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Ullmann, Margaret: Margaret Ullman Writings, 1894-1956

Typewritten essays presented at meetings of the Winnetka Fortnightly, 1930's-1950's, an essay presented to the Mary Noble Club in Kenwood, ca. 1905, plus a scrapbook of childhood poetry and a literary newspaper dating from 1894, some collected early poetry (collected in 1914), volumes of verse written during the 1920's, copies of her poetry published in the Chicago Daily News and the Ladies' Home Journal.

Underwood, Muriel: Muriel Underwood papers, 1950-1977

Correspondence (some calligraphy), clippings, printed ephemera, notes on phone calls, etc. concerning the 50th anniversary publication of the Society of Typographic Arts and other projects, such as reprinting the STA's Book of Oz Cooper : an appreciation of Oswald Bruce Cooper; correspondents include Robert Borja, Thea Wheelwright of Bond Wheelwright Co., Susan Scott and Paula ThompSon of Wexford Press.

Unidentified: World's Columbian Exposition Color Plates, approximately 1893

Nine color plates that appear to be of buildings from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The plates show traces of having been removed from a binding. The nine scenes include the Woman’s Building, the Electricity Building, the Machinery Building, the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building, the Fisheries Building, the United States Government Building, the Grand Basis and Peristyle (with Statue of the Republic in basin), the Administration Building, and the Transportation Building.

United States. Army.: Letters between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, 1865

A series of nine communications exchanged between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee during April 7-9, 1865 negotiating Lee's surrender; transcribed in the hand of Ely Samuel Parker, Grant's military secretary, and accompanied by his notes.

United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.: Chicago Lakefront and River Photographs, approximately 1890

58 prints of Chicago lakefront and river scenes, found in a manila envelope marked: “Prints from glass negatives produced by the Corps of Engineers ca. 1890; originals now with the Chicago Maritime Society.”

United States. Army. Ordnance Department.: Accounting statements, 1820

Includes three separate accounting statements recording ordnance supplies held at Greenleaf's Point and at Fort Belle Fontaine. The first item is a detailed accounting notebook (18 pages) of expenditures for basic supplies at Greenleaf's Point Arsenal (1817-1820) under the command of Capt. Joseph S. Nelson. The notebook contains over 400 entries for a variety of provisions including lumber, shovels, nails, rope, oil and lead. The other two items briefly enumerate accounts of ordnance stores at Fort Belle Fontaine (Sept. & Dec. 1820). Each statement lists the military weapons held at the fort such as cannons, howitzers, small arms, and ammunition supplies.

United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs.: Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian Relocation Records, 1936-1975

Photographs, promotional brochures, statistics, clippings, etc., dating mainly from 1956 to 1958, from album / notebooks compiled by Bureau of Indian Affairs agencies and relocation program field offices at reservations and schools (Cheyenne River, Fort Peck, Great Lakes, Intermountain School, Menominee, New Mexico Pueblos, Pierre, Sisseton including Flandreau, Turtle Mountain, Winnebago), and in cities (Chicago, St. Louis).

Unknown: Civil War Photographs, approximately 1864

Ten carte-de-visite photographs of Union soldiers, camps, and buildings in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.

Unknown: Materials for history of Vermont regiments in the Civil War, consisting of manuscript notes and newspaper clippings, ca. 1862-1865

Notes and newspaper clippings collected by an unknown person regarding the history of Vermont regiments in the Civil War.

Unknown: Pennsylvania general store ledger volumes, 1794-1848

Two ledger volumes. The first is daily accounts kept by what looks like a Carlisle (probably Pennsylvania) general store from 1794-1796. The first several pages appear to be farm accounts, with records of sale of flour by the barrel and of wages paid to reapers. The second volume, 1832-1848, also appears to be from a general store, with some personal accounts at the end, including an itemization of the costs of sending a son, Robert, to "Dick College" and a list of texts purchased, 1836-1842.

Unknown: Photograph album of automobile trips in the Midwest, Canada, and the West, 1933-1937

Black-and-white photographs mounted in album with handwritten captions documenting a series of automobile trips taken by an unidentified couple. Featured areas include Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Canada.

Unknown: Ohio and Pennsylvania land deeds and plats, 1807-1812

2 deeds and one plat, 1807-1812. The first deed, signed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1807, refers to the sale of land in Ohio. The second document, dated 1810, is a manuscript and printed land deed also pertaining to the sale of Ohio land. The third item, a 1812 plat, is a manuscript map of a farmland tract located west of Freeburg, Stark County, Ohio.

Unknown: Notes and diagrams regarding crystal formation, n.d.

A notebook containing notes and diagrams regarding crystal formation. The date and author are unknown.

Unknown: Maxwell Street Market Photograph, May 1962

One black and white photograph of Maxwell Street Market from May 1962. Pictured in the foreground are a seated women selling clothing and man strolling down the sidewalk. In the background are shoppers, sellers, cars, buses, with a viaduct and buildings in the distance.

Unknown: Edna St. Vincent Millay Photograph, approximately 1925

One black and white photograph of Edna St. Vincent Millay, an American lyrical poet and playwright who won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1923.

Unknown: [Photographs of Quiriguá], approximately 1920-1946

Nine black-and-white photographic prints of the Mayan ruins at Quiriguá, Guatemala in the Motagua Valley. Depicted are eight steles, pillar-like carved slabs of stone, and one zoömorph. The photographs are signed "Janette W. Dixon." The photographer remains unknown. The photographs are undated, but were a gift of Janette Dixon of Chicago from May 29, 1946.

Unknown: Temperance Pledge Collection, 1839-1970

Collection of temperance pledge certificates representing many major temperance organizations (both American and trans-Atlantic), some families, and a variety of states and localities.

Unknown: Plan of the Ruined Group of Xkichmook, approximately 1886-1898

Unsigned architectural drawings and diagrams featured in Edward Herbert Thompson's article "Ruins of Xkichmook, Yucatan," which was published in 1893 by the Field Columbian Museum (Field Columbian Museum Publication 28, Anthropological Series Vol. II, No. 3, July 1898). Thompson explored and excavated the Maya ruins of Xkichmook at various times beginning in 1886.

Unknown [C.H.S.]: [C.H.S. watercolor drawings of Indians of North, South, and Central America, the West Indies, and Mexico, copied from various sources], approximately 1843-1850

Watercolor drawings of Indians of North, South, and Central America, the West Indies, and Mexico, with a particular focus on American Indian cultural practices and the Aztec civilization. "C.H.S" appropriated the subject matter and composition for many of his watercolor drawings from various mid-nineteenth century sources, from inexpensive periodicals to richly illustrated editions. Quite possibly a resident of Great Britain due to his predilection for images culled from British publications, the identity of "C.H.S." has unfortunately remained elusive.

Utley, George Burwell, 1876-1946: George B. Utley Papers, 1879-1946

Fourth librarian of the Newberry Library, 1920-1942. Utley's papers include correspondence, memoranda, reports, journals, research notes and photographs relating to Newberry gifts, personnel, acquisitions, exhibitions, publications and trustees, as well as to Utley's personal life and his connections with the American Library Association and other library organizations.