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H.T. FitzSimons Company, Inc.: H.T. FitzSimons Company, Inc. Records, 1920-1950

Manuscript and printed music and some miscellanea of this Chicago music publisher, along with the papers of Rossetter G. Cole, a prolific Chicago composer. Cole bequeathed his papers to Harry T. FitzSimons; his manuscript and printed music, writings, clippings, programs, miscellanea, and collections of calling cards, postcards, and autographs make up a large portion of this collection. A small amount of Harry FitzSimons' correspondence is also present. The FitzSimons Co. was purchased in 1983 by the Fred Bock Music Companies.

Hackett, Fred B., approximately 1880-1975: Fred B. Hackett Papers, 1882-1963

Materials pertaining to Fred B. Hackett, a member of the Chicago Corral of The Westerners, who, for a time, lived and worked among the Oglala Sioux at the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. The material includes a report of the proceedings of the council held on September 21-22, 1903 at Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota between Congressman E. W. Martin and the delegates of five different tribes of Indians, relative to the Black Hills treaty of 1876; a typed description of the Sun Dance held at Pine Ridge in 1929 to which Fred Hackett was witness; and approximately 180 photographs, the majority of which portray the Sioux Indians in South Dakota. The photographs range from as early as 1882 to as late as 1963.

Hadley, Henry, 1871-1937: Henry Kimball Hadley-Inez Barbour Programs and Posters, 1919-1938

Programs and posters of performances by conductor Henry Kimball Hadley and his wife, soprano Inez Barbour, dating from Barbour’s 1919 Aeolian Hall recital to a memorial concert for Hadley in 1938.

Hager, Mina: Mina Hager Papers, 1892-1977

Material relating to the career of mezzo-soprano Mina Hager (Mrs. Fred Heidenson), including incoming correspondence from John Alden Carpenter and others, programs, clippings and other memorabilia. Also, practice and demo tapes, sound recordings (78 rpm and 45 rpm, LP) and a collection of manuscript and published sheet music, mostly by John Alden Carpenter.

Hall, Gus: Gus Hall Communist Party meeting recordings, 1988-1993

Recordings of longtime American Communist Party national chairman and U.S. presidential candidate Gus Hall. Each tape contains Hall's updates at regular party executive board meetings, 1988-1993, a time of considerable dissent over Hall's rigid support of Soviet-style Communism and the absence of internal party democracy.

Hall, Louise D.: Louise Hall Postcard Collection, approximately 1900-1930

Over 600 postcards donated by Louise D. Hall. They cover a variety of subjects, including holidays, romantic couples, portraits, children, and countries.

Hambleton, Emma Lander: Hambleton Family Papers, 1871-1932

Three letters by Emma Lander Hambleton, wife of Chalkley Jay Hambleton. Also one letter by Vera S. Wolfe, daughter of conductor Frederick Stock to Peggy Hambleton Murphy.

Hamill, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest), 1884-1953: Alfred E. Hamill Papers, 1856-1967

Chicago investment banker, Centaur Press founder, Newberry Library trustee, and calligraphy and gypsy lore collector. Personal letters of Alfred E. Hamill to a Russian émigré, Alexandra Fredericks, and of Dora E. Yates, a librarian and the secretary of the Gypsy Lore Society, to Hamill. Also typescript copy of a diary kept 1918-1919 while in France with the American Red Cross, a letter to Andrei Gromyko in 1945 regarding U.S.-Soviet relations, bookplates, photographs, poems, and other memorabilia.

Hamill, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest), 1884-1953: Alfred E. Hamill Letters to Kenneth Meyer Setton, 1944-1946

Five letters to Kenneth Setton concerning his studies of Athens in the 12th century, and other matters of mutual interest.

Hamilton, Philip, 1802-1884: Louis McLane Hamilton collection, 1867-1869

Correspondence, extracts of reports, printed obituaries and resolutions, newspaper clippings, 1867-1867, possibly collected by Benson John Lossing, concerning the life of Capt. Louis McLane Hamilton and his death at the Battle of Washita. Includes correspondence of Philip Hamilton (father) to Lossing, and Robert Mayhew West (forwarding copy of 7th Cavalry resolution on Hamilton's death to the Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle); ms. extracts from Custer's July 6, 1867, order praising Hamilton's actions; printed obituaries from New York newspapers; a printed copy of the West letter and accompanying resolution; and a newspaper articles containing Custer's report to Gen. W.T. Sherman on the battle.

Hammond, Charles L. (Charles Lyman), 1853-: C.L. Hammond scrapbook, 1891-1895

Scrapbook containing autograph letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, etc., relating to the Lincoln monument, collected by C. L. Hammond, the letters being for the most part, written by or to him.

Hanc, Joseph Robert: Joseph Hanc N.A.M.E. Gallery records, 1976-1997

Non-profit Chicago artists' organization and gallery, founded in 1973, that encouraged the exploration of contemporary issues through exhibitions, performance, and educational activities. Materials collected by N.A.M.E. Gallery member Joseph Hanc, records document programming, staff, fundraising, development, and committee work of the gallery.

Hanks, Jane Richardson, 1908-: Jane Richardson Hanks Kiowa Papers, 1935-1968

Correspondence, field notes, and writings of anthropologist Jane Richardson Hanks, mainly documenting her 1935 graduate student field work with the Kiowa Indians in Oklahoma.

Hanlin, John T., 1841-1918: John T. Hanlin Letters, 1862-1865

Correspondence from Sgt. Hanlin of the 89th Indiana Infantry, Company E, to his parents and siblings describing camp life and combat during his travels through Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Hansen, Harry, 1884-1977: Harry Hansen Papers, 1900-1970

Correspondence, subject files, photographs and artwork of newspaper writer and editor Harry Hansen.

Harris family: Harris-MacLean Family Papers, 1784-1980

Letters, diaries, photographs, daybooks, ledgers, writings, genealogical material, and memorabilia detailing the life and travels of several wealthy Chicago families, mainly during the first three decades of the 20th century. The Harris family side is Norman Wait Harris, founder of the Harris Bank of Chicago, and his wife, Emma Gale Harris from New Hampshire, and their parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren. Other major related families represented include Gale, Bent, Lane, and MacLean. Collection highlights include courtship letters, daybooks of a New Hampshire physician, whaling ship logs, works and correspondence of sociologist Annie Marion MacLean, and 19th and 20th century photograph albums.

Harris, James Duncan: James D. and Joseph W. Harris Papers, 1824-1862

Correspondence from James Duncan Harris and brother Joseph Whipple Harris of Massachusetts and New Hampshire to members of their family, mostly written while they were in military service in the 1860's. Also, a few letters James wrote from Chicago in the 1850's; letters concerning Joseph Harris's death in 1861 while serving in the United States Navy; a few historic family letters and a genealogical pamphlet.

Harris, Sydney J.: Sydney Justin Harris Papers, 1933-1987

Correspondence, clippings, readers' letters, and personal materials of Chicago columnist Sydney Justin Harris.

Harris, Sydney, 1916-1989: Photograph of Coretta Scott King speaking at a civil rights rally at Soldier Field, July 10, 1966

Black and white photograph of Coretta Scott King speaking at a civil rights rally at Soldier Field, July 10, 1966. Copy of original photograph from the Illinois Labor History Society.

Harrison, Carter H. (Carter Henry), 1860-1953: Carter H. Harrison IV Papers, 1637-1953

Correspondence, writings, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia relating to Chicago Mayor Carter Henry Harrison IV (1860-1953), and his family, particularly his wife, Edith Ogden Harrison, and his father, Chicago Mayor Carter Henry Harrison III (1825-1893). The collection also includes a number of letters, autographs, and miscellaneous other documents from famous people that were not originally directed to Harrison or his family, but which Harrison kept as collectibles.

Harrison, Gabriel, 1818-1902: Gabriel Harrison letters, 1873-1883

Letters regarding John Howard Payne to Gabriel Harrison from three current and former U.S. consuls to Tunis, William Penn Chandler of Philadelphia, George Whitfield Fish of Tunis and Flint, Mich., and Amos Perry of Providence, R.I. Also one letter, also about Payne, from Fish to Thomas J. McKee, a New York lawyer and friend of Harrison's.,The letters, which were probably responses to a correspondence initiated by Harrison during the revision of his 1875 work, concern the circumstances of Payne's death, the erection of and wording on his Tunis gravestone, the disposition of Payne's personal effects and the interest of his niece, Eloise E. Luquer in recovering them, Chandler's possession of Payne mss., and W.W. Corcoran's proposal to transfer Payne's remains to Washington, D.C. Fish, who had served as consul until 1882 when Congress failed to appropriate funds for the post, also comments on the shaky political situation at Tunis and the sad state of U.S. representation in the southern Mediterranean.

Harrison, Theodore, 1876-1965: Theodore Harrison Memorabilia, 1912-1949

Miscellaneous memorabilia relating to Theodore Harrison, Chicago concert baritone, choral conductor and teacher, consisting of clippings, programs and publicity material. Also, material concerning the Hull-House Music School and Chorus, including two recordings, as well as items about singers Nancy Carr and Barre Hill.

Hart, John E., 1917-2011: John E. Hart-Floyd Dell Papers, 1958-1985

Correspondence, works, photographs and miscellaneous material relating to the writing of John E. Hart's biography, Floyd Dell, for the Twayne's United States Authors Series, published in 1971.

Hart, Philip, 1914-2000: Philip Hart Papers, 1973-1974

Small collection of letters and other materials about Theodore Thomas, founding music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra collected by Philip Hart, a music historian and former assistant manager of the CSO.

Hartlieb, Harold John: Harold John Hartlieb Papers, approximately 1945

Correspondence and military documents from Harold John Hartlieb’s service during World War II.

Harvey family: Harvey Family Papers, 1800-2007

Collection of letters, photographs, diaries, writings, business records, and genealogical research materials centering around Chicago native and longtime Rand McNally employee Bennet B. Harvey, his wife Dorothy Wegener Harvey, their son Bennet B. Harvey, Jr., and their ancestors, many of whom were early Chicago settlers and involved in the development of the city. Families represented include Botsford, Chapin, Fisk, Gehrke, Harvey, and Wegener.

Harzig, Christiane: Christiane Harzig collection of Chicago postcards, approximately 1900-1910s

190 tinted photo postcards, mostly blank, of Chicago scenes and buildings, including the Newberry Library, parks, amusement parks, Chicago Loop buildings, Michigan Avenue residences, etc. Postcards were published by Chicago publishers Koelling & Klappenbach, V.O. Hammon, P. Schmidt, Franklin Card Co., Warren News Co., Schwartz and Co., International Postal Card Co., and others. Most were printed in Germany. Postcards with messages were mailed from Chicago by Wanda Ludyuska, and mainly addressed to the Wenck family of Berlin, Germany.

Hatch, Edward, 1832-1889: Edward Hatch letters, 1867-1870

Born in Bangor, Me., and educated in Norwich, Vt., Edward Hatch emigrated ca. 1852 to Muscatine, Iowa, where he operated a lumberyard (Hatch & Fullerton). After serving with distinction in the Civil War, Hatch on July 28, 1866, was commissioned colonel of one of two new colored cavalry regiments, the 9th U.S. Cavalry. He commanded the regiment for twenty-three years, serving nine years on the Texas frontier before assuming command of the Department of New Mexico (1876-1881). He died at Fort Robinson, Neb., Apr. 11, 1889. Nine letters, 1867-1870, from Hatch to his friend, Muscatine insurance and real estate agent, Thomas D. Smith, regarding the activities of his regiment in Texas and the sale of his Muscatine, Iowa, properties.,Letters discuss the training of troops, the protection of wagon roads from Indian attacks, skirmishes with Comanche, Kiowa, Mescalero, Apache, and Kickapoo bands, a trip to Chihuahua, Mexico, army reductions, and Hatch's presidency of court martials and military tribunals.

Haugh, Dolores: Dolores Haugh Riverview Amusement Park Collection, 1904-1977

Riverview Park archival records, including correspondence, accounts, publicity materials, concession contracts, minutes and reports, photographs, scrapbooks, clippings, and advertising materials, salvaged by Dolores Haugh from the abandoned park office one week before it burned down. Reports, minutes, correspondence, and other documents date mainly from the early years of the park. Advertising materials, clippings, and photographs are mainly from the last decades of park operation. There is information about rides and concessions, including the famous "Bobs," events like the Riverview Ramble and Mayor William Hale Thompson's 1920s outings for school children, staff members, and the general operation of the park. Also materials gathered by Haugh for her newspaper articles and her book, Riverview Amusement Park (2004).

Haupt, Herman: Herman Haupt papers, 1897-1921

Born in 1852 in Philadelphia; son of inventor and civil engineer Herman Haupt. Also author of The Yellowstone National Park : a complete guide ... New York : J.M. Stoddart, c1883. Manuscript copy of "North American Indians : ethnology of the Dakota,-Sioux,-and Ojibway,-Chippeway-Indians ... Phoenix Edition. 1897," a typewritten excerpt from it, and correspondence (1903, 1919-1921) with Edward E. Ayer, W.N.C. Carlton, and Clara Smith at the Newberry Library, regarding it.,The manuscript (344 leaves) deals mainly with the Dakota Sioux and the Ojibwa of Wisconsin and Minnesota and is illustrated with 277 pen and ink drawings and one map. Covering history, dwellings, domestic habits, games, traditions and legends, dress and ornament, medicine, laws, religion, war and weapons, and death and burial practices, the work was written originally over a period of ten years, lost in a fire on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and painstakingly reconstructed as the "Phoenix Edition" by Haupt. Lacking funds to publish his manuscript, Haupt offered it to Ayer in 1903, and corresponded with the Newberry, 1919-1921, regarding efforts to have it published by the Smithsonian Bureau of American Ethnology.

Havighurst, Robert J. (Robert James), 1900-1991: Robert James Havighurst Papers, 1940-1980

University of Chicago professor and education scholar who directed the National Study of American Indian Education, a comprehensive, national fact-finding study on the education of American Indians, from 1968-1971. Collection contains reports and research materials (student surveys, interview transcriptions, etc.) pertaining to this study.

Hawkins, Benjamin, 1754-1816: Benjamin Hawkins letters, 1797-1812

North Carolina planter, U.S. senator, and Indian agent. Letters concerning southern Indian affairs, 1796-1812, from Hawkins to Col. David Henley, U.S. War Dept. agent based in Knoxville; James Jackson, governor of Georgia, 1798-1801; and Harry Toulmin, a prominent Mobile resident and later federal judge in the Mississippi Territory.,Subjects include setting the boundary line between the U.S. and the Creek Nation along the Clinch River and settlers on Indian lands there (1797); horse thefts and Creeks spoiled by British and Spanish gifts (1798); Florida depradations of William Augustus Bowles, a self-styled director-general of the Creek Nation (1800); and punishment of Creek Indians for murders committed on the post road, relations with Spanish Florida, and Seminole attacks (1812).

Hayden, Hannah, -1823: Hannah Hayden Letters, 1806-1866

Correspondence written in the early nineteenth century by Hannah Hayden from Hartwick and Springfield, Otsego County, New York, to her parents and sisters in Windsor, Connecticut, plus a few other family letters. Seventy-six items, the bulk of which are written by Hannah, detail her everyday life with her husband, and the births, lives and deaths of some of their twelve children.

Hayes, Alice Ryerson, 1922-: Alice Judson Ryerson Hayes Papers, 1934-2006

Daily journals, travel journals, sketchbooks, writings, and other papers of Chicago writer Alice Judson Ryerson Hayes, who founded and ran Ragdale, a retreat for writers, musicians, and artists, at her family's Lake Forest estate designed by her grandfather, Howard Van Doren Shaw. Dating from 1934-2001, Hayes' journals contain extensive reflections on motherhood, marriage, writing, and a host of other topics, as well as her own creative work. They document an independent woman entering adulthood in the 1940s and making her way in the world.

Hayes, James, 1907-1993: James Hayes Papers, 1921-1994

Correspondence, client files, and subject files of Chicago and Colorado calligrapher and lettering artist James Hayes. Also: collections of bookplates, calligraphic newsletters, and printed calligraphic work by other artists.

Haynes, John, 1838-1863: John Haynes copybooks and notes, 1849-1855

School writing books, handwriting exercises and notes by John Haynes, a student; one entry is a long poem entitled "Tribute to the memory of Mrs. R.P. Stevens wife of Rodolphus Stevens and daughter of John Clement of Townsend ..." and dated at Townsend, Mass. 1849; some other exercises are dated Dec. 5, 1849 at Townsend; one loose sheet dated Sept. 8, 1855.

Head, Cloyd: Cloyd Head Papers, 1895-1968

Writings and correspondence, souvenirs and miscellany of Cloyd Head, Chicago playwright, theatrical director, business manager of the Goodman Theatre and husband of the poet Eunice Tietjens.

Heath, Charles A. (Charles Andrews): Charles Andrews Heath Papers, 1880-1999

Chicago businessman, founder and president of Continental Seed Co. Includes Charles Andrews Heath's diaries, 1880-1949, with typed excerpts, which discuss the Haymarket Riot, the World's Columbian Exposition, the World's Parliament of Religions, the Galveston flood, several wars, and many Chicago related events. There are also typed transcripts of 1912 European trip letters from Heath's wife Jennie and children Alice and Albert, photographs of Heath and his family, including the European trip, and documents related to properties Heath owned.

Heaton, Harold R.: Harold R. Heaton Political Cartoons, 1909-approximately 1913

Sixty original political and editorial cartoons by Harold R. Heaton for the Chicago newspaper Inter-Ocean, drawn between 1909 and approximately 1913.

Hecht, Ben, 1894-1964 : Ben Hecht Papers, 1879-1983

Works, correspondence, and papers of novelist, playwright, and screenwriter Ben Hecht, and also papers of his wife Rose Caylor Hecht (novelist) and daughter Jenny Hecht (actress).

Hecht, Ben, 1894-1964 : Ben Hecht Filmscript Collection, 1933-1968

Collection of cinema scripts and associated material, both credited and uncredited to Ben Hecht. The range of material includes not only scripts (including draft, first, and final), but also such items as footage schedules, dialogue continuity, budget estimates, publicity memorabilia, trailer information, research, story treatments, and synopses.

Heckewelder, John Gottlieb Ernestus, 1743-1823: John Gottlieb Ernestus Heckewelder letters, 1790-1822

A small collection of correspondence (seven letters) written by Heckewelder from his home in Bethlehem, Pa. to three individuals between the years 1790 and 1822.,The largest group of letters were written to William Alexander, a surveyor residing in Carlisle, Pa., dated 23 March 1790 to 8 Feb. 1791. In these letters Heckewelder engages the services of Alexander to survey five warrents of land (650 acres) in eastern Ohio purchased by Heckewelder and others. He also instructs Alexander to layout these warrents "on a good rich spot, and as near the Christian Indians Tract as possible." Also included in this collection are two other letters - one to Noah Worcester (Corresponding Secretary of the Massachusetts Peace Society) in 1818 and the other to John Huffnagle (Philadelphia merchant) in 1822. In the letter to Worcester, Heckewelder describes the peace efforts and mission of the Moravian Church. And in a short letter to Huffnagle, he mentions his grafting attempts of fruit trees and his failing health.

Heflin, Wilson L. (Wilson Lumpkin), 1913-: Wilson Heflin Papers, 1830-1990

Professor of American literature at the U.S. Naval Academy and Melville scholar. Heflin's papers contain notes and correspondence relating to Heflin's lifelong work on a book concerning Melville's sea years, together with an almost complete manuscript of the book, which Heflin did not live to publish.

Helaine Victoria Press.: Helaine Victoria Press Ephemera Collection, 1973-1995

102 items created by Helaine Victoria Press between 1973 and 1995. Includes postcards, bookmarks, catalogs, newsletters, promotional materials, broadsides, and other printed ephemera.

Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961: William Horne-Ernest Hemingway Papers,, 1913-1985

Correspondence, works, articles, clippings and memorabilia relating to Ernest Hemingway and William Horne.

Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961: Frederick W. Spiegel-Ernest Hemingway Papers, 1918-1973

Collection relating to Ernest Hemingway assembled by his friend Frederick Spiegel. Contains miscellaneous correspondence including four original letters and several photostats written by Hemingway; numerous clippings and articles relating to Hemingway's life and letters; miscellaneous items about the American Red Cross ambulance service in World War I. Also, a photostat of Hemingway's will written in 1961.

Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961: Clara G. Spiegel-Ernest Hemingway Family Papers, 1939-1988

Letters and cards written to author Clara G. Spiegel from Ernest Hemingway, Martha Gellhorn, Mary Welsh Hemingway and Patrick Hemingway, plus one letter from game ranger Denis Zaphiro. Also, a small photograph of Hemingway and a typescript of a friend’s eulogy written by Hemingway in 1939.

Henrotin family: Henrotin Family Papers, approximately 1860-1940

Letters, photographs, and ephemera of the Henrotin family, particularly of Charles and Ellen Martin Henrotin. Charles Henrotin was the founder of the Chicago Stock Exchange and Ellen Martin Henrotin was a women's rights advocate who was active in a number social action organizations.

Henshaw, Marguerite: Marguerite Henshaw Autograph Album, 1892-1931

Autographs collected by Marguerite Henshaw ca. 1892-1904 (with additional autographs collected by Helen Gaspar Gunther, ca. 1930-1931). Autographs are mainly theatrical, military, and political persons. Notable autographs include Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and John Philip Sousa. Also includes some loose autographs, letters, and picture postcards including some from the Book Post Card, Midget Post Card, and Bijou Post Card series.

Herguth, Margaret S.: Margaret S. Herguth Clippings, 1960-1962

Issues of Chicago Daily News's magazine "Chicago Life" from 1960-1962, the tenure of Margaret (Marge) Silsbee Herguth, staff writer, assistant editor, and editor of the magazine.

Hertel, Romana, Sister, 1915-2014: Sister Romana Hertel Papers, 1951-1997

Sister Romana Hertel, born Gertrude Hertel, entered the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi in 1933, working as a music instructor in various Catholic schools. She earned her doctorate in musicology and became head of the music department at Cardinal Stritch University.

Hesterberg, William: William Hesterberg Collection of Keepsakes and Private Press Ephemera, approximately 1987-2002

Letterpress keepsakes and ephemera collected by Chicago-area handpress printer William Hesterberg. The bulk of the collection consists of keepsakes produced by members of the Typocrafters, an informal group of people interested in typography and graphic design.

High, John, 1921-2006: John High Collection, approximately 1890s-1910s

This collection is a gift from New York actor John High, and consists of pre-World War I postcards, including a premier collection of woven silks and Stevengraphs. Other categories in this collection include Alphonse Mucha, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, jigsaw puzzles, “hold-to-lights” and copper windows, the four seasons, twelve months of the year, and crosswords.

Higinbotham, Harlow N. (Harlow Niles), 1838-1919 : Harlow N. Higinbotham Letters, 1861-1865

Collection of 49 letters primarily to Chicago merchant and businessman Harlow Niles Higinbotham from friends, family, and associates during the Civil War.

Hild, Dorothy: Dorothy Hild Papers, 1847-1984

Former Director of Entertainment at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago and founder of the dance troupe Africana Dancers. Papers include correspondence, clippings, financial information, photographs, publicity, sheet music for her productions and dance numbers at the Edgewater Beach Hotel as well as the auto and fair shows Dorothy Hild directed under the auspices of Barnes - Carruthers, and files from her instruction at various YMCA and YWCA locations in Chicago. Additionally, the papers contain audiovisual materials, chiefly related to her productions.

Hillers, John K., 1843-1925: John K. Hillers Photographs of Zuni, Hopi and Rio Grande River Pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona, 1879-1882

From 1879 to 1882, John K. Hillers traveled to the Southwest with Frank Hamilton Cushing and James Stevenson under the auspices of the Bureau of American Ethnology. This collection of 72 photographic prints consists of Hillers’ photographic record of the pueblos, archeological ruins, and peoples of Arizona and New Mexico taken during this trip. These photographs are part of the Edward E. Ayer Photograph Collection.

Himrod, Charles, 1841-1920: Charles Himrod Papers, 1803-1957

Letters, account books, papers, and ephemera pertaining to the family of Charles Himrod, an iron merchant from Waterford, Pennsylvania. The majority of letters are addressed to Himrod's wife, Alice Judson Himrod, from family and friends. Many were written by Charles to Alice during the 1870s when Alice spent the Spring and Summer months with her family in PA, while Charles worked at a furnace company in Ohio. Also included are letters to Charles from various business associates. In addition to correspondence, the papers include deeds, receipts, abstracts, and invoices relating to the Judson and Himrod families; several account books kept by Alice's father, William Judson and Charles' father, David Himrod; business and calling cards; verse and prose by Alice Judson and others; and one architectural drawing of Lucuro Spring Grant New Mexico.

Hitchcock, Marion Gridley, 1929-: Gridley-Hitchcock Family Papers, 1860-2007

Copies of letters, diaries, and photographs of Ruth Daube Gridley (diaries from 1917-1950) and daughter Marion Gridley Hitchcock (diary from 1951-1958). Also copies of letters to Marion by her father, William Whiting Gridley, after the death of his wife that concern his life as sole caretaker for Marion's sister, who was treated for mental illness. Collection also contains a large set of original correspondence from Marion's great-aunt, Josephine Wheat Gridley, primarily concerning family matters and daily life, ca. 1860-1910. There is also a genealogy book of the Gridley family and a variety of personal material including newspaper clippings, catalogs, and a Civil War enlistment roster.

Hitz, Benjamin D.: Benjamin D. Hitz-Willa Cather Papers, 1913-1949

Chiefly correspondence of Benjamin D. Hitz with librarians, booksellers and experts, relating to his search for first editions of Willa Cather; together with notes for studies on her biography, bibliographies and criticism. Also, a small collection of incoming and outgoing Willa Cather correspondence, including twelve original Cather letters and a few copies, plus several relating to Cather.

HMS Media, Inc.: HMS Media, Inc. Records, 2005

4 DVDs of the 13-episode television program called The Chicago Dance Project, showcasing the work of 28 local dance companies and 4 local choreographers. Collections also includes a few newsletters from HMS Media company.

Hoaré, Henry Royal: Henry Royal Hoaré Papers, 1882-1959

Manuscript and printed music, a photograph, and miscellaneous documents of this Chicago violinist, composer, and educator. Hoaré published numerous violin method books in addition to violin sonatas and concertos, and was the head of the violin division at the Chicago Fine Arts Conservatory of Music.

Höfeln, Andreas von: Höfeln Family Papers, 1831-1897

Chiefly letters from Germany to Charlotte Fischer, both before and after her emigration to Illinois in 1851 and her marriage to Andreas von Höfeln in 1852. Also includes correspondence with their son, Alexander Andrew Heflin, who worked for railroads in Kansas, and between Heflin and his wife, teacher Jessie Beathard Heflin.

Hoffmann, John Augustus: Hoffmann Family Papers, approximately 1789-1901

Correspondence and documents relating to the immigrant Hoffmann family, especially John A. Hoffmann of Illinois and Franz Joseph Hoffmann in Dubuque, Iowa. By 1901, the family had established a feed and fuel company in Wilmette, Illinois.

Holabird, Abijah: Abijah Holabird Will, 1826

Manuscript will, and printed form completed in manuscript, of the will of Vermont resident Abijah Holabird, dated Jan. 2, 1826.

Holme, John Francis, 1868-1904: John Francis Holme Drawings, 1901-1902

Fifteen pen-and-ink drawings by illustrator and printer Frank Holme and a printed list of the officers and stockholders of the Bandar Log Press, established by Holme.

Holton, Hugh: Hugh Holton Papers, approximately 1994-2003

Chicago policeman and police fiction author. Holton's papers consist of his published and unpublished works, book production and promotional materials (including posters), awards and certificates, clippings, correspondence, photographs, and a full working police uniform.

Hopkins, Rienzi: Letter to Steuben Jenkins, January 14, 1864

January 1864 letter from Rienzi Hopkins to his friend, Steuben Jenkins, describing life in Calaveras County, California.

Hopkinson, Francis: Brief of title to the premises on the south side of Cuthbert Street... Philadelphia, 1846

A document labeled "Brief of Title to Certain Described Property (1846) Philadelphia". An inside description specifies "the premises on the South side of Cuthbert Street 233 feet East of 20th in the City of Philadelphia." Title shows the lineage of residency from John Fromberger, 1782, through others to Francis Hopkinson, 1846.

Horn, Rudy, 1909-: Rudy Horn Papers, 1920-1995

Correspondence, clippings, photographs and memorabilia of Chicago entertainer known as the "Comedy King of Vaudeville." His father was Henry Horn, who operated and booked nightclubs in the early 1900s and was the onetime owner of Chicago's Green Mill Tavern. Born in 1909, Horn performed as a dancer, comedian, and emcee throughout the US and Europe.

Horne, William D., 1892-1986 : William Horne-Ernest Hemingway Papers,, 1913-1985

Correspondence, works, articles, clippings and memorabilia relating to Ernest Hemingway and William Horne.

House of David (Religious society).: House of David Pamphlets and Ephemera, approximately 1906 to approximately 1970

Collection of printed pamphlets and ephemera, ca. 1906 to ca. 1970, relating to the House of David and Mary’s City of David religious colonies in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Features a variety of topics, including religious beliefs, court cases, and vegetarian recipes.

How, Fisher: Fisher How papers and City of Steuben Company records, 1836-1842

Correspondence and documents relating to the creation and ownership of a land company in Steuben County, Indiana of which Fisher How (sometimes spelled Howe) of New York City was a shareholder and director.

Howard, Alan, 1930-: Alan Howard Papers, 1924-2002

Clippings, photographs, programs, assorted miscellaneous printed material and memorabilia relating to ballet dancers and dance companies.

Howe family: Howe-Barnard Family Papers, 1826-1999

Correspondence, diaries, personal and professional materials, and photographs of the Howe and Barnard families, early Chicago settlers. Included are the materials of Annie L. Howe, a missionary, teacher, and founder of Glory Kindergarten and Training School in Japan, her brother, Edward G. Howe, a science teacher who originated the practice of field trips in science classes, and Alice Lucretia Barnard, one of the first woman principals in the Chicago schools. Also contains Civil War letters of Captain Daniel E. Barnard, Erastus A. Barnard, Willard J. Wilcox, and soldiers in Daniel E. Barnard's regiment regarding payment of pensions.

Howell, Elizabeth Bowen: Elizabeth Bowen Howell journals, 1806-1833

Five writing books and manuscript commonplace books written by Elizabeth Howell in Boston, between 1806 and 1833. Books are manuscript, in ink.

Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920: William Dean Howells poem, approximately 1900

One poem by William Dean Howells, "All the Long August Afternoon."

Howes, Wright: Wright Howes Papers, 1920-1964

20th century Chicago bookseller and bibliographer. Collection consists of correspondence, sales catalogues, and notes, primarily concerning his bibliography of US-iana.

Hoxie, Frederick E., 1947-: Frederick E. Hoxie Papers, 1989-2012

Additions to Hoxie's papers. Includes documents cited in Hoxie's Expert Witness Report (The U.S. States Department of Justice requested that Hoxie prepare a report on the circumstances surrounding the negotiation and ratification of the Saginaw Chippewa Treaties of 1855 and 1864); information and correspondence regarding Penguin Press' publication of Hoxie's book; miscellaneous information regarding the 2000 presidential election and the candidates' stances on Native American issues; documents (e.g. xeroxed reports, handwritten notes, etc.) used in writing "This Indian Country," Hoxie's 2012 book; 2 binders pertaining to the 2003 Lannan Summer Institute in American Studies "American Indian Political Activism Prior to WWII"; and handouts and misc. material for the National Museum of the American Indian's Board of Trustees.

Hoxie, Frederick E., 1947-: Frederick E. Hoxie Papers, 1989-1995

Director of the D'Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian History at the Newberry Library, 1983-1994, and Swanlund Professor of History at the University of Illinois, 1994-. Hoxie's papers consist of correspondence, board of trustee files, and administrative files relating to his work with the National Museum of the American Indian, and a museum manuscript, All Roads are Good: Native Voices on Life and Culture.

Hubbard Street Dance Company.: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Records, 1971-2014

Hubbard Street Dance Company (renamed Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in 1993) was founded by dancer and choreographer Lou Conte in 1977 and has become one of the most successful and most internationally known dance companies to hail from Chicago. Records include administrative files, publicity materials, and audiovisual records of performances of the company.

Hudson, Grace Carpenter, 1865-1937: Photographic copies of Grace Carpenter Hudson's paintings of Pomo Indians, ca. 1920-ca. 1937

Black and white gelatin photographic prints (ca. 1920-1937), captioned with numbers and mounted on sheets of cardboard, of Grace Carpenter Hudson's paintings of Pomo Indians.,Included are portraits and scenes, primarily of children, but also of adults. The children are often depicted with dogs or other animals.

Huebert, Diana, 1899-1983: Diana Huebert Papers, 1916-1983

Material collected by dancer Diana Huebert (Mrs. Abel Faidy), the bulk consisting of programs and photographs of herself and other dancers. Also, some articles she wrote or saved, including an autobiographical sketch, choreographic notes, and miscellaneous material relating to her husband, architect and designer Abel Faidy.

Huebner, Joseph: Joseph Huebner Dance Photographs, approximately 1970-approximately 2005

Joseph Huebner was the University of Notre Dame Library's Fine Arts Bibliographer for 30 years, retiring in 1998. He donated souvenir books, programs, and dance ephemera which were interfiled into the Barzel Dance Research collection, and also donated framed dance photographs showing many ballet stars, including George Balanchine, Suzanne Farrell, Peter Martins, Natalia Makarova, and Ivan Nagy. Also includes a framed photograph of Joffrey dancers Trinity Hamilton and Sam Franke performing "Light Rain" by photographer Herbert Migdoll.

Huffman, L. A. (Laton Alton), 1854-1931 : L.A. Huffman photographs, 1883-1907

Sixteen photographic portraits of Indians and photographs of scenes in the West by Huffman, a professor of journalism (University of Illinois, Northwestern University, University of Denver) and western frontier historian.

Humphries, Edward C., -1862: Edward C. Humphries Papers, 1861-1862

Lieutenant, 2nd Florida Regiment (C.S.A.). Correspondence and telegrams regarding Humphries' July 2, 1862, death in the Seven Days battle near Richmond, Va. Also a letter of Humphries to his wife in Alabama, Dec. 2, 1861, and a family Bible with entries for Humphries and his immediate family.

Hurckes, Richard W.: Richard and Louise Hurckes Stereograph Collection, approximately 1845-approximately 1895

Collection of 33 stereograph images issued by various publishers, including images of animals, American scenes, staged domestic views and images of Hell. Includes wooden stereoscope.

Hurd, Ann Augusta Jaquins, 1834-1921: Hurd-Arno Family Correspondence, 1858-1921

Letters of a Wisconsin family mainly written by Mary Olivia Hurd Arno to her mother, Ann Augusta Hurd, 1886-1897. Also, six letters Ann Augusta Hurd wrote to her father and brother, 1858-1866, and a few miscellaneous letters to or from family or friends.

Hutchins, Robert Maynard, 1899-1977: Robert M. Hutchins speeches, 1940-1941

Speeches and a short letter by Robert M. Hutchins. The materials include a short letter from Hutchins addressed to Miss Hazel Dreis of New Mexico, dated 14 October 1940. He thanks her for her compliments regarding his address and, in appreciation, includes 2 printed copies of his speech, "What the university celebrates: address by President Robert M. Hutchins, at the commemorative chapel service inaugurating the fiftieth anniversary year of the University of Chicago," which he delivered at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel on 8 October 1940. Also included is a 7-page typed manuscript copy of "America and the war: address by Robert M. Hutchins, president of University of Chicago," delivered as a radio broadcast on 23 January 1941.

Hutchinson, Charles Lawrence, 1854-1924: Charles L. Hutchinson Papers, 1868-1934

Correspondence, writings, scrapbooks and miscellany related to Charles L. Hutchinson, Chicago financier, trustee, and philanthropist, particularly regarding Hutchinson’s relationship with the Art Institute of Chicago. Correspondence is solely incoming, mostly to Hutchinson, but also to Mrs. Hutchinson and a few others. Group of writings consists of speeches and diary notebooks. The several scrapbooks hold numerous receipts of art purchases, articles, clippings, a few letters and notes. The miscellaneous material includes a range of art-related items, personal memorabilia, and a few photographs