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Karrow, Robert W.: Robert Karrow Research Papers, 1980-1990

Primarily of photocopies of printed and archival material relating to the U. S. Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian (1869-1884), its director, George M. Wheeler, other staff of the survey, and to the use of the electric telegraph for longitude determination in the 19th century. Also seminar papers and notes, 1986-1988.

Keagle, G. R.: Keagle, G.R. My account of my trip across the Plains., 1866

Civil War veteran G.R. Keagle's diary detailing his journey from West Point, Iowa to Glendale, Nevada, April 16 - August 19, 1866. This volume is a copy of the original prepared in 1868 after the original was damaged in a flood.

Keele, Harold M.: Harold M. Keele Scrapbook, 1901-1929

Scrapbook of Harold M. Keele covering childhood through college and into adulthood. The scrapbook includes photographs, drawings and school papers, ephemera from Monticello High School, Brown University, and the University of Illinois, and newspaper clippings pertaining to various topics, such as Harold Keele’s wedding, his time at the University of Illinois, and his appointment as Assistant U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

Keep the Home Fires Burning Club.: Keep the Home Fires Burning Club Records, 1943-1946

Club formed in Chicago during World War II, the purpose of which was to "cheer folks at home and keep up morale." The club often sent care packages of food or candy to servicemen overseas. Includes letters from servicemen, a few photographs, club minutes, and membership and dues lists.

Kehl School of Dance.: Kehl School of Dance records, 1940-2011

This Madison, Wisconsin dance school was founded by dancer Frederick W. Kehl in 1880. Kehl's Dancing Academy introduced thousands to the art of dance throughout Wisconsin, and the school is currently in its 4th generation of dancers and dance teachers from the Kehl family. Records include costume loose-leaf notebooks, dance routines, music and programs, photographs, and audio material.

Kelly, James, 1962-: James Kelly Choreography Project Memorabilia, 1993-1997

Native San Diegan dancer James Kelly worked in Chicago from 1990 to 1997 as founder and artistic director of the James Kelly Choreography Project, establishing a company whose style was a blend of jazz, ballet and contemporary dance. Small collection of printed memorabilia includes newsletters, posters, programs, and a press kit. Also, four videocassettes of local performances.

Kendall, Milo, 1819-1905: Milo Kendall Papers, 1798-1925

Vermont native who settled in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois, in 1846 and practiced law there for over sixty years. Papers include extensive records of Kendall's legal practice, family correspondence, and real estate records.

Kendall, Nathan R.: Nathan Kendall and Abby J. Reed Kendall Papers, 1842-1912

Correspondence, writings, documents of Nathan Kendall and wife Abby J. Reed Kendall of Massachusetts, Indiana and Illinois, including many letters to each other before and after marriage in 1857, as well as numerous letters to and from members of their families, friends and former students. Some correspondence and documents concern travel to California begun in 1849.

Kennedy, Amos Paul, Jr.: Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. Ephemera Collection, approximately 1990-2012

Posters, paper fans, broadsides, and other ephemera created by Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

Kern, Richard H., 1821-1853: The Far West : Explorations of the Country from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean by Gunnison, Fremont, and Beckwith (1853-1854), 1853-1856

Album of mounted and unsigned manuscript sketches, views and panoramas of the American West. They are mostly attributed to Richard H. Kern but also to F. W. Egloffstein and possibly to S.N. Carvalho. These artists were members of expeditions of 1853 and 1854 which were assembled to explore, survey and map the 38th and 39th parallels in order to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.

Kessler, Harry, Graf, 1868-1937: Count Harry Kessler letters, 1898-1937

Designer, publisher and patron of fine press printing. His first book was the Notizen über Mexico (1898). After founding the Cranach Press at Weimar in 1913, he commissioned type designs from Edward Johnston and a book version of Gordon Craig's staging of Hamlet with designs by Craig. Incoming correspondence, largely in English, with a small number of drafts or carbon copies of outgoing letters. Included are letters from Sidney Cockerell, Edward Gordon Craig, Eric Gill, Edward Johnston, Georges Lemmen, Emery Walker and others.

Kilbourn, Ruth: Ruth Kilbourn Papers, approximately 1947-1949

Small collection of memorabilia, photographs and performance programs and announcements of Ruth Kilbourn, who ran a dance studio in Chicago, Illinois, in the 1940s. Includes a pair of toe shoes

Kimball, Solon Toothaker, 1909-1982: Solon Toothaker Kimball Papers, 1902-1981

Research notes, writings, correspondence and photographs of anthropologist and educator Solon Toothaker Kimball, primarily relating to his work in Ireland (1930's) and among the Navajo (1936-1942). Also includes numerous source materials, particularly extensive newspaper clippings.

Kincaid, Dean: Dean Kincaid Papers, 1982-approximately 2000

Copies of correspondence and documents relating to Dean Kincaid’s dismissal from teaching at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago in 1983. Also includes a history of the Conservatory.

King, Charles, 1844-1933: King, Charles. Letter to Mr. Stoddard, Milwaukee, approximately December 26, 1895

One letter, possibly from writer-soldier Charles King of Milwaukee, to someone possibly employed at the Tribune, beginning, "Dear Mr. Stoddard, Yesterday I sent back a big batch of proofs and at 9 this morning came five slips which go at once. You will see that I have thus far cut out nine pages by slashing here & there...."

Kirkland, Joseph, 1830-1894: Joseph Kirkland Papers, 1842-1939

Correspondence, mainly written by Chicago lawyer and author Joseph Kirkland to and from members of his family, and copies of letters he wrote to Hamlin Garland. Also, a few of Kirkland's works, and some miscellaneous material including biographical, genealogical and social information regarding Kirkland, his family and his literary career.

Kisor, Henry: Henry Kisor Papers, 1904-2014

Henry Kisor is a journalist and author. Born in 1940, Henry became deaf at the age of three. He is known for his decades long (1965-2006) journalism career at Chicago Daily News and Chicago Sun Times as well as his published fiction and nonfiction books. As a journalist, he mainly worked as a book editor and was a 1981 finalist for a Pulitzer Price for Criticism.

Kitchell, Iva, 1908-1983: Iva Kitchell Papers, 1926-1984

Six scrapbooks and large folder of loose material relating to the dance and performance career of Iva Kitchell. Scrapbooks contain articles, clippings, programs, reviews, advertising material, memorabilia and other miscellaneous items that cover Kitchell’s life, from her affiliation with the Chicago Civic Opera Ballet in 1926 to her retirement from an international stage career as a satiric dance mime in 1961. Also, a 1984 catalog of an exhibition of the paintings by her husband Stokely Webster, which contains a number of portraits of Kitchell.

Kittle, C. Frederick: C. Frederick Kittle Collection of Doyleana, 1836-2000

Correspondence, photographs, and artwork of and relating to Arthur Conan Doyle and his family, forming a small part of the C. Frederick Kittle Collection of Doyleana, most of which is individually cataloged. Includes 140 letters, notes and cards written by Arthur Conan Doyle, 12 letters to him, and 57 other letters, some by Doyle family members and others retained by C. Frederick Kittle (mostly regarding his collecting of Doyle materials). Also artwork by Doyle’s father, grandfather and uncle, four additional illustrations, twenty-five photographs and a few miscellaneous items.

Kittredge, William A. (William Albion), 1891-1945: William A. Kittredge Papers, 1907-1952

Chicago designer and author on design, Director of Design and Typography for the R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. of Chicago from 1922-1945. Largely a collection of printed ephemera selected to exemplify the best design of the twentieth century, this collection also includes a few original designs by Kittredge, some correspondence with other designers (most notably Rockwell Kent, Rudolph Ruzicka, Edward A. Wilson, D.B. Updike, and Edward Penfield), and extensive samples of Kittredge's printed products. In this last category there are a few items that pre-date 1922; the remainder is material assembled by Kittredge while in Chicago, 1922-1945.

Klumpp, Emil J.: Emil J. Klumpp Drawings, 1956-1966

Sketches, drawings, and examples of the "Murray Hill" type, from type designer Emil J. Klumpp (1912-1997). Includes handwritten notes attached to examples of the type, and an advertisement for the Murray Hill type design from the Typography Shop, Atlanta, Georgia.

Knowles, Loren M.: Loren M. Knowles Family Papers, 1784-2015

Correspondence and transcriptions thereof, account and estate documents, government records (such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, documents, and letters), news clippings, genealogical research material, photographs, and compilation of information concerning the Knowles family and the related Adgate, Balzhäuser, Brewster, Christian, Cokenhour, Helvig, Hoyal, Hyde, Jackson, Kauffman, Klauder, Lamson, Michell, Oliger, Weigand, and other extended families, located primarily in New York, Ohio, and Michigan.

Koesun, Ruth Ann: Ruth Ann Koesun papers, 1934-1977

Ruth Ann Koesun was born in Chicago and studied dance with Chicago teachers Edna Lucile Baum and Bentley Stone and Walter Camryn. She joined American Ballet Theatre in 1946, and retired from ABT as principal dancer in 1969. Papers include programs, publicity, and films highlighting Koesun's dance career.

Kogan, Herman: Herman Kogan Papers, approximately 1869-1985

Works, professional correspondence, and photographs of Chicago journalist and corporate historian Herman Kogan.

Kolling, Harold, 1920-2011: Harold Kolling Papers / Harold Kolling Century of Progress Collection, 1930-2000

Materials related to Harold Kolling and his family. Kolling (1920-2011) was a historian who received his Ph.D. from The University of Chicago and taught at various universities; his longest tenure was at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. The papers include extensive correspondence with family members and students, and materials from his experience at the University of Chicago and working for Chicago Historian Bessie Louise Pierce. Kolling also visited the Chicago Century of Progress World's Fair in both 1933 and 1934, and kept a diary and a substantial amount of memorabilia from the fair.

Korngold, Ralph, 1882-1964: Ralph Korngold Papers, 1867-1994

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and personal items relating to the life and work of Socialist journalist and historical biographer Ralph Korngold.

Kornweibel, Theodore: Theodore Kornweibel Research Papers, 1910-2001

Research materials assembled by Theodore Kornweibel, a professor of African American studies at San Diego State University, used in the writing of monographs about federal surveillance of and campaigns against African Americans, 1917-1925, and federal efforts to compel Black loyalty during World War I. The collection consists of copies of FBI and other federal agency records, including case files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, detailed notecards, printed federal documents, and Kornweibel's correspondence with federal agencies.

Kramer, Dale, 1936-: Dale Kramer papers, 1930-1966

Journalist, biographer, and literary historian. Kramer's papers include correspondence, literary manuscripts, clippings, photographs, memorabilia, and five Chicago notebooks containing a record of his research and some correspondence of literary figures for his book Chicago Renaissance (1966), about the Chicago Literary Renaissance of the early 20th century.

Kramer, Sidney, 1911-1961: Sidney Kramer Papers, 1934-1946

Letters, research material and works by book dealer and publisher Kramer, perhaps best known for his monumental work, A History of Stone & Kimball and Herbert S. Stone & Co. with a bibliography of their publications, 1893-1905.

Krapp, George Philip, 1872-1934: George Philip Krapp diaries, 1890-1897

Diaries of American scholar and university professor George Philip Krapp, kept while a student at Wittenberg College and on a trip to the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Diaries provide full descriptions of the fair and Chicago, together with interesting reflections on student life and Krapp's decision to pursue scholarship.

Krassner School of Theatre Arts.: Krassner School of Theatre Arts Records, 1906-1997

Documents, photographs and artifacts reflecting the history of the dance and theater schools founded and run by the Chicago Krassner sisters, both in Illinois and California, from 1924 to 1978. Includes letters, announcements, clippings, cue cards, instruction sheets and scripts, programs, miscellaneous memorabilia and a large collection of photographs. Also, a history of the Krassner schools by the son of Blossom Krassner, Paul J. Hartman, and artifacts consisting of a videocassette, two maracas and a tambourine.

Krawiec, Walter, 1889-1982: Walter Krawiec Political Cartoons, approximately 1950-1960s

Five political cartoons by artist Walter Krawiec that were most likely meant for publication in the Chicago Polish Daily News.

Kredel, Fritz, 1900-1973: Fritz Kredel Letters, 1948-1960

Consists mostly of letters written by wood engraver Kredel to Joseph Graves from 1948-1960.

Kruse, Charles T., -1865: Charles T. Kruse letters, 1862-1865

Union soldier, third sergeant in the Ohio Infantry Regiment, 50th, Company G, Kruse enlisted in August of 1862, and served in the field in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. He participated in the Union victory in Atlanta under General Sherman. Typescripts of letters, dated Aug. 24, 1862-April 18, 1865, from Kruse to his parents and brother and sister, describing his experiences in the Union Army. Beginning with his enlistment and first assignment to Camp Dennison, in Hamilton County, Ohio, Kruse's letters detail the daily hardships of military life in the camps, troop movements of the Union forces through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia, and his impressions during various battles. His letter of Sept. 14, 1864 contains a sketch of the movements of his company during the attack on Atlanta, and a copy from Sept. 9, 1864 of Gen. Haskell's thanks to the Union troops for the victory at Atlanta. Also included are two letters from Kruse's mother, Sarah, to her son John: one, dated Dec. 11, 1864, relates that Kruse has been taken prisoner at the battle of Franklin, Tennessee; the other, dated May 26, 1865, laments his death in a boat explosion.