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Blommaert, LeRoy: LeRoy Blommaert Collection of Railroad Timetables and Advertising Materials, 1850-1982

Railroad timetables, guides, advertising material, and other railroad ephemera collected by LeRoy Blommaert. Materials document over a century of railroad travel and tourism throughout the United States, with some items from Canada, Mexico, England, and Switzerland.

Desroches, Stephen: Stephen Desroches Papers, 1991-2001

Travel diaries, passports, photographs, and other material from Desroches's travels around the world. Includes bronzed boots from a 2001 world trip.

Duck, Jesse A.: Jesse A. Duck Topographical Papers, 1880s-1941

Letters, documents, pamphlets, photographs, scrapbook, and field notes of Jesse A. Duck, topographer with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) from 1908 to 1941.

Field, William O.: William O. Field Postcard Collection, approximately 1895-1950s

A personal collection of Dr. William O. Field and his father, it consists of approximately 7,000 postcards documenting Europe and America from around 1895 to the 1950s. Strengths include steamships, railroads, travel related images, pre-World War I European politics, and views of European cities in the early twentieth century. One of the five original postcard albums in the collection was copied and the copies were made into a volume; it documents the European "Grand Tour" of Dr. Field's parents between 1899 and 1902.

Gregory, Addie Hibbard, 1859-: Addie V. Hibbard Gregory Travel Diaries and Family Photographs, approximately 1871-1938

Travel diaries (Europe, Albania) of Addie V. Hibbard Gregory of Chicago, 1875-1931, together with travel photographs of Europe, Estes Park, Colorado, and Santa Barbara, California. Also numerous 19th and early 20th century family photographs (carte de visite, cabinet, Kodak, etc.) of the Hibbard, Gregory, Buckingham, Casselberry, and Durham families of Chicago and St. Paul, and a few stereograph images of Chicago, including Lyon & Healy.

Newberry Library.: Road Maps and Travel Ephemera Collection, 1876-2018

Growing collection of printed road maps and travel ephemera issued to promote local tourism. Scattered worldwide geographic coverage, but most extensive for the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Newberry Library.: Official State & Provincial Road Map Collection of the United States & Canada, 1924-2020

Road maps issued by official state and provincial government agencies in the United States and Canada (over 2,500 maps, published 1924-ongoing).

Pneu Michelin (Firm).: Michelin Map Collection, 1905-ongoing

Road maps issued by the French tire manufacturer Pneu Michelin, better known as Michelin (4,990 maps, published 1905-ongoing). Geographic coverage most complete for Benelux, British Isles, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland; less complete for Eastern Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia. Accompanied by a small collection of printed ephemera, secondary sources, souvenirs, and collectibles (approximately 350 items, 1911-2016).

Stuart, Harold L.: Harold L. Stuart Travel Scrapbooks, 1912-1939

Scrapbooks compiled by Chicago investment banker Harold L. Stuart documenting his travels in Europe from 1912 to 1939. Contains travel ephemera and written narratives of each trip.

Tomes, James S.: James and Josie Tomes Travel Collection, 1928-2008

Abstract: Collection of maps and travel ephemera related to the travels of James and Josie Tomes. Material covers Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, with most material on Europe and North America. Also includes material related to James Tomesí genealogy research, much of which required travel in the United States and Europe.

Unknown: Photograph album of automobile trips in the Midwest, Canada, and the West, 1933-1937

Black-and-white photographs mounted in album with handwritten captions documenting a series of automobile trips taken by an unidentified couple. Featured areas include Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Canada.

Vail, Enos: Enos S. Vail journal of a trip from New York to Michigan, 1839

Handmade pocket diary in which Enos S. Vail recorded his trip from his uncle John Randallís home near Akron, New York, to Michigan, 23 September-14 October 1839.

Walton, Emma Lee, 1874-: Emma Lee Walton Journal, 1922

Travel journal in two volumes kept by Emma Lee Walton (1874-1951) of Chicago on a trip to Europe in 1922-1923. Also includes her 1922 passport.