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Nabokov, Peter: Peter Nabokov Papers, 1937-1984

Research papers of author and American Indian Studies professor Peter Nabokov relating to his books, Indian Running: Native American History and Tradition and Native American Testimony anthologies.

Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821: Spencer Napoleonica Collection, 1756-1975

A collection of materials, chiefly autographs, relating to the Napoleonic Era. Military orders, political and personal correspondence, legal documents, receipts, portraits, and images are included.

Nappo, Carmen: Carmen Nappo Memorabilia, 1960-1978

Articles, programs, and miscellaneous material, including two photographic portraits, of musical composer and conductor Carmen Nappo. A student of the Chicago Conservatory, he completed his career in Miami, conducting the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Greater Miami, among other orchestras.

Near North News.: Near North News Photographs, approximately 1960-approximately 2000

Photographs of the Near North News, a Chicago community newspaper founded in 1956 and published for over 40 years by Arne Matanky. Contains images of Chicagoans as well as national and international figures. Also a card file containing information on Chicago individuals and organizations, and a birthday index arranged by date.

Near North Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.: Near North Unitarian Universalists Fellowship Records, approximately 1960-1970

Primarily newsletters of the Near North Chicago branch of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Also includes a small amount of correspondence, meeting minutes, blank stationary, and notes. The Unitarian Universalist Association is a religious organization that combines the traditions of the Universalists, who organized in 1793, and the Unitarians, who organized in 1825. They consolidated into the UUA in 1961.

Nebenzahl, Kenneth, 1927-: Kenneth Nebenzahl Records, 1961-1984

Records of Chicago bookseller Nebenzahl dating from 1961-1984. Records include correspondence, stock, travel, and sales records.

Nedwick, Jerrold, 1895-1966: Jerry Nedwick Papers, 1918-1928

Jerrold (Jerry) Nedwick (1895?-1966) was a Chicago native who owned and operated Nedwick’s Book Store for over forty years. He married Rhoda Katz in 1925 and wrote to her almost daily during her two extended stays at sanatoriums, one in Winfield, Illinois, the other in Denver, Colorado. Both Jerry and Rhoda were originally from Illinois and active in the Chicago Jewish and literary communities. This collection is mostly his letters to her about his life while she was away, and contains no letters from her. It mentions popular locations such as the Palace Hotel, the Sherman House, and the Dill Pickle Club, as well as their personal friends and family affairs.

Neiman family: Niemann Family Papers, 1825-1960

Baptismal, marriage, confirmation, teacher's, naturalization, death, and other certificates of the German-American Niemann family of Chicago. Also probate documents, newspaper clippings, tax bills, World's Columbian Exposition ephemera, and other memorabilia.

Nelson, Lucile L.: Lucile L. Nelson papers, 1905-1989

Letters, documents, and photographs documenting the life of Chicago woman Lucile L. Nelson. Prominent in the collection is the series of letters to Lucile from her betrothed, Gail O. Woodman, who volunteered to fight in World War I in 1917. He was stationed at Camp Logan in Texas, after which he was sent to France, where he was injured by shrapnel blast and died in a London Hospital on Dec. 3, 1918. The letters detail Army and combat life, and are accompanied by a photo album of the same time period, loose photographs, and miscellaneous documents.

Neruda, Donald R., 1931-2002: Donald R. Neruda Papers, approximately 1980-2002

Eleven specimens of calligraphy by Chicago-area calligrapher Donald R. Neruda. One specimen is on stained glass.

Never The Same.: Never The Same Ephemera Collection, 1968-2014

Ephemera collected by Never The Same, a project begun by Northwestern University Professor Rebecca Zorach and Daniel Tucker, founder of AREAChicago. Never The Same collects items documenting socially and politically engaged art in Chicago since the 1960s. Collection consists of brochures, fliers, postcards, pamphlets, posters, artwork, books, journals, CDs, DVDs, and 3-dimensional artifacts emanating from a wide variety of sources, both individual and organizational.

New York Central Sleeping Car Company.: Stock certificates of the New York Central Sleeping Car Company and Central Transportation Company, 1875-1880

Three stock certificates of the New York Central Sleeping Car Company and Central Transportation Company. One certificate from the New York Central Sleeping Car Company is dated 1875 and the other is dated 1880. The certificate from the Central Transportation Company is undated.

Newberry Library.: Theater programs, ca. 1755-present

Programs, playbills, and scrapbooks for theatrical productions, including music recitals, opera, some motion pictures, and other spectacles in addition to drama. Programs from Chicago, New York City, and England make up a large portion of the collection, but there are examples from theaters across the United States and Europe.

Newberry Library.: Road Maps and Travel Ephemera Collection, 1876-2018

Growing collection of printed road maps and travel ephemera issued to promote local tourism. Scattered worldwide geographic coverage, but most extensive for the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Newberry Library.: Native Americans in Film Collection, 1912-2018

Collection of movie scripts featuring Native American themes, characters, and actors, augmented by a variety of visual materials. Consists of over 300 items including scripts, press and promotional booklets, lobby cards, posters, and photographs.

Newberry Library.: Pre-Fire Chicago Ephemera Collection, 1853-1871

Over 50 pieces of Pre-Fire Chicago ephemera from the 1850s to the early 1870s. Primarily commercial ephemera, including billheads, business letters, trade journals, invoices, commercial flyers, circulars and trade cards, receipts, and other documents. Industries represented include newspapers, railroad interests, stationers and printers, hosiery manufacturers, coffee pot manufacturers, school apparatus, masons, and many others.

Newberry Library.: Post-Fire Chicago Ephemera Collection, 1872-1946

An assortment of over 50 pieces, including commercial ephemera (billheads, invoices, circulars, catalogs); theatrical and entertainment ephemera (handbills, programs) including operas, rodeo, and others; several snapshots; 1880 Prohibition ticket; 1880 Knights Templar ribbon; 1875 wee memorandum/calendar booklet; bound booklet of sample bank checks (1880s); White City News amusement company newsletter (1924); and many others.

Newberry Library.: Newberry Library Archives, 1885-ongoing

The Newberry Library's institutional records, records of the Walter L. Newberry estate, personal papers of staff members and trustees, photographs, and publications that document the establishment and operation of the library, its growth and transformation over time, and its active participation in the cultural and intellectual life of Chicago and the nation. Also information on the Newberry family and property development in Chicago.

Newberry Library.: Official State & Provincial Road Map Collection of the United States & Canada, 1924-2020

Road maps issued by official state and provincial government agencies in the United States and Canada (over 2,500 maps, published 1924-ongoing).

Newberry Library.: City Directory Collection, 1710-2019

Collection of city, county, business, and telephone directories representing the United States and select international locations from the late 18th-century through the middle of the 20th-century.

Newberry Library.: Mendicant Ephemera Collection, approximately 1850-2018

Collection of printed poems, postcards, photographs, and other ephemera with appeals to the public by people who are blind, deaf, or with other physical disabilities, offered in exchange for a small donation. Geographic coverage is focused primarily on the United States but also includes Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Spain.

Newberry Library. John M. Wing Foundation.: John M. Wing Foundation Printing Ephemera Collection, Approximately 1750-ongoing

Printed ephemera from a variety of companies, organizations, and individuals, mostly concerned with printing, publishing, graphic design, and related book arts. Geographic coverage includes North America, Great Britain, Europe and East Asia.

Newberry Library. John M. Wing Foundation.: Type Specimen Sheets and Booklets, 1870-ongoing

A collection of over 2500 type specimen sheets and other advertising materials issued by type foundries, typesetters, and printers that display typefaces, type families, or groups of types. Geographic coverage includes United States, Great Britain, and continental Europe.

Newberry Library. John M. Wing Foundation.: Letterhead and Stationery Collection, approximately 1900-ongoing

This is a growing collection of letterheads, envelopes, and stationery sheets. Geographic coverage includes the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The bulk of materials come from Illinois, particularly the Chicago region. Most items were issued between approximately 1900 and approximately 1925.

Newberry Library. John M. Wing Foundation.: Paper Specimen Collection, approximately 1900-ongoing

A collection of paper specimen sheets, catalogs, binding materials, and other advertising materials issued primarily by paper companies. Geographic coverage includes primarily the United States and continental Europe.

Newberry Library. John M. Wing Foundation.: Italian Religious Broadsides, 1611-1697

Collection of 154 religious broadsides printed in Italy between 1611 and 1697. These broadsides were issued for various Catholic feast days and other religious occasions; the majority of items feature sonnets related to these topics. Many broadsides were commissioned by confraternities or trade guilds and most were dedicated to clerical or noble patrons of these organizations.

Newberry Library. John M. Wing Foundation.: Portraits of Writing Masters and Mistresses, approximately 1595 to approximately 1878

Collection of 170 prints and manuscripts produced primarily in Europe between 1595 and 1878, the bulk of which were produced between 1650 and 1780. Most items were produced in London. The majority of items are portrait prints of writing masters and penmen, though there are also examples of writing samples, calligraphic art portraying religious scenes or theologians, as well as correspondence.

Newberry Library. Office of the Collection Development Librarian.: Hall, Frederick A.H. - Bibliographer's subject files, 1949-1983, bulk 1962-1972

Librarian and specialist in Latin American and Iberian history and literature, who served in a variety Newberry Library positions from 1955 to 1972. Files concern the management of the Greenlee Collection, collection development, the Graff Collection searching and sale projects, and Hall's studies at the University of Texas.

Newberry Library. Office of the Collection Development Librarian.: Richard Colles Johnson bibliographer's subject files, 1963-1973

Newberry library reference librarian and bibliographer of American history and literature, 1963-1999, who also worked part-time on the Writings of Herman Melville project. Johnson's bibliographer's subject files consist of memoranda pertaining to acquisitions, monthly reports, and special projects files.

Newberry Library. Office of the Collection Development Librarian.: Richard Colles Johnson correspondence, 1964-1973

Newberry library reference librarian and bibliographer of American history and literature, 1963-1999, who also worked part-time on the Writings of Herman Melville project. Johnson's correspondence is with collectors, booksellers, and presses. Series organized in two segments: 1964-1968 arranged by year and alphabetical thereunder; 1969-1963 arranged alphabetically.

Newberry, Julia Butler Clapp, 1818-1885: Julia Butler Newberry and Family Papers, 1800-1921

Miscellaneous material relating to Julia Butler Newberry and her family. Contains original letters of Julia B. Newberry and her immediate family, 1830-1880, and photocopies of correspondence of the Butler, Clapp and Devereux families. Also, financial correspondence, a diary of Mary B. Devereux (photocopy), a small unknown diary, genealogical research on the Butler, Devereux, Kernan families, a few receipts and a photocopy of an 1877 probate record for the estate of Walter L. Newberry.

Newberry, O. P. (Oliver Perry), 1831-1874: Oliver Perry Newberry Papers, 1860-1895

Mainly correspondence of Cameron, Missouri resident Oliver Perry Newberry, 1860-1867, primarily relating to his Civil War service in the Union army; and cabinet, carte-de-visite and a few tintype photographs of Newberry family and friends dating primarily from the 1880's.

Newberry, Walter Cass, 1835-1912: Walter Cass Newberry Papers, 1840-1908

Correspondence, legal documents, and other documentation relating to the finances of Walter Cass Newberry and Henry Warner Newberry; correspondence, manuscripts, paperwork, and photographs related to the Civil War activities of the 24th New York Cavalry and Walter Cass Newberry’s military history.

Newberry, Walter Loomis, 1804-1868: Walter Loomis Newberry Letters, 1833-1838

Eighteen letters from businessman Walter L. Newberry to Lucius Lyon, the Michigan Territory's Delegate to Congress (and later, Michigan's Senator), regarding local and national politics, property values in Chicago and Detroit, the prospects of Michigan statehood, and other issues. Collection also includes a $20 check on the Bank of Michigan, Detroit, dated Oct. 15, 1827, from Lyon to Newberry.

Newberry, Walter Loomis, 1804-1868: Walter Loomis Newberry Estate records, 1852-1908

Estate records of Walter Loomis Newberry, Chicago real estate investor, banker and commission merchant, who provided for the creation of the Newberry Library in his will, include correspondence, litigation records, property distribution schedules, financial records and other documents concerning daily management of the estate for the Newberry family. Also documentation re: leasing, subdividing, improving and selling properties in Chicago.

Newberry, Walter Loomis, 1804-1868: Letter from Walter L. Newberry, Chicago, Illinois, to Benjamin Hodge, Buffalo, New York, March 26, 1848

Walter L. Newberry autographed letter to Benjamin Hodge dated March 16, 1848. Newberry is remitting order to Hodge for fruit trees and other plants.

Newcomb, John Bearss, 1824-1896: John Bearss Newcomb Papers, 1737-1896

Correspondence and personal material of John Bearss Newcomb, Elgin, Illinois schoolmaster and businessman. Also extensive genealogical records of the Newcomb Family, daybooks and miscellaneous legal and business items. Historical items relating to the town of Elgin, Illinois in the 19th century and some Civil War records.

Newhall, H.: Newhall, H. Letter to Benjamin Hodge, Buffalo, N.Y., March 7, 1848

H. Newhall autographed letter to Benjamin Hodge dated March 7, 1848. Letter outlines order for fruit trees and other plants.

Newkirk, John C., 1810-1890: John C. Newkirk Papers, 1839-1856

Legal, financial, and social correspondence written to John C. Newkirk concerning the development of Joliet, Illinois. The bulk of the correspondence centers upon the business relationship between Newkirk and his law partner, John M. Wilson, both of whom had invested in Joliet prospects prior to the Panic of 1837.

Newman, M. W. (Morton William), 1917-2001 : M. W. Newman Papers, 1917-2002

Works, correspondence, personal materials, and memorabilia of Chicago newspaper editor, reporter, and critic M. W. Newman.

Newton, A. Edward (Alfred Edward), 1864-1940: A. Edward Newton Letters, 1928-1937

Fifteen letters written by author, businessman and book collector A. Edward Newton. Two are to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Ames Ballard and thirteen are to Mrs. James W. Thorne.

Newton, William Edward, 1914-1994: William Edward Newton Papers, 1914-1994

Correspondence, original design work, and music by Chicago musician, artist and designer William Edward Newton.

Nicholson, Juanita: Juanita Nicholson Papers, 1952-1983

Juanita Nicholson is a dance teacher and former volunteer at the Newberry in Chicago. Papers, which are mainly concerned with the Cecchetti Council of America and the Cecchetti method of teaching ballet, include instruction booklets, syllabi for dance classes and teacher examinations, some miscellaneous class notes, two volumes of piano music, a cassette tape, and phonograph records of Cecchetti Grades One through Five.

Nielsen Funeral Home (Chicago, Ill.).: Nielsen Funeral Home Records, 1912-1979

Records of a Scandinavian funeral home which was in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago for most of the 20th century.

Nieminski, John, 1929-1986: John Nieminski Papers, 1900-1995

Editor of Baker Street Miscellanea, and author and editor of several works regarding Arthur Conan Doyle, Vincent Starrett, and mystery magazines. Nieminski's papers consist of notes, clippings, magazines, etc., relating to the topics of his works.

Niffenegger, Audrey: Audrey Niffenegger Papers, 1990-1993

Typescript drafts of The Time Traveler’s Wife and other works; related sketches, drawings, correspondence, and ephemera; press clips and other biographical information.

Norris, Hoke: Hoke Norris Papers, 1934-1977

Collection of correspondence, works, research materials, and personal information by and about Hoke Norris, reporter, book reviewer, novelist, and public affairs director. Norris worked for several papers including the Raleigh News and Observer, the Winston-Salem Journal-Sentinel, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chicago Daily News.

North Shore Music Festival (Evanston, Ill.).: North Shore Music Festival Scrapbooks, 1930-1932

Newspaper clippings, programs, reviews, forms, contracts, and tickets in three scrapbooks for the 22nd-24th year of this classical music festival held at Northwestern Illinois University for a week every summer since 1909. The festival featured members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with conductor Frederick Stock, and guest artists like Claire Dux, Percy Grainger, Lily Pons, and Ignaz Jan Paderewski.

Norton, John, 1770-1827: John Norton papers, 1804-1816,bulk 1804-1810

Schoolmaster, interpreter, Mohawk chief, army officer, and author; also known as Teyoninhokarawen.,Probably born in Scotland of Cherokee and Scottish parents, Norton was adopted by the Mohawk chief, Joseph Brant, as nephew, deputy, and successor (appointed non-hereditary chief for war and diplomacy in 1799). Addresses and correspondence of John Norton, with speeches and petitions of the Grand River Indians, chiefly dating 1804-1810.,Includes a contemporary copy of "The address of Teyoninkokarowen ... to the Mohawk Indians," written ca. 1805 by Norton to introduce his translation of the Gospel of John. Also a letter book containing copies of Norton's correspondence with British reformers (John Owen, Robert Barclay, William Wilberforce, Samuel Thornton) and with colonial administrators (William Claus, Francis Gore); and speeches and memorials of the council and chiefs of the Five Nations. Topics include: 1804-1805 England trip; Grand River land grant; conflicts with Claus; plans for Indian uplift; Mohawk gospel; and 1809-1810 Cherokee country tour. Also miscellaneous correspondence, extracts of correspondence, speeches, and newsclippings, all apparently stored in the letterbook.

Nussbaum, Mike: Mike Nussbaum Papers, 1945-2017

Playscripts, photographs, clippings, and miscellaneous personal and production materials of Chicago actor and director known for his work with playwright David Mamet and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

Nuzum, Ruth: Ruth Nuzum - Malcolm Cowley Research Collection, approximately 1930-1999

Photocopies of articles, correspondence, and other material assembled by rare book collector and Cowley completist Ruth Nuzum.