fitzgerald with Contract Buyers' League members, lawyers, and supporters, together with recordings of group meetings in Woodlawn, 1969-1971.

Flacks, Aaron: Aaron Flacks Papers, 1930-1956

Notes and files assembled for a proposed bibliography of the works of Eugene Field.

Fleming, John C., 1844-: John C. Fleming Papers, 1862-1906

Civil War letters of John C. Fleming, 1862-1865, Chicago enlistee in the Chicago Board of Trade Battery, Horse Artillery, Illinois Volunteers; small collection of Fleming family mementos and letters, 1863-1906, bulk 1900-1906.

Fleming, Libby Komaiko: Ensemble Espańol Spanish Dance Theater Collection, 1974-2003

Material collected by Libby Komaiko, founder of the Ensemble Espańol Spanish Dance Theater, relating to her and the dance company. Consists mostly of photographs of Komaiko and other dancers, plus a few clippings, flyers, posters, programs, and miscellaneous pieces. Also, two copies of a videotape entitled “The First 20 Years, 1976-1996.”

Flentye, Henry: Henry Flentye papers, 1852-1915

Documents dealing with Henry Flentye's considerable land purchases in Chicago, Northfield, and Jefferson, including one autograph document from Walter Loomis Newberry, Aug. 2, 1858. Also builder's specification and architect's drawings for Flentye's home in Jefferson.

Fornell, Gladys, 1904-1982: Gladys Fornell Papers, 1938-1982

Correspondence, writings, and photographs from writer and editor Gladys Fornell. Includes drafts of short stories, poetry, stage plays, and her unpublished novel “Montel.” Also includes genealogical material about the Fornell family and the immigration of ancestor Nils Fornell from Sweden to Wisconsin in 1868.

Forrest, Hamilton, 1901-1963 : Hamilton Forrest Papers, 1940-1951

Correspondence, music and lyrics (including scripts with stage directions), newspaper clippings, photographs, and programs pertaining to Hamilton Forrest, a 20th-century composer known for his arrangements of American folksongs, most notably “He’s Got the Whole Word in His Hands.”

Fort Custer (Mont.).: Collection of blueprint photographs of Indians and scenes in and near Fort Custer, Montana, approximately 1896

One photo is of a ms. descriptive list of some of the scenes presented; another is dated May 14, 1896; the final photo is of a ms. inscription: Finis. Fort Custer, Montana. W.C.S.E.E.P.S.

Fort Sheridan (Ill.).: Fort Sheridan Postcard Collection, approximately 1914-1945

This collection contains over 500 postcards acquired from the former museum at the Fort Sheridan U.S. Army Post (1887-1993). These materials relate primarily to World Wars I and II. There are many Chicago Daily News Postals printed of European locations during World War I, as well as views of military life in several American installations, such as Camp Custer, Michigan. A small number of views related to topics such as medicine and the Red Cross are also part of this collection. Oversize box includes a box of photos and photo postcards, a photograph album, approximately 1918-1925, and a postcard album from around 1945 containing images of New Guinea, The Philippines, Australia, Baquio, and New Caledonia.

Fortnightly of Chicago (Organization).: Fortnightly of Chicago Records, 1869-2018

Chicago Woman’s Society founded in 1873 by Kate Newell Doggett. Records document the founding, operations, and activities of The Fortnightly of Chicago and its members. Includes historical materials, meeting minutes (restricted), scrapbooks, notices, member biographical information, members' and guests' papers, photographs, yearbooks, and other administrative and activity records.

Foster, Clyde: Clyde Foster "Dance Chicago" videotapes and programs, 1994-2007

38 Hi-8 tapes and 53 digital tapes of "Dance Chicago" performances, 1996-2000, taken by Clyde Foster at the Athenaeum Theatre, together with programs for 1995-2000, and 2007. Also 3 VHS tapes and 1 U-Matic tape containing excerpts and highlights, 1 VHS tape of the Ballet Theatre of Chicago's Giselle shot by Wayne Kupferer, and two company programs 1994 and ca. 1999.

Foster, William T.: William T. Foster Letters, 1862-1863

Union soldier who served in Company F, Illinois 84th Volunteer Infantry. Seven letters, dated between Oct. 7, 1862 and Dec. 26, 1863, from Foster to his uncle and possibly his father ("Dear Sir"), describing military life as Foster moves from Louisville, Kentucky to Camp Silver Springs, Tenn., to the hospital in Quincy, Ill., and back to Whiteside Station, Tenn., 20 miles outside of Chattanooga.

Fowler, Gene, 1890-1960: "The Gray Chrysanthemum" typescript, approximately 1960

Typescript of "The Gray Chrysanthemum," possibly written by Gene Fowler, an American journalist, author and dramatist. The piece is likely about Sadakichi Hartmann, a poet friend of Fowler, and nicknamed "The Gray Chrysanthemum."

Fowler, Loretta, 1944-: Loretta Fowler Research Papers, 1890-2004

Fieldnotes, interview transcripts and some recordings, research notes, project files, and background research compiled by retired University of Oklahoma anthropologist Loretta Fowler, who focused her studies on the Arapaho of Wyoming, Gros Ventre and Assiniboine of Montana, Arapaho and Cheyenne of Oklahoma, other Plains reservations, Shinnecock of Long Island, and Oaxaca, Mexico. In addition to extensive material on the Cheyenne and Arapaho, there are also interviews and or fieldnotes from Fowler’s work in Oaxaca, Mexico; Shinnecock, Long Island; Wind River Reservation; Fort Belknap, Montana; and the Washita Massacre project. Also copies of Cheyenne and Arapaho interviews from the Doris Duke Project at the University of Oklahoma, and of fieldnotes of other ethnographers (Alfred Kroeber, Inez Hilger, James Mooney, Cleaver Warden, Fred Eggan, and George Dorsey). Project files concern the Fowler’s Tribal Sovereignty Project (2004) and Canton Arapaho Income Differentials Project (1893-1927). Also includes Fred Eggan's 1933 field notes focusing primarily on the Arapaho in Oklahoma; photographs taken by Loretta Fowler in Oaxaca in 1968; and CD copies of Fowler's oral history interviews, which were originally recorded on cassette tape (1981-1984).

Francus, active 1983: Francus Collection of Early Illinois Letters and Documents, 1824-1880s

Letters and documents pertaining to the purchase and sale of lands in Illinois, ca. 1820s-1880s

Frank, Waldo David, 1889-1967: Waldo Frank Papers, approximately 1925-1935

Nine letters from novelist, historian, and political activist Waldo Frank to Lucille R. Stern, mostly concerning Frank’s social activities and criticisms of Stern’s attempts at writing.

Franklin, Robert Scott: Robert Scott Franklin Scrapbook, 1890-1936

Disbound scrapbook compiled by Robert Scott Franklin of Chillicothe, Ohio, which includes the following: photostat of the diary of Lt. James Swearingen recording the march from Ohio to Chicago, April-August 1803, to oversee the building of Fort Dearborn; detailed genealogical notes on Swearingen, Strode, Worthington, and Franklin families starting from Gerrit van Swearingen born in Holland in 1636; copies of several James S. Swearingen letters; 2 portraits of Swearingen, miscellaneous notes, and newspaper clippings about Swearingen and family.

Frederick D. Countiss Photography.: Chicago Stockyards Industrial Park Photographs, approximately 1975

Sixteen professional photographs of the area of Chicago known as the Stockyards Industrial Park which was developed after the closing of the Union Stock Yards in 1971. The Industrial Park is home to various small factories, none of which are involved in meatpacking. Few of the original structures remain, excepting the great limestone arch erected in 1879 to mark the stockyard entrance.

Frederick, Monroe Quamahongiva, 1897-1985: [Monroe Frederick Paintings and Drawings], approximately 1910-1920

Three oil on canvas paintings and twelve watercolor drawings on paper of various sizes housed in one green portfolio and two red clamshell boxes. Paintings and drawings are attributed to Monroe Quamahongiva Frederick, a Hopi artist. Tribes depicted include the Navajo, Crow, and Hopi. Subjects of paintings include American Indian portraits, pueblos, the southwest, dress, and copies of work by E. Irving Crouse and Elbridge Ayer Burbank.

Frederking, William: William Frederking Dance Photographs, 1985-2016

Black and white photographs of Chicago area dance companies and dancers taken by professional photographer William Frederking. Also included are publicity materials related to the dance companies and dancers Frederking photographed as well as personal materials such as correspondence.

Freeman, Emma B., 1880-1928: Emma B. Freeman photographs of Yurok and Hupa Indians, 1914-1918

Posed images of Yurok and Hupa Indians taken in the studio and in outdoor settings in Eureka and Humboldt County, 1914-1918.,Soft-focused and stylized, the portraits are not accurate representations of Indian dress or ways. Included are images of Robert Spott, Bertha Stevens, Vivian Chase, Hazel Ferris, Grace Wayman, and Ed. Pearch. There are also a few shots of older Indians taken at the Hoopa and Klamath reservations, and there is one portrait of Emma B. Freeman.

French Heritage Relief Committee.: French Heritage Relief Committee Records, 1993-1995

Records of a small organization created in 1993 by Charles Balesi and the French Consul in Chicago to help coordinate efforts to preserve and restore historic French structures damaged by flooding on the Mississippi River. Includes materials relating to the founding and legal organization of the group, and reports, correspondence, memoranda, and other materials relating to specific projects.

French, Alice: Alice French Papers, 1871-1934

Correspondence, diaries, literary manuscripts, clippings and other miscellaneous material relating to Alice French, author of short stories, novels and essays, who wrote under the pseudonym Octave Thanet.

Freund, Geraldine: Freund Family Papers, 1917-2007

Personal papers and memorabilia of arts patron and impresario C. Geraldine Freund, who founded several music and dance series in Chicago from 1959 through 2000. Also writings and memorabilia of her husband J. Dennis Freund, a prominent psychiatrist who with his wife founded Chicago's Fairview Hospital.

Friday Club (Chicago, Ill.).: Friday Club (Chicago, Ill.) Records, 1880-ongoing

Minutes, financial records, yearbooks, correspondence, membership information and papers written by members of this women's club devoted to literary and artistic culture. The club has met in Chicago's Gold Coast area for most of its existence.

Friedberg, Martha: Martha Friedberg Papers, 1986-1993

Letters from Martha Friedberg to illustrator and book artist Caryl Seidenberg. Most letters concern their Vixen Press collaboration "Water poem and others" and about 10 poems by Friedberg. Poems include: Hans, Writing the poem, Ritual in the meadow, Old photograph, The grandparent poem, For Alice Wormser Asher 1884-1920, and The long boat; also includes untitled poems and an additional copy of Ritual in the meadow.

Friedberg, Stanton A., approximately 1908-1997: Stanton A. Friedberg Autograph Collection, approximately 1809-1876

Autographed letters from pathologists Frederick Hohl (1794-1862), Ludwig Traube (1814-1876), Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland (1762-1836), and anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752-1840).

Friends of Literature.: Friends of Literature Records, 1935-2003

Records of the Friends of Literature, a group incorporated in Chicago in 1934 as an umbrella group for the Chicago Foundation for Literature. Its purpose was to study literature and to honor those who create it, through monthly presentations by prominent authors and the presentation of annual awards to American writers of fiction and non-fiction. The group voted to dissolve in 2002, and contributed their remaining funds to the Poetry Foundation in 2003. Records, dating primarily from the 1987 to 2003, include programs, press releases, correspondence, notices, photographs, newspaper clippings, etc.

Friends of the Parks (Chicago, Ill.).: Friends of the Parks Collection, 1976-1997

Volunteer organization founded in 1975 by Lois Weisberg and Victoria Ranney to monitor and improve the Chicago park system and its recreational services. Records include an incomplete run of newsletters, a few annual and special reports, and files relating to art in the parks and other projects, which Cynthia Mitchell spearheaded. Also includes newspaper clippings about the organization's activities, and a few photos of Mitchell.

Fuller, Henry Blake, 1857-1929: Henry Blake Fuller Papers, 1868-2000

Correspondence, works and miscellaneous material relating to Henry Blake Fuller, Chicago novelist, essayist, critic, and satirist. The bulk of the collection consists of Fuller's writings, both published and manuscript, and incoming correspondence.

Fuller, Jack: Jack Fuller Papers, 1850-2016

The literary and journalistic works, correspondence, and personal materials of Chicago journalist and novelist Jack Fuller.