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La Capria, Vincenzo: Vincenzo La Capria Papers, 1917-1954

Music (mostly manuscript) and a few miscellaneous biographical materials and notes of composer Vincenzo La Capria, who immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1916 and taught music in the Chicago area. Also clippings about his wife, soprano Vanda La Capria.

Labhan, Marvin F.: Marvin F. Labahn papers, 1949-2004

Dance periodicals, recordings, convention programs, books, and ephemera relating to square dance collected by square dance caller Marvin Labahn.

Laird, Grace, 1891-1991: Grace Laird Papers, 1883-1991

Correspondence, photographs, writings, biographical information and memento box of Grace Laird, an Iowa school teacher. Most of Lairdís correspondence is comprised of letters to Bernard Brommel, a former student. Photographs contain scenes of Iowa farm life and Laird family members. Collection includes Lairdís travel writing, family histories and her brother Paulís poetry.

Lamb family: Lamb Family Papers, 1812-1931

Mainly papers of Joseph and Hannah Talbot Lamb, who relocated from Stoughton, Mass. to Lake County, Ill., in 1839. Consists of Hannah Talbotís record of deaths, 1812-1841, and Joseph Lambís 1839 seven-page diary of his trip from Stoughton to Lake County. Also, a book of his shoemaking business accounts, as well as farming and general accounts, 1831-1859, which includes a grid-plan of his orchard listing many varieties of mid-nineteenth century apples; documents relating to the U.S. post office the Lambs operated in Whittier, Warren Township, in the 1870s; a hand-written will of son Nahum Lamb, 1912; and two other miscellaneous twentieth-century documents.

Lampe, Evelyn: Evelyn Lampe Postcard Collection, 1907-1996

Collection of 1 photograph and 80 postcards primarily of Zion, Illinois and Chicago. Also included are postcards from Florida, Iowa, New York and Wisconsin.

Lang, Joyce: Joyce Lang papers, 1940-2008

Joyce Petrik Lang, Chicago dancer and daughter of a dancer, studied under many famous Chicago dance teachers and was on the faculty of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, serving as regional director. She opened her first studio in 1956, teaching in Naperville for 22 years and in Brookfield for 17 years. Her collection includes clippings, information about Chicago-area dance companies, correspondence, photographs, and programs.

Langley, Roy, 1909-1983: Roy Langley Papers, 1909-1981

Calligrapher and artist who studied at the School of the Art Institute, and who worked an art instructor in Iowa before becoming Director of the Sioux City Art Museum. Collection includes notes, course papers, photos, correspondence, and examples of Langley's work, including book jackets, menus, brochures, and certificates.

LaRayne School of Dancing (Chicago, Ill.).: LaRayne School of Dancing Memorabilia, 1930-1947

Published and mimeographed ballet, tap and novelty dance routines, probably belonging to the LaRayne School of Dancing and/or choreographers and teachers Marion Freeman, Jack Manning and the Del-Wrights. Includes catalogs for the yearly conventions of the Chicago Association of Dancing Masters, 1930-1936, and for summer sessions at the Chicago Teachers College, 1939-1947. Also, the script for a childrenís musical play.

Lardner, John, 1912-1960: John Lardner Papers, ca. 1900-2001

Correspondence, works, personal materials, photographs, and artwork of sportswriter, humorist, reporter, and critic John Lardner.

Lardner, Ring, 1885-1933 : Ring Lardner Papers, 1805-2003

Correspondence and writings of journalist and humorist author Ring Lardner. Also estate papers, including royalty records through 2003, biographical materials, publicity and reviews, adaptations of writings, and a few photographs.

LaRue, Mervin W., 1918-2005: Mervin W. LaRue Papers, ca. 1930-1934

A scrapbook put together by Mervin W. LaRue that contains newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the Century of Progress World's Fair held in Chicago in 1933. Also included in the papers are several negatives and photographs (ca. 1930-1934) and one copy of the Chicago Daily News' 1933 World's Fair Photogravure Issue.

Lauder, Leonard A.: Leonard A. Lauder Collection of Raphael Tuck & Sons Postcards, approximately 1903-1959

This collection, a gift of Leonard A. Lauder, consists of more than 35,500 Raphael Tuck & Sons postcards, mainly the Oilette series. The Tuck Company began operating in England in 1866, and started printing picture postcards in 1894. Oilette postcards, introduced in 1903, were the work of many different artists employed by the company and encompassed a great variety of subject matter, including country and farm scenes, landscapes, and churches. Tuck described Oilettes as ďveritable miniature oil paintings.Ē Postcards are undated; however, the Tuck Company went out of business in 1959, so the dates for the collection are approximate.

Lauder, Val: Val Lauder Papers, 2012-2013

Proof copy and final draft of The Back Page, by former Chicago Daily News columnist and feature writer Valarie (Val) Lauder.

Law Club (Chicago, Ill.).: Law Club (Chicago, Ill.). Records, 1930-1989

Minutes, membership applications and other member information, yearbooks, papers delivered, and other records of this Chicago social club. The brainchild of Eugene Prussing, the club was founded in 1883 as an organization for young lawyers. It soon became a prestigious group known for its entertainments and has counted such prominent figures as Adlai Stevenson and Kenesaw Mountain Landis among its members.

Lawrence, Maude Maury: Maude Maury Lawrence Papers, 1912-1946

Ephemera collection related to the college and music career of soprano Maude Maury Lawrence, an Illinois signer and performer who formed a traveling troupe during the World War I era. Includes correspondence, travel itineraries and ephemera, programs, state fair passes, tickets, and business cards.

Lawson, Victor Fremont, 1850-1925: Victor Lawson Papers, ca.1860-1931

Correspondence, reports, legal documents, contracts, and other materials pertaining to Victor Lawsonís life and career as a pioneering newspaperman and owner of the Chicago Daily News in early 1900s Chicago.

League of Property Owners of Chicago.: League of Property Owners of Chicago. Ledger and Minutes, 1950-1961

Manuscript ledger and minutes of the League of Property Owners of Chicago, 1950-1961.

Leahy, William, 1935-2010: William J. Leahy Papers, 1967-2010

Short fiction, poetry, and journalism of Chicago-based writer William Leahy. Most of his writing is based in Irish, South Side Chicago neighborhoods. Additionally, there are video and radio recordings.

Lederer, William L.: William Lederer Papers, 1959-2013

Chicago playwright and nephew of Studs Cunningham, upon whom James T. Farrell based the main character of his Studs Lonigan trilogy. Included are Lederer's original plays, screenplays, novel, novella, and poetry. Contains biographical statement, articles, clippings, and reviews. Also eight letters from James T. Farrell to Lederer, 1972-1973, and one letters from Marshall Brooks, 2004.

Lee, Agnes, 1868-1939: Agnes Lee-Edgar Lee Masters Papers, 1919-1933

35 letters from Edgar Lee Masters to Agnes Lee (Mrs. Otto Freer), one typed poem and one galley sheet.

Lee, John Thomas: John Thomas Lee Letters, 1888-1916

Four letters to John Thomas Lee from Walter Deane, Mrs. John B. Thacher and John Larkin Winship, 1909-1916. Also, one letter from Charles Deane to Robert C. Winthrop, 1888, and a printed obituary for Walter Deane.

Lee, John Thomas: John Thomas Lee Papers, 1907-1932

Thirty letters to Wisconsin historian John Thomas Lee from various scholars, librarians and booksellers, concerning his work on a bibliography of Jonathan Carverís Travels through the Interior parts of North America, first published in London in 1778. Also, a letter from Grace Raymond Hebard concerning 1932 publication of The Pathbreakers, and a wax impression of a seal supposedly used at the signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty.

Lellenberg, Jon L.: Jon Lellenberg Arthur Conan Doyle Papers, 1868-2008

Editor of Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters. Papers include manuscript drafts and page proofs of the book, hardback and paperback copies published in the U.S. and Britain, photocopies of Doyle's letters from the British Library, publicity files.

LeMoyne, John V., 1828-1918: John V. LeMoyne Papers, 1851-1889

Mainly incoming letters to Chicago lawyer and Congressman, John V. LeMoyne, from his Washington, Pennsylvania family, including his abolitionist father. Many of the letters caution against real estate speculation and reveal strong religious beliefs.

Leonard, Charles S., 1835-: Charles S. Leonard papers, 1862-1897

Civil War military service documents of Charles S. Leonard, 31st Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, together with correspondence and forms relating to Leonard's efforts to correct his service record and obtain military pension and bounty payments. Also genealogical notes, possibly relating to Leonard's attempt to qualify for the Society of Mayflower Descendants, a deed for the sale of 160 acres in Norton County, Kan. and a few newspaper clippings.

Lťvy, Heniot, 1879-1945: Heniot Lťvy Papers, 1879-1946

Music manuscripts and some additional material for this Chicago pianist, composer, and educator. Lťvy taught at the American Conservatory in Chicago and composed vocal music, orchestral works, and works for piano, organ, and string quartet. The collection also includes two photographs and an opera synopsis by Hazel Johnson.

Levy, Ruth: Ruth Levy Dance Photographs, 1928-1976

Ruth Levy, who performed as a dancer with the Pavley/Oukrainsky Junior Ballet, received a masterís degree in photography at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1972. This collection includes her slides, negatives, proof sheets, and prints of dancers in several companies, including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the American Ballet Theatre, the Dance Theatre of Harlem, the Joffrey Ballet, the New York City Ballet, and the Ruth Page Chicago Ballet among others. Some of these photographs were part of her photographic essay ďOf Dance and DancersĒ and exhibited at the Chicago Public Library in 1974.

Lewis, Evangeline E., 1865-1950: Evangelina E. Lewis Photographic Postcard Collection of the Philippine Islands, Approximately 1915-1916

Collection of photographic postcards collected by Evangelina E. Lewis produced possibly by the photographer Samuel M. Shera. Postcards mostly depict figures, events, architecture, and landscapes in the Philippines.

Lewis, Lloyd, 1891-1949: Lloyd Lewis Papers, 1886-1985

Correspondence, manuscripts, clippings, personal materials, and photographs of Chicago journalist and historian Lloyd Lewis.

Lewis, Louise, 1895-1986: Lewis Family Papers, 1775-1977

Correspondence, documents, personal materials, genealogical research, and photographs of the Lewis and related families collected by Louise Lewis, sister of Chicago journalist Lloyd Lewis.

Lewis, Lucia: Lucia Lewis artifacts and memorabilia, 1955-1962

Artifacts belonging to Lucia Lewis, Chicago Daily News travel editor. Consists mainly of awards given to Lewis, with membership cards and some memorabilia.

Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951: Sinclair Lewis Clipping Collection , 1929-1967

American author of Babbitt, Main Street, Arrowsmith, Dodsworth. Clipping file beginning with the publication of Dodsworth (1929) and with the exception of a few clippings, ending two years after Lewis' death. Contains no obituaries.

Liberman, M.M., (Myron Mandell): M.M. Liberman Papers, 1953-1974

Correspondence between scholar M.M. Liberman and author Katherine Anne Porter and her lawyer regarding Libermanís access to Porterís papers and the short-lived designation of Liberman as Porterís literary executor. Also, one short letter from Allen Tate and three from Malcolm Cowley, plus three off-prints of Libermanís articles on Porter and a copy of Porterís early cancelled will.

Little Room (Chicago, Ill.).: Little Room Records, 1898-1931

Business records of the Little Room, an early twentieth century Chicago social club composed of artists, writers, musicians, etc., including correspondence, memorabilia and membership material.

Long, William Pym, 1842-1912: William Pym Long Journals, 1846-1958

Four journals with writings by teacher and nursery owner William Pym Long, primarily from 1872-1911. Long lived in Carroll County, Illinois and Richardson County, Nebraska and wrote entries commenting on the weather, agricultural work and plants, and social news along with detailed lists of correspondence, plant sales, weather logs, and yearly summaries. He also documents his trip from Illinois to Nebraska.

Luhmann, Robert Adolf: R. A. Luhmann WWI Postcard Collection, 1903-1918

Collection of postcards from the Luhmann family, including about 200 cards with personal correspondence sent from 1903-1911. The bulk of the collection focuses on postcards, miscellaneous photographs, and assorted ephemera collected by Musician First Class R. A. Luhmann of World War I battlefields, towns, and soldiers (some images are graphic).

Luick, Lars: Lars Luick Papers, 1972-2008

Luick, a Chicago photographer, has been published in Ballet News and Dance Magazine. This collection of his work includes photographs of Balanchine's funeral, the Boitsov Classical Ballet Company, and the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Also includes framed and loose photographs and works of art and collages, cassettes, and slides.

Lundgren, Harriet, 1907-1996: Harriet Lundgren Papers, 1917-1991

Material relating to the career of Chicago ballet dancer Harriet Lundgren. Includes three scrapbooks of clippings, articles, pictures and reviews regarding Lundgren, other dancers, and opera singers of the 1920s and 1930s. Also, a few articles and magazine excerpts on the ballet, several programs, and a collection of miscellaneous photographs of performers and celebrities.

Lutz, Adeline Louise: Lutz-Chamberlin Family Papers, 1844-1992

Correspondence, writings, business and legal documents, photographs, clippings, genealogical materials, and postcard collection of members of the Chamberlin and Lutz families, ranging from the 1850ís to the 1990ís. The Chamberlin correspondence consists of George E. Chamberlinís letters written when he was a student at Dartmouth and subsequently as an officer in the Civil War, plus letters of other Chamberlin family members, mostly through the 1860's. The Lutz correspondence consists of business correspondence of the 1860ís and mostly 20th century letters.