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Ayer, Edward Everett, 1841-1927: Edward E. Ayer Papers, 1847-1978, bulk 1860-1934

Railroad tie manufacturer who donated his collection of materials on America and American Indians to the Newberry Library and served as a Newberry trustee from 1892 to 1911. Ayer's papers include correspondence (some pertaining to Newberry collections), writings, documents, tributes, and photographs and reminiscences of his westward and overseas travels. Ayer was a Sergeant in Company E, 1st Regiment of Cavalry, California Volunteers, and a 2nd Lieutenant in Company I, Regiment of New Mexico volunteers. His papers include military enlistment and discharge papers, and reminiscences regarding his march with the California column and service in New Mexico.

Barker, James M., 1886-1974: James M. Barker Papers, 1825-1975

Correspondence, business records, speeches, personal materials, photographs, and family newsletters of business executive James M. Barker. During his career, Barker was, among other things, banker, vice-president of Sears, Roebuck and Company and president of Allstate Insurance Company whose financial expertise made him a valued advisor in government financial matters and corporate environments. He participated in post World War II era economic missions to Iran and Turkey, and was a close friend to many leading businessmen of his time including Charles Dawes, Alfred A. Knopf, Joshua Green, and James H. Doolittle.

Blatchford family: Blatchford Family Papers - Additions, 1841-1947

Chicago lead manufacturer, co-executor of Walter L. Newberry's will, and first president of the Newberry Library Board of Trustees, 1892-1914. Papers include letters, notes, documents, photographs, scrapbooks and clippings relating to his family, his business ventures, his work at the Newberry, and his involvement with Chicago social, charitable and educational organizations.

Blatchford, E. W. (Eliphalet Wickes), 1826-1914: Blatchford Family Papers, 1777-1987

Extensive collection of letters, photographs, scrapbooks, diaries, writings, and genealogical research materials centering around Chicago lead manufacturer, Newberry Library founding trustee, and Christian social activist Eliphalet Wickes Blatchford, his wife Mary Williams Blatchford, their parents and grandparents, and the families of their children, especially son Paul Blatchford, but also daughter Amy Blatchford Bliss. Families represented most heavily include Blatchford, Williams, Bliss, Lord, and Fowler.

Blatchford, E. W. (Eliphalet Wickes), 1826-1914: E.W. Blatchford Papers, 1870-1971, bulk 1870-1915

Chicago lead manufacturer, co-executor of Walter L. Newberry's will, and first president of the Newberry Library Board of Trustees, 1892-1914. Papers include letters, notes, documents and clippings relating to his work at the Newberry.

Blum, Betty J.: Betty J. Blum Blatchford Family Research Papers, 1862-1983

Research notes, copies of original letters, photographs, and other documents, and copies of secondary articles all gathered and created by Blum for an article on the Eliphalet W. Blatchford family and their LaSalle Street house, furnishings, and art collection.

Brown, Richard Holbrook, 1927-: Richard H. Brown Papers, 1965-1990

Head of the Newberry's Research and Education Division, 1973-1994, director of the Committee on the Study of History (Amherst Project), 1964-1973, chairman of the Illinois Humanities Council, and scholar of Jacksonian America. Brown's papers consist of documents, articles, correspondence, speeches and personal notes relating to his involvement in the Illinois Humanities Council, the Amherst Project and various history programs, institutes and workshops.

Butler, Pierce, 1886-1953: Pierce Butler Subject files, 1913-1933

Subject files of the Custodian of the John M. Wing Foundations of the History of Printing at the Newberry Library, 1920-1933, including galleys of Butler's "Checklist of Fifteenth Century Books", correspondence with William Kittredge, and notes regarding bookshelf and typeface designs.

Cappon, Lester Jesse, 1900-1981: Lester J. Cappon Typescript of "Down the Canyon of the Colorado with Arta: Lee's Ferry to Lake Meade", 1968

Typescript of Lester J. Cappon's work "Down the Canyon of the Colorado with Arta: Lee's Ferry to Lake Meade." Also includes explanatory note written by Cappon.

Carlton, W. N. C., (William Newnham Chattin), 1873-1943: W.N.C. Carlton Papers, 1901-1920

Librarian and author, who served as the Newberry Library's third librarian, 1909-1920. The papers of Carlton's administration consist of correspondence, reports, and memoranda relating to reference, book ordering, relations with other libraries and institutions, and routine matters, as well as scrapbooks of correspondence with the Library of Congress and of amusing and interesting letters received by the Newberry.

Cheney, John Vance, 1848-1922: John Vance Cheney Papers, 1894-1909

Poet and essayist, who served as the Newberry Library's second librarian, 1894-1909. Records of Cheney's administration consist mainly of correspondence relating to Newberry acquisitions, but also gift acknowledgements, job applications, reference letters, and a few papers relating to library administration.

Chicago American Indian Oral History Pilot Project.: Chicago American Indian Oral History Project Records, 1982-1985

Reel to reel tapes, cassette tapes, and edited typewritten transcripts of oral interviews with twenty-three long-time American Indian residents of Chicago completed as part of a project conducted under the auspices of the D'Arcy McNickle Center for the History of the American Indian and funded by the Illinois Humanities Council, 1982-1984. Also a published index and finding aid to the transcripts, an unpublished manuscript entitled "Native Voices in the City" incorporating excerpts from the interviews, and cassette tapes of three community meetings sponsored by the project.

Clark, Margaret E., 1893-1990: Margaret E. Clark Papers, 1933-1990

Newberry cataloguer, primarily in music, 1930-1960. Clark's papers consist of notes outlining her daily routine, correspondence with Newberry colleagues, church and music programs, and a brochure of the 1933 Century of Progress.

Copelin Commercial Photographers. (Chicago, Ill.).: Newberry Library Photograph Album, 1891-1893

Photographs document the construction of the Henry Ives Cobb-designed Newberry Library building from May 8, 1891 to April 12, 1893, and also show parts of Washington Square Park and buildings in the surrounding area.

Cullen, Charles T., 1940-: Charles T. Cullen Papers, 1975-2009

Papers of the seventh president of the Newberry Library, 1986 to 2005, during which Cullen led two successful Capital Campaigns and a building renovation. Prior to his arrival at Newberry, Cullen worked as a senior research historian and editor of "The Papers of Thomas Jefferson" at Princeton University. The creation of the Public Programs Department, a database system called NLCindex, the Development Office, and the Encyclopedia of Chicago History were major projects of Cullen's tenure. Includes personal and professional correspondence, subject files, memos to staff members, invitations to Cullen and the Newberry, and speeches by Cullen.

Cutter, Charles A. (Charles Ammi), 1837-1903: Correspondence between Charles A. Cutter and William Stetson Merrill on expansive classification, 1895-1902

Librarian at Harvard and the Boston Athenaeum, and author of the Expansive Classification system for library collections. Includes correspondence with William Stetson Merrill (Newberry Library Accessions Department) regarding the Cutter classification system for the Newberry's collections.

D'Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian History, 1985.: Seeing Indian in Chicago Exhibition Records, 1958-1985

Photographs from the Seeing Indian in Chicago American Indian photography exhibit, July 22-September 21, 1985, Hermon Dunlap Smith Gallery, The Newberry Library. Also exhibition labels.

Detterer, Ernst Frederick, 1888-1947: Ernst Detterer Administrative subject files, 1921-1947

Correspondence and subject files covering all aspects of Detterer's professional work at the Newberry Library. Subject files relate specifically to both the administration of the Wing Collection and printing in general. There are also printing samples and correspondence from such organizations as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Calligraphy Study Group, and the Caxton, First Edition, and Grolier Clubs and there is correspondence with Ray DaBoll, Eric Gill, Frederic Goudy, Alfred Hamill, and others. In addition, there are project files (correspondence, drawings, proofs, revisions, artifacts) relating to Detterer's design of the Newberry Library Bindery Typeface.

Durkee, Cara Dana: Cara Dana Durkee Papers, 1855-1934, bulk 1913-1934

Newberry Library Public Services Division senior assistant, 1895-1931. Durkee's papers consist of lists, reports and translations created during her employment at the Newberry; sketches, notes, cards, poems and articles by fellow employees and friends (Mary L. Watson and Edith Franklin Wyatt, etc.); and a Durkee family letterpress copybook, 1855-1934.

Graff, Everett D. (Everett Dwight), 1885-1964: Everett D. Graff Papers, 1921-1964, bulk 1930-1960

Chicago steel company executive, philanthropist, Western Americana collector, and Newberry Library president of the Board of Trustees, 1953-1964, who near the end of his term donated his Western Americana collection to the library. Graff's papers include correspondence and financial records relating to his purchases of and research on Western Americana, and also published reports of historical societies, clippings, typescripts, membership cards and photographs.

Greenlee, William Brooks: William Brooks Greenlee Papers, 1872-1953, bulk 1890-1953

Chicago manufacturer, collector of early Portuguese books, Luzo-Brazilian scholar and Newberry Library Trustee, 1931-1950, who presented his collection of Portuguese and Brazilian materials to the library in 1937. Greenlee's papers consist of correspondence, documents, diaries, scrapbooks, research matter and photographs, and focus on his Portuguese collecting activities and scholarly work.

Hamill, Alfred E., (Alfred Ernest), 1884-1953: Alfred E. Hamill Letters to Kenneth Meyer Setton, 1944-1946

Five letters to Kenneth Setton concerning his studies of Athens in the 12th century, and other matters of mutual interest.

Hoxie, Frederick E., 1947-: Frederick E. Hoxie Papers, 1989-2012

Additions to Hoxie's papers. Includes documents cited in Hoxie's Expert Witness Report (The U.S. States Department of Justice requested that Hoxie prepare a report on the cirmcumstances surrounding the negotiation and ratification of the Saginaw Chippewa Treaties of 1855 and 1864); information and correspondence regarding Penguin Press' publication of Hoxie's book. micelllaneous information regarding the 2000 presidential election and the candidates' stances on Native American issues; documents (e.g. xeroxed reports, handwritten notes, etc) used in writing "This Indian Country," Hoxie's 2012 book; 2 binders pertaining to the 2003 Lannan Summer Institute in American Studies "American Indian Political Activism Prior to WWII"; and handouts and misc. material for the National Museum of the American Indian's Board of Trustees.

Hoxie, Frederick E., 1947-: Frederick E. Hoxie Papers, 1989-1995

Director of the D'Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian History at the Newberry Library, 1983-1994, and Swanlund Professor of History at the University of Illinois, 1994-. Hoxie's papers consist of correspondence, board of trustee files, and administrative files relating to his work with the National Museum of the American Indian, and a museum manuscript, All Roads are Good: Native Voices on Life and Culture.

Jennings, Francis, 1918-2000 : Francis Jennings Papers, ca. 1940-2000

Colonial historian and former director of the Newberry Library D'Arcy McNickle Center, 1976-1981, who after a teaching and union activities in Philadelphia, and investigation by the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities, returned to graduate school, received in Ph.D. in history in 1965, and began a distinguished academic career. Jenning's first book, The Invasion of America, published in 1975, explored the violence and brutality of European settlement. Jenning's papers include correspondence, writings, subject files, course papers from the 1950's, bibliographies, and much other material.

Karrow, Robert W.: Robert Karrow Research Papers, 1980-1990

Primarily of photocopies of printed and archival material relating to the U. S. Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian (1869-1884), its director, George M. Wheeler, other staff of the survey, and to the use of the electric telegraph for longitude determination in the 19th century. Also seminar papers and notes, 1986-1988.

McIlvaine, Caroline Margaret: Caroline M. McIlvaine Papers, 1927-1933

Papers of Chicago historian and librarian at the Chicago Historical Society and an early member of the Newberry Library staff. Included are letters, some of which are to or from editors of the Chicago Daily News and the Chicago Tribune regarding historical features of the papers. Also, many examples of McIlvaine’s drafts and writings on Chicago history, especially of buildings, streets and landmarks, a few pieces of memorabilia, and seven snapshots of 1920s Chicago.

McNickle, D'Arcy, 1904-1977 : D'Arcy McNickle Papers, 1913-1986

Literary and scholarly manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, and other materials of D'Arcy McNickle, American Indian author, government employee, community organizer, anthropologist, and historian. Records cover McNickle's work with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, American Indian Development, Inc., the University of Saskatchewan, and the Center for the History of the American Indian at the Newberry Library.

Merrill, William Stetson, 1866-: William Stetson Merrill Papers, 1888-1959, bulk 1888-1918

Newberry Library superintendent of the Accessions Department and head of accessions, classification, binding and library statistics (1889); head of public services (1919); supervisor of technical processes (1930); and ALA periodical cards editor (1913-1931). Merrill's papers include correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes and reminiscences regarding Newberry affairs, his personal life, Chicago library activities, ALA periodicals cards, and William Frederick Poole.

Newberry Library.: Newberry Library Archives, 1885-ongoing

The Newberry Library's institutional records, records of the Walter L. Newberry estate, personal papers of staff members and trustees, photographs, and publications that document the establishment and operation of the library, its growth and transformation over time, and its active participation in the cultural and intellectual life of Chicago and the nation. Also information on the Newberry family and property development in Chicago.

Newberry Library. Office of the Collection Development Librarian.: Hall, Frederick A.H. - Bibliographer's subject files, 1949-1983, bulk 1962-1972

Librarian and specialist in Latin American and Iberian history and literature, who served in a variety Newberry Library positions from 1955 to 1972. Files concern the management of the Greenlee Collection, collection development, the Graff Collection searching and sale projects, and Hall's studies at the University of Texas.

Newberry Library. Office of the Collection Development Librarian.: Richard Colles Johnson bibliographer's subject files, 1963-1973

Newberry library reference librarian and bibliographer of American history and literature, 1963-1999, who also worked part-time on the Writings of Herman Melville project. Johnson's bibliographer's subject files consist of memoranda pertaining to acquisitions, monthly reports, and special projects files.

Newberry Library. Office of the Collection Development Librarian.: Richard Colles Johnson correspondence, 1964-1973

Newberry library reference librarian and bibliographer of American history and literature, 1963-1999, who also worked part-time on the Writings of Herman Melville project. Johnson's correspondence is with collectors, booksellers, and presses. Series organized in two segments: 1964-1968 arranged by year and alphabetical thereunder; 1969-1963 arranged alphabetically.

Newberry, Walter Loomis, 1804-1868: Walter Loomis Newberry Estate records, 1852-1908

Estate records of Walter Loomis Newberry, Chicago real estate investor, banker and commission merchant, who provided for the creation of the Newberry Library in his will, include correspondence, litigation records, property distribution schedules, financial records and other documents concerning daily management of the estate for the Newberry family. Also documentation re: leasing, subdividing, improving and selling properties in Chicago.

Newberry, Walter Loomis, 1804-1868: Letter from Walter L. Newberry, Chicago, Illinois, to Benjamin Hodge, Buffalo, New York, March 26, 1848

Walter L. Newberry autographed letter to Benjamin Hodge dated March 16, 1848. Newberry is remitting order to Hodge for fruit trees and other plants.

Oakley, Horace Sweeney, 1861-1929: Horace Sweeney Oakley Papers, 1881-1929

Correspondence and papers of lawyer and civic leader Horace S. Oakley. Also photographs, memorabilia, writings, and materials relating to his work with The Orchestral Association in Chicago, the American Red Cross Commission to Macedonia, and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Pargellis, Stanley McCrory, 1898-: Stanley Pargellis Papers, 1904-1968

Historian and fifth librarian of the Newberry Library, 1942-1962. Pargellis' papers consist of correspondence, reports, research notes, articles, speeches and photographs relating to his activities on behalf of the Newberry, other organizations with which he was affiliated, and his personal life and scholarly career.

Petchenik, Barbara Bartz: Barbara Bartz Petchenik Papers, 1965-2003

Works, correspondence, and articles by and about cartographer Barbara Bartz Petchenik, who designed and produced the Newberry Library's Atlas of Early American History. In addition to that atlas, Petchenik worked at World Book Encyclopedia, improving their maps, and as senior sales representative for cartographic services at R.R. Donnelley and Sons Co., Chicago.

Poole, William Frederick, 1821-1894 : William Frederick Poole Papers, 1858-1894, bulk 1887-1894

Historian and compiler of Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, a founder of the American Library Association, and first librarian of the Newberry Library, 1887-1894. Poole's papers include his incoming and outgoing correspondence while librarian at the Newberry (much with prominent librarians and historians), and also reports, memoranda, booklists and invoices relating to Poole's Index and to Newberry acquisitions, Trustees, personnel, building design and reference questions.

Probasco, Henry, 1820-1902: Henry Probasco home ("Oakwood") and family photographs, approximately 1890

Copies of photographs originally produced approximately 1890 of the Henry Probasco’s Cincinnati home, "Oakwood," and of his family. The photographs of the interior include one of the library. The shot of the exterior is of his family on the front steps of their home.

Probasco, Henry, 1820-1902: Probasco, Henry. List of trees and shrubs bought of Mr. Ernst for the grounds of H. Probasco, April 1859

List of trees and shrubs bought of Mr. Ernest for the grounds of Henry Probasco, received at Clifton in April 1859. Includes cost information for plants.

Roden, Carl B. (Carl Bismarck), 1871-1956: Carl B. Roden - William F. Poole Research Papers, 1852-1956

Correspondence, writings and research materials assembled by Chicago Public Library chief librarian, Carl B. Roden. Research materials include newspaper clippings, correspondence, and publications concerning or authored by William F. Poole.

Rudolph, Alexander J., (Alexander Joseph), -1917: Alexander J. Rudolph Papers, 1903-1917

Assistant librarian of the Newberry from 1894-1911 and creator of the Rudolph Continuous Indexer (found in the Reference and Bibliographical Center of the Newberry). Rudolph's papers include correspondence with the Board of Trustees regarding claims against the library (1913) and correspondence and clippings concerning the Venezuela Controversy and Panama Canal (1903-1917).

Ruggles, Rudy Lamont: Rudy L. Ruggles Papers, 1949-1985

Chicago attorney, Newberry trustee, and American history and literature collector who donated his collection to the Newberry in 1985. Ruggles' papers consist of miscellaneous materials related to the Newberry and the Board of Trustees, and catalogue sheets for the Ruggles Collection.

Schroeter, Joan: Joan Schroeter Newberry Family Research Papers, ca. 1995 - 2005

Joan Schroeter's papers regarding her research of the Newberry family. Many of the items pertain to Julia Newberry. Included are Ms. Shroeter's writings on Newberry women; correspondence to and from Ms. Schroeter; descriptions of proposed Newberry seminars; information and papers pertaining to numerous historical society seminars; a list of primary sources used in the Newberry Library Family History; photocopied 19th century correspondences belonging to various Newberry family members; handwritten geneaology notes; cemetery listings; copies of deeds, wills, and leases; a photocopied version of Julia Newberry's diary, published in 1933; a transcription of the diary of Mary L. Newberry; and other miscellaneous pieces relating, in some way, to the Newberry family.

Shorey, Paul, 1857-1934: Paul Shorey Letters, 1914-1915

Fourteen letters and drafts of letters between Paul Shorey, Professor of Greek at the University of Chicago, and various members of the German academic world, relating to the outbreak of the First World War, 1914-1915. Also, one printed German poem “An England”. Letters have attached explanatory notes written by Fritz Caspari, once a Newberry staff member.

Tassin, Pepe: Newberry Library Postcard Collection, 1898-1945

Collection of postcards with images of the Newberry Library, most mailed with messages to addressees, dating mainly from 1898-1915. Several copies of a later postcard with postmarks dating from 1939 to 1945, shows the Newberry Library, the John Crerar Library, the Harper Memorial Library, and the Chicago Public Library.

Taylor, Harriet, -1931: Harriet Taylor Papers, 1867-1935

Newberry Library Genealogy Department supervisor, 1900-1931, and heraldry specialist. Taylor's papers consist of diaries, correspondence, biographical notes, financial records, photographs, estate papers and obituaries relating to her personal life and her work at the Newberry, and include her Finance Book" of investments and her "Bulletin Book" of administrative memoranda."

Towner, Lawrence W. (Lawrence William), 1921-1992: Lawrence W. Towner Papers, 1948-1989

American colonial historian and sixth librarian of the Newberry Library, 1962-1986, who during his tenure expanded research and education programs, enlarged the library's physical space, and inaugurated development activities. Towner's papers include correspondence, reports, research notes, articles, speeches and publications relating to Newberry personnel, collections, conferences, departments, events, gifts, property and trustees, as well as to his pre-Newberry and non-Newberry activities.

Utley, George Burwell, 1876-1946: George B. Utley Papers, 1879-1946

Fourth librarian of the Newberry Library, 1920-1942. Utley's papers include correspondence, memoranda, reports, journals, research notes and photographs relating to Newberry gifts, personnel, acquisitions, exhibitions, publications and trustees, as well as to Utley's personal life and his connections with the American Library Association and other library organizations.

Wells, James M.: James M. Wells Papers, 1951-1984

Newberry Library curator of the John M. Wing Foundation for the History of Printing (1951), and later also custodian of the Rare Book Room (1963), associate director (1964), vice president (1975) and George Amos Poole III Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts (1981). Wells' papers include correspondence, memoranda, reports and manuscripts relating to his Newberry responsibilities, the Wing Collection and other organizations with which he was affiliated.

Williamson, William Landram, 1920-: W.L. Williamson - William F. Poole Research Papers, 1865-1959

Correspondence, writings, and research notes of W. L. Williamson in support of his biography of William Frederick Poole. Also copies of William Frederick Poole correspondence 1856-1894, microfilm, a few newspaper clippings 1874-1895, a few Poole photographs, and one Poole original publication.

Wilson, Bernard E.: Bernard E. Wilson Papers, 1915-1993

Newberry Library reference librarian and later cataloguer of special materials (rare books, music), 1959-1986. Wilson's papers include personal records (diplomas, photographs, civil service papers) and correspondence re his Newberry appointment and with friends and family, European trip diaries, estate files, and records of the Hattie Strong Foundation.

Wing, John M., (John Mansir), 1845-1917: John M. Wing Papers, 1867-1916

Correspondence, book invoices, books and lists, and some compiled scrapbooks by Chicago book collector John M. Wing.