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Century of Progress International Exposition (1933-1934 : Chicago, Ill.).: Century of Progress Exposition brochures and postcards, 1909-1933

Five printed exhibition brochures and six postcards from the 1933 Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, together with a 1909 postcard showing Madison St. from LaSalle St. One brochure highlights Italian progress under Mussolini, and the remainder of the brochures and postcards are from railroad and related companies including the Burlington, Union Pacific, Baltimore and Ohio, Chicago and NorthWestern, London Midland & Scottish, and Clark Autotram.

Dunwoody, James: James Dunwoody Collection of Travel Postcards, ca. 1900-1982

Collection of domestic and international postcards and a small amount of other ephemera including trade cards, greeting cards, and viewbooks.

Geller, Laurence: Geller Collection of Hotel Postcards and Luggage Labels, 1900-1992

Collection of hotel postcards and hotel luggage labels primarily issued in North America, South America, and Europe between 1900 and 1992.

Harzig, Christiane: Christiane Harzig collection of Chicago postcards, ca. 1900-1910s

190 tinted photo postcards, mostly blank, of Chicago scenes and buildings, including the Newberry Library, parks, amusement parks, Chicago Loop buildings, Michigan Avenue residences, etc. Postcards were published by Chicago publishers Koelling & Klappenbach, V.O. Mammon, P. Schmidt, Franklin Card Co., Warren News Co., Scwartz and Co., International Postal Card Co., and others. Most were printed in Germany. Postcards with messages were mailed from Chicago by Wanda Ludyuska, and mainly addressed to the Wenck family of Berlin, Germany.

Tassin, Pepe: Newberry Library Postcard Collection, 1898-1945

Collection of postcards with images of the Newberry Library, most mailed with messages to addressees, dating mainly from 1898-1915. Several copies of a later postcard with postmarks dating from 1939 to 1945, shows the Newberry Library, the John Crerar Library, the Harper Memorial Library, and the Chicago Public Library.